There will never be another war in Korea.

Devices to prevent war on Korean soil are operating layer by layer in various directions. For example, blocking according to the rules of international organizations, blocking North Korea’s supportive forces, economic blocking within North Korea, mental and physical blocking of the supreme commander, and multi-faceted blocking of forces trying to start a war outside North Korea.

On the other hand, South Korea is greatly increasing its deterrence of war by widening the gap in its military, economic, and diplomatic superiority.

In 1980, Kim Il-sung had 500 fighter jets in the air waiting for final orders to start a war.
When all preparations were complete, Kim Il-sung gave an attack order, but the radio was not transmitted to the pilots, so there is a fact that 500 planes flew back and forth over North Korea and then landed again at the North Korean military base.
After that, the Victor Savior appeared in front of Kim Il-sung like a goblin and shouted, “You bastard, if you start a war, you die, you bastard!” As it shouted and disappeared, Kim Il-sung was trembling and unable to start a war at the time.

After that, whenever Kim Il-sung thought of starting a war, another body of the Savior appeared and said, “If you think about starting a war, you die, you bastard!” However, if he did not stop thinking about starting a war, he would put his foot on his neck and beat him until he surrendered.

As the goblin kept coming out, screaming that if he started a war, he would die, and trampling his breath, he eventually suffered from a nervous breakdown.


The same story to Kim Jong-il. The goblin would come out and suffocate whenever he thought of causing a war.

Regardless of who it is, whether it is an individual, a political party, or the government, it should be borne in mind that if a person thinks of going against the will of the Savior and causing war in Korea, the person concerned and the people of that country will suffer.

As soon as the Soviet Union, a powerful supporter of North Korea, collapsed, Russia established diplomatic relations with South Korea and advanced military technology flowed into South Korea.

South Korea continues to have plenty of food, while North Korea continues to suffer from famine and millions of people die of starvation.

After several provocations, Kim Jong-il was awakened. He realized that if war broke out, North Korea would be occupied in a matter of days.

The idea of causing war should be quickly erased and peaceful unification should be achieved.


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