Life is God, Death is Evil, God who is slave of Evil is Men God

Who is the Victor Christ

As you found facts from other articles that human being is God itself but in the custody of the Evil spirit, God is nothing to do with the imaginary Creator but the Life in every things.

Victor Christ is a nick name we call to the God who overcome the Evil spirit and become the Savior in the Bible. So origin of the Victor Christ is God.

While any other people also have a nick name that we call God who is suffering slavery from the Evil spirit, the Bible call them the Sinners.

Therefore God becomes the Savior to save children of God. There can be no other agents like God’s only son -Jesus- being involve to the God’s promise of saving the world. From alpha to omega it should be God. The Bible has mixed words from God and Evil, therefore, you must find those words from God.

There has been no such God like the Creator although the Bible has it. The story of creation in the Bible is just a myth for the people of the ignorance. Those stories not from God are from Evil.