A rule of salvation

Script: A rule in salvation

Though this way is certainly the way heading for eternal life.

The man who is being called as Victory Christ who has got power that whether save or not save you people, though, there is a rule on saving.

You have to walk the way by yourself, no body would pull you, no body would save you, no body would turn you into God.

It is your own journey that you have to make.

This man told it from early stage of Victory Altar that this is a journey that you go on heart, isn’t it?

Your heart should be filled with God’s heart, to get qualification that you can step over the door sill of Heaven.

Only God enter into the Kingdom of God

Without becoming God, no one can enter Heaven.

Each one has to have the heart that is able to make him/her God, then the one could become God and only God could enter Heaven.

A rule in SalvationVictor Christ’s part is only pouring bless on you people and teaching you people that the way going to Heaven.

Messiah’s part to do is teaching the way to reach to Heaven, teaching the way to become God.

You yourself have to make this journey that shall become God.

You have to have God’s heart, to become God,however, without having God’s heart but keeping man’s heart as usual, you can’t become God.

So, this is your own way for you to do. Do you understand?

So everyone can go along this way, everyone can easily go this way.

Only moron cannot go this way, ordinary people with common intelligence should be enough for going this way.

Opposite-life lead you to become God

For that, this man asked you to live opposite-life, didn’t he?

Not doing as I want to, but, doing as God want to.

Opposite way of livingFor example, If I hate someone, you have to love him sincerely, you have to like him truly.

Only doing so, you could be able to become God.

You will become God by living such an opposite-way, but If you live as a man you must not be able to God.

Remaining as a man let you die eventually

This man asked you people one thing to practice as an opposite-life, that is attending altar everyday without missing even a day.

Missing out even a day causes him/her die. He/she can’t live eternally.

Without missing even a day to come altar continuously, by doing so you can become God and you never die. Do you understand?

Therefore, if you missed just a day due to a pressing mater under unavoidable circumstances, you have to start again from beginning.

It is not starting 21 days again, but if you missed a day, you must attend at least 3 years continuously to recover the one missing day.

While attending for 3 years continuously after one missing day and miss another one day, then 3 more years to be added. You now have to attend 6 years continuously, haven’t you?

Therefore, in this Victory Altar attending everyday altar service is the way to enter Heaven.

In Daniel chapter 12 there is a words saying

if you abolish the daily sacrifice, desolation is set up.

That means you cannot but die. Do you understand?

Therefore, if you miss out daily altar service even a day, you can’t accomplish eternal life, it means. Do you understand?

That is in Daniel chapter 12.

Therefore you people must avoid missing out even a day the daily altar service, by doing so you shall get eternal life. Do you understand?

Image wan't formed in a day from no reason

A Theory of Immortality

Good heart Pure blood Sound cells Immortal bodyGod is an immortal being, and Satan is a mortal being. Our first parents, Adam and Eve were immortal beings in the beginning, for they were created in the likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).
Since being possessed by Satan, however, they lost their immortality and died after all. What is more, their mortality became a heritage. That is to say, their descendants succeeded to their mortality. This is what is called “Original Sin”. So the whole mankind became the slaves of Satan who was the father of death. They went on dying generation after generation for thousand years. Even now the mortality runs still in human blood. But it is not the case only with the immortality.
Immortality as well as mortality runs in human blood. On this, all human beings have the hope for immortality and happiness. It suggests that our first parents lived originally with immortality and happiness.
These days, however, no one knows why man dies, what the secret of immortal life is, and whether there is the way to everlasting life or not. Most people take rather death for granted, and die after all in the midst of sorrow, pain, and unhappiness. It is a terrible tragedy. This tragedy has been repeating itself for thousand years. But the miserable circle of death has come to an end in the long run, because the door of salvation and immortality has opened.
Now the science of immortality has come, the whole mankind can come to enjoy immortal and happy life. The tide of eternity is spreading all over the world. The perishable don’t perish, and the mortal don’t die, and the fragile don’t fall. In short, time and tide wait for all things.

The heart is the working of blood

People don’t know the relation between thinking and blood. They think that thinking is one thing, and blood is another. But this is not true at all. To tell the truth, thinking is right the working of blood. They interact intimately. On this, we can see many idioms suggesting the interrelation between thinking or heart and blood. For example, to get one’s blood up, to make bad blood, to make one’s blood boil, to make one’s blood run cold, blood in one’s eye, in cold blood, in hot blood, and so on. All these idioms demonstrate that the heart is the working of blood. Scientifically speaking, when the blood runs through the narrow capillary blood-vessel in brain, it gasify and becomes a kind of material for thought. Further, the life in the warm blood endows the brain-cells with active energy. Likewise, the blood bears thought.
Meanwhile, because blood and thought interact intimately, Adam and Eve’s blood changed from God’s into Satan’s, when they were Possessed by the Evil Heart, Satan. On this, they died after all.
But we can think right the contrary process. If Adam and Eve’s blood changed into Stan’s owing to the Evil Heart, Satan’s blood can change into God’s thanks to the Good Heart. That is to say, if man’s heart changes into God’s, his blood will change into God’s likewise. What is more, his body will change also into God’s image. This is right the secret of rebirth and eternal life.

As you think, so your cells are formed

According as man is transformed by the renewal of his heart (Romans 12:2), his blood changes, and the cells of his body are formed newly, and his flesh, bone, and body are moulded into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), for blood and heart interact each other.
If a conceived woman love her husband with her whole heart, she will bear a baby resembling its father. If a conceived woman be very selfish, and love only herself, she will bear a baby resembling its mother. On the other hand, if a pregnant woman love another man, she will bear a strange baby. For example, if a pregnant woman like a movie star enthusiastically, she will never fail to bear a baby resembling that movie star.
These facts demonstrate the truth that as man thinks, so his blood changes, and his cells are formed newly, and his body is moulded into a new creation.
Meanwhile, the canary was studied by some physiologists of Rockefeller university in America a few years ago. They investigated canary’s brain cells changing in number according to four seasons. They found the fact that canary’s brain-cells of song-center diminished in number by degrees according to the shift of season from spring to winter. The brain-cells of song-center were dense in spring when the canary sang merrily. Whereas, the brain-cells of song-center were few in winter when the canary didn’t song. Referring the canary, the physiologists pronounced the theory that as for human being, about 20,000 brain-cells were in circulation of death and birth a day.
They said that the brain-cells in need were formed again newly, but the cells good for nothing went on dying.
This theory supports also the truth that soul and body are one, and the cells of body are formed newly according to thought. As for the theory of immortality, however, even the physiologists didn’t know it at all. The problem was that they took death for granted like all men did.

An immortal body in an immortal heart

What does immortal body look like?God is the Being of immortality, the Spirit of life and the eternal King (Jeremiah 10:10). Only God is immortal and lives eternally (Romans 6:16). Therefore, if man put on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness in genuine righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24), he cannot die forever.
As the Bible has it, only the righteous come into eternal life (Ezekiel 18:9). Hence, one must become a righteous man so as to come into eternal life.
Meanwhile, the righteous man is the one who does not commit a sin and he who does not commit a sin is the one who has been born of God (1 John 3:9), and he who has been born of God is the child of God, and God’s child is God. Accordingly there is none righteous, not even one. Only God is righteous (Romans 3:10). Therefore, one must become God so as to come into eternal life. Unless man becomes God again as he was God in the beginning, he never come into immortal life.
To become God is to be born again through the Holy Spirit. When man possesses God’s Heart, his blood changes into God’s, and his cells into God’s, and his body into the image of God. After all he puts on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness, and becomes God.
God’s Heart is not the mind discriminating positive and negative, male and female, rich and poor, righteous and unrighteous. His Heart is rather the mind of nondiscrimination and the mind of perfection (Matthew 5:48). Always His Heart over flows with love, mercy, peace and joy. Therefore when man possesses God’s Heart, his blood does not decay at all. It goes rather pure. The cells of his body do not get hurt, it goes rather healthy. His body does not perish, it comes rather to perfection and immortality. In short, he becomes a righteous man without a defect, that is, God.

Believing mind is different from true Faith

Holy Due Spirit is Faith
Faith is totally different from a believing mind. Only the Savior can give one faith and a believing mind.

Faith is a gift of God

Due to faith, one can be saved according to the Bible. Faith is the gift of God in accordance with the Bible. God can give one what he has as a gift.
As immortal God has only eternal life, He can give us immortality. Therefore, what accomplishes everlasting life is faith. Not accomplishing immortality is not religion.

People say if one goes to a church diligently, their faith is good. However, this word is a wrong one they say without knowing about its definition. If they go to a church, their believing mind may become deep, but they do have faith. A believing mind and faith is totally different biblically.

Only Victor Christ has the gift

So Luke 8 says that faith is not seen by the end of times.
The true Savior was supposed to give faith to people. As the Savior is the man being reborn as the Holy Spirit, He is an immortal existence. Therefore, the Savior is the man who has faith.

Only the Savior can give faith and a believing mind to people. The Savior was expected to give the immortal spirit that enables humanity to live forever. The Savior is not a man but the Trinity. So He is expected to give faith. The Savior enables all humanity to live forever by pouring the Holy Dew Spirit to them.

True Savior pours Holy Due Spirit as a gift

The Holy Dew Spirit is the hidden manna, the Sweet Dew. The Holy Dew Spirit is faith. A believing mind is not faith. The Holy Dew Spirit that the Savior has is faith.

True Faith is beholding the Savior

As the Savior himself is faith, one should look at Him every second. So looking at the Savior is like eating the fruit of life. When one eats the Savior every second, they can eat the fruit of life. Only if one eats the fruit of life, they are supposed to live an everlasting life. Also, one can eat the fruit of life not only through their eye but also their ear and bodies. According to the Nirvana Sutra, the Holy Dew Spirit permeates through the pores of one’s skin.

desire does not desire but i do

Sin is Desire the Self

Sin is the Forbidden Fruit, and the Forbidden Fruit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is sinful desire. Consequently Sin is desire. Therefore, sinful desire wars against the soul of life (1 peter 2:11), like sin does (James 1:15).

Meanwhile, the source of desire is Self-Consciousness. It is well known to us that Self-Consciousness is the spirit of desire. So the Bible says that heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9), and all the wicked things come from a man’s heart (Mark 7:23). Self-Consciousness is just the originator of such sinful heart. So to speak, Self-Consciousness the original sin and the heretical sin and self-made sin. Therefore, self is desire itself, and desire is sin and sin itself is self.

Now that self is sin itself, we come to be on the horns of a dilemma. Because sin begets only sin, all our self-centered activities become sins, as it is. We are like a squirrel in a rim of a sieve. So the Bible says:

“Keep in union with God (1 John 2:27)”

This word means that we must be led by God every moment.

Satan is Self the Sinner

As we have seen so far, Satan is the Evil Spirit, and the Evil Spirit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is desire, and desire itself is Self. Accordingly Satan is Self, and the Evil Spirit is Self-Consciousness. So the Bible says that to love oneself is evil of evils (2 Timothy 3:2). Because Self is the source of all evils, to love oneself becomes evil of evils. The Bible says also “‘No’ to oneself” (Mark 8:34). Because Self is Satan, and sin itself, the Bible says that a believer must deny himself (Matthew 16:24).

Meanwhile, the whole mankind are sinners. As the Bible has it, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). It means that all are sinners and Satan.

Most people think that sinner is different from Satan. But it is not the case. As the Bible has it, he who commits sin is Satan, and he who practices sin belongs to Satan, for from the beginning. Satan has sinned (1 John 3:8). Accordingly all sinners who have sinned belong to Satan and are Satan.

Now the problem is that who is to be saved. Jesus said that the violent could enter the kingdom of heaven, if he seized it by force (Matthew 11:12), further, he said that even a sinner could have ever lasting life, if he believed in Him (John 3:16). Judging from these words, it is sure that Jesus didn’t know what sin was, what the kingdom of heaven was, what salvation was, and who sinner was. Therefore he must have been just a baby about the Holy Bible.

As for the Salvation, the sinner can neither get liberty nor have salvation. He is rather the enemy of God from the beginning. Therefore, it is appointed for the sinner to enter the hell.

On the other hand, the subject to be saved is God. Only God can come and live in the kingdom of heaven. The God to be saved is imprisoned in the spiritual prison of Satan, what we call, “Self-Consciousness”. The imprisoned God is the spirit of Conscience. He is under the rule of Self-Consciousness at present. This is the case with the whole mankind. Therefore, for God’s kingdom and righteousness’s sake, Self-Consciousness must be got rid of forever.


The Forbidden Fruit is the Sins the Satan

The whole humanity dies for the wages of sin (Romans 6:23) like Adam and Eve died owing to the Forbidden Fruit.

As the Bible has it, everyone dies for his sin (Jeremiah 31:30). And sin, when it reaches maturity, produces death (James 1:15). And the death entered the world through sin, and so passed on to all persons in that all sinned (Romans 5:12).

Therefore the Forbidden Fruit and Sin are the same things.

On the one hand, Satan is the agent who wields the power of death (Hebrews 2:14), and sin is a king in the mortal body (Romans 6:12), who reigns in death (Romans 5:21). Therefore Satan is Sin, and Sin is Satan.

On the other hand, Satan is the Evil Spirit, and the Evil Spirit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is the Forbidden Fruit. Accordingly, Satan is just the Forbidden Fruit. We can demonstrate this truth in other words also.

God initially knew the good only

The writer of Genesis said that God made the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:9). But it was not the case. If God had made the Forbidden Fruit, he would know that Adam and Eve would eat it, for he was omniscient and omnipotent. With all his knowing that Adam and Eve would eat it, if he had made it on purpose, he must have been Satan who would destroy the Eden. But God is love and good (Mark 10:18).

Therefore God must not have made the Forbidden Fruit. Now, to tell the truth, the Forbidden Fruit was the spirit of Satan who was God’s enemy from the beginning.

Therefore, Adam and Eve did not eat a physical fruit but were consumed by a spiritual fruit; that is Satan. So the Bible expresses being given the spirit as drinking the spirit (1 Cor 12:13).

Meanwhile, the Bible says that the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake symbolises Satan (Genesis 3:1, Revelation 20:2), and the Forbidden Fruit symbolises Satan’s heart. But Satan and Satan’s heart are the same things, because Satan is the Evil Spirit, and Satan’s heart is the Evil Spirit also. Therefore, the Forbidden Fruit is Satan, and Satan is just the Forbidden Fruit.

As we have seen so far, the Forbidden Fruit is Sin, and Sin is Satan, and Satan is the Forbidden Fruit.

Microbes breed in the rotten blood

The microbes outside the human body cannot affect man. The germs outside the body cannot come and live in the body. The environments inside the human body are very different from the outside conditions. For example, temperature, saltiness, chemical components, conditions of life and so on.

Therefore, the microbes outside the human body cannot live in the human body like freshwater fish cannot live in the sea. But most people including even the medical doctors think that microbes or virus living in like a cesspool affect men. This fact reveals what the actual state of modern medical science is. We see that only the darkness is ruling all over the world.

Now the Light has begun to shine in the darkness. According to Victor Christ, the pathogenic organ is just the human body. When blood comes to bad a lot owing to desire, the microbes breed in the contaminated blood, and the breeding microbes gnaw the organs of human body. As for the infection, noxious insects such as fly or mosquito infect a man with the bacteria having bred in another person’s blood. Therefore, the course of the disease is from man to man. But if the man infected with the virus have pure blood, the trespassing virus will be killed at once by white-blood-corpuscle. If not, he will fall ill and die in the long run.

On the other hand, the human being begins to secrete noxious hormone from the age of puberty, and the toxic hormone kills the cells one by one. But any physiological scientists do not know why the harmful hormone flows. They say that if they can remove the noxious hormone, man can live far longer.

To tell the truth, the secretion of noxious hormone is due to sexual desire. As the boy grows up, sexual desire comes up, and the harmful hormone which wars against the soul of life begins to secrete (1 Peter 2:11).


The vicious circle of decay

People say that spirit is one thing and the matter is another. But it is not true. They are rather one. The spirit is right the matter, and the matter is right the spirit. It is not materialism or spiritualism. Only we state the fact as it is. Therefore, mind and body interact intimately.

The evil heart bears putrid blood, and the decayed blood bears unreliable cells, and the unsound cells bear mortal body, and the human body bears the evil heart, and the evil heart bears stale blood, and the bad blood gives birth to microbes or viruses, and the bacteria or the viruses produce death. Therefore, it is not because of time and tide but because of the evil heart why man dies. Now that we have known the agent of death, we can overcome the death which is active in us. (2 Corinthians 4:12). If we do not stop the works of Satan, we are all the slaves of Satan. The works of Satan is just the destruction of life.

As blood decays, so the cells die

Aging is not because of age but because of desire

The cause of death is with blood which is generating cells that compose a body.
All cells are in the circulation of life and death. The life of a cell is about 8 years. A cell dies in 8 years and a new cell is reformed from blood. If blood, however, has rotten, new cells are not reformed well. Furthermore, if blood has rotten, the new cells reformed are also the unsound cells.

If the blood has rotten 10 percentage then as many cells are not reformed. Only 90 percentage of the normal cells are reformed. If 20 percentage, then 80 percentage, if 30 percentage then 70 percentage. In short, new cells are reformed in inverse proportion to the decay of blood. What is worse, as the cells diminish in number, all the organs of human body weaken. They work feeble. The stomach, the pump, the brain, the eyes, the ears, and so on all don’t work full. That is to say, the organs work in proportion to the reforming rate of new cells.

Meanwhile, the older man grows, the more his blood decays.

It is because of his desire. Because he has been desirous and greedy for all his life, his blood decays by degrees as he grows older. Further, blood and cells are in feedback each other. The unsound cells reformed from the decayed blood bear the impure blood, and the impure blood gives birth to the unsound cells.

Therefore, as man grows older, the cells of his flesh, bone, and all organs diminish in number. It is because of the decay of his blood. Because his blood has decayed a lot, new cells are not reformed perfectly and his body falls short of the normal number of the whole cells. On this, he comes to have many wrinkles all over his body. Now that the reason for growing old is revealed obviously, we cannot use such expression as man grows old because of his age or time and tide.

The exact expression to be used is as following. “Man grows old not because of age but because of desire”

Heart changes own blood purity

The cause of death is with blood which is being changed by everyday thinking.
The thought is the function of blood. They are co-related closely. Therefore, the blood changes according to the thoughts. For example, if you desire then your blood decays. It is not a idle fancy or a fantastic fiction. It is rather a scientific truth. When you eat with greed, food happens to sit heavy on your stomach. If you eat when you feel hurt, food is apt to sit heavy on your stomach also. This is what we call “the stomach-staggers”.

The stomach-staggers is owing to desire and greed. If you eat greedily then your blood decays. If your blood decays then the decayed blood stops up the capillary blood-vessel to the stomach. When the capillary blood-vessel is blocked up then the stomach is convulsed with the interruption of blood and stops working. This is what so called the stomach-staggers.

Mind changes bodyTherefore, the original cause of indigestion or stomach-staggers lies not in overeating or hurried eating but in desire and greed. And in fact, overeating or hurried eating is due to desire and greed. But most people think that the stomach-staggers is due to overeating or hurried eating. Even the medical doctors think so and say.

“Boy, don’t eat so much a time”

As we have seen above, however, such order is nonsense.

As is often the case, man happens to have stomach-staggers though he does not eat over or hurriedly. This is the case with the man who feels hurt in eating. Feeling hurt is also due to desire or selfish heart. Because he has desire or greed, man feels hurt. If he has not desire or greed at all, he will not feel hurt or get angry at all. Therefore, it is obvious that the cause of stomach-staggers or sitting heavy of food on the stomach is desire and greed.

Meanwhile, Chinese herbalists cure the patient from his stomach-staggers by operating the tip of finger or around the fingernail. Because the nerve of finger is linked to that of the stomach, when the nerve of finger is touched, the nerve of the stomach excites and opens the blocked blood-vessel of the stomach. Then the patient gets over his stomach-staggers or indigestion by shedding the impure black blood.

On the other hand, when you are careful and anxious, your blood decays also. Strictly speaking, care or anxiety is a kind of desire. Care or anxiety is the state of mind which is trying to do or possess something at one’s own desire. That is to say, care or anxiety is desire of desires. Therefore, when you are careful and anxious, freckles or moles turn up on your face.

The freckles and moles are due to the decayed blood accumulated in the capillary blood-vessel on your face. So the more you are careful and anxious, the more freckles and moles come to turn up on your face. Therefore, desire and anxiety are the main agents who make human blood rot. Now because blood is life (Gen 9:4), it means decaying of blood that life rots, and it becomes sin of sins that makes blood rot, for the destruction of life is sin of sins. But desire and anxiety are not the only destroyers that decay the blood of life. There are many agents besides. For example, anger, hate, disgust, agony, pain, sorrow, sexual desire, and so on. Therefore, we can say that the Evil Heart itself is the originator that makes human blood decay.

Death is avoidable

What is deathIt is a common sense to the world that man is mortal. The whole mankind think that once man comes into the world, he must go back again in the long run. They say that the tax and death are inevitable. They don’t know exactly why man dies. They guess vaguely that man is naturally mortal. Even Paul said that it was appointed for men to die once (Heb 9:27).

But man is originally immortal. It is not for old age or time and tide but for desire and greed why man dies (James 1:15). Nevertheless even the latest medical science doesn’t know this fact. Most doctors or pharmaceutists are injuring so many people by prescribing medicine for expelling pathogenic microbes or virus. Therefore, modern medical science is not truthful science. It is a science for death. The true medical science is a science for life. But there has been no true medical science on the earth for thousand years.

Now the true medical science has come, we come to move out of death into life. As long as the cause of death is revealed, there is no man who cannot overcome death. Any one can enjoy an everlasting life. This is right the purpose of the Bible and the Will of God.

Eternal Life

Eternal Life
Living forever without death

The eternal life we are talking about here means living forever without die. This is obviously different concept from one in well-known existing religions whose people believe the dead men’s soul live forever.

When we are emphasizing the eternal life in such way in the universe of limitation, it must be supported by enough evidences in reasonable logic.

Become somethingelse away from human

}Summarizing our theory of eternal life in a single sentence, due to the being of human deeply possesses the element of death, man cannot avoid it, so man must become something-else after taking away every aspects as a human being.

The existing frames on false hypothesis

Then, what is the men? Could it be a result of evolution from an amoeba over times? Could it be an earthen creature of God?

In fact, all studies and religions are the frames based on such hypothesis. As they are unclear or rather false, no one throughout human history was able to speak these fundamental issues definitely, and more, there was no way to know how to get rid of the element of death.

18 In man’s heart, it rises instinctively that want or pursuit of eternal and longing for the happiness. The reason why this instincts rises is that inside man, there flows blood that comes from our ancestors who had lived such life forever.

A new frame on a new hypothesis

Our hypothesis to the same questions is following: The body of God was broken into pieces possessing both positive and negative attributes to form the universe when it was defeated by the spirit of division. Specially the core of it became the human race.

Clear and reasonable explanations and indications

What is a man? Man is the God who is living own Life as a servant of Evil and dying from the obedience.

What is the element of death? The controlling spirit of human being is the element of death. At the same time, it is the essence of the sins, the root of desires and the ego.

What is the element of eternal life? If there were no element of eternal life inside human being, it would be impossible. Though it is in powerless status under the rulings of the god of death. God which is the god of eternal life resides in human being is the answer. Yes, God itself is the element of eternal life.

How to remove the element of death? Throughout practical stages, stay away from human mind, while take God’s mind.

Namely, the road to the eternal life is the road through which your mind goes. You would not follow human mind but would take God’s mind. Not to follow human mind, you should take your mind in the other way against how you usually do, regarding everybody as yourself. To take God’s mind, your life would be self-sacrificing, in full of hope for the eternal life, next, in strong confidence of it, then, entrust everything(body, mind and life) in charge of God.

3 Therefore, trash away the man’s heart and fill it with God’s heart. Only doing so, you would get the salvation. Unless one become to God, there is not salvation. Man supposed to die without fail.

Science and religion unite in the new hypothesis

It is called ‘the principle of blood’ that blood changes as a consequence of mind then body changes in accordance with the blood. When you possess God’s mind, your blood changes into God’s blood then your body changes into God’s body. At the end, the son of God unclothes the element of death and is able to born again becoming the something-else. This is the most advanced science and also the true religion.

Religions unite in the new hypothesis

The something-else is being called by many different names in different religions such as Messiah, Savior, Christ, God, Allah, Buddha, Maitreya, JungDoRyung, etc.

Honest and reasonable pursuit

Believing in God(or whatever) can NOT give you salvation nor eternal life. However, you must learn to know Victor Christ’s words before practicing it in real life to stay away from human nature but put on God’s. Because both salvation and eternal life are His, man must become the something-else(God) without exception.