Death is avoidable

It is common knowledge that humans are mortal.

It is said that once a person is born, one day, he will surely die. So there is a saying that taxes and death are inevitable.

However, it is also true that we do not know why people die or the cause of death.

Some people claim that it is the providence of nature to live and die, but the Apostle Paul also said that man is destined to die once. (Hebrews 9:27)

However, there is also the claim that humans were immortal beings initially but die because of greed. (James 1:15)

Although research on human lifespan extension and immortality is active in the medical community today, ultimately, the focus is on finding and removing genes, bacteria, viruses, or cancer cells that can be observed with the eyes of doctors.

In other words, it seems that there are remarkable advances in the technology to find the germs, the technology to kill and remove the found germs, and the technology to relieve the pain of the patient at this time. Still, there is little research on why the germs occurred and the causes of the germs.

As a result, the mistake of misidentifying germs, the error that the poison that kills germs kills not only germs but also good allies, the side effects of germs that increase resistance to drugs. Furthermore, due to the side effects of the experimental medical practice performed with overconfidence in the partial awareness of germs and the human body, there are many dying cases without curing the disease in the hospital that is supposed to cure the disease.

Will further advances in technology to manipulate genes and better see and handle tiny viruses better reduce the number of people dying in hospitals? Or will you become the subject of research and experimentation by medical personnel among more specialized treatment teams and pay more time and money for treatment but eventually leave the hospital as a corpse?

If the cause of death is greed, as recorded in the Bible, when considering a medical approach, treatment should be done to eliminate desire. It is necessary to study where and how greed comes from and how it eats away people’s lives, and they should explore tools and techniques to get rid of desire.

However, since it is an area that deals with the human mind, it seems likely to fall under the psychiatric department. Still, the psychiatric ward has already specialized in the function of protecting people with mental disorders.

Therefore, there is a need for a psychiatric medical institution that provides treatment to eliminate greed, and that is the true religion.

In an era where the cause of death was unknown, there was no objection to the inevitable providence of nature. However, in this age, when the victorious Savior appeared and revealed that the cause of death was the self-consciousness of ‘I’, the spirit of greed, death became an optional destination according to one’s mind.

If you have a mind to die, you will surely die, and if you have a mind not to die, you will not die.

Death is avoidable, and it is up to the soul that commands your heart.

If you let the human soul command you, you will surely die, and if you let the soul of God command you, God will not die.

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