Death is avoidable

What is deathIt is a common sense to the world that man is mortal. The whole mankind think that once man comes into the world, he must go back again in the long run. They say that the tax and death are inevitable. They don’t know exactly why man dies. They guess vaguely that man is naturally mortal. Even Paul said that it was appointed for men to die once (Heb 9:27).

But man is originally immortal. It is not for old age or time and tide but for desire and greed why man dies (James 1:15). Nevertheless even the latest medical science doesn’t know this fact. Most doctors or pharmaceutists are injuring so many people by prescribing medicine for expelling pathogenic microbes or virus. Therefore, modern medical science is not truthful science. It is a science for death. The true medical science is a science for life. But there has been no true medical science on the earth for thousand years.

Now the true medical science has come, we come to move out of death into life. As long as the cause of death is revealed, there is no man who cannot overcome death. Any one can enjoy an everlasting life. This is right the purpose of the Bible and the Will of God.

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