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living pilgrimage is viewing the Holy light

sign of victor christ holy due spirit as color of blood

The Hero of salvation is the LORD, there is no other like his son. The LORD will be the dew to the Victor Savior as a sign which looks like blood and fire and billows of smoke. Some look like riding cloud.

Hosea 14:5 Joel 2:27~30 Psalms 133:3 Isaiah 25:8~9, 26:19

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as a pilar of smoke

澍甘露法雨 滅除煩惱焰
The rain of Dharma eradicates Humans’ agonies and desires. Everybody can reach nirvana by receiving the light of the Reincarnate Maitreya Buddha.

Bomoon part (普門編) of the Dharma Flower Sutra

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as cloud

秦皇漢武求下 不老草不死藥 어데잇소 虹霓七色雲霧中에 甘露如雨海印이라 火雨露三豊海印이라
Where is the elixir, which Qinshihuangdi of a Qin dynasty and Emperor Wu of Han dynasty (秦皇漢武) sought?
The Sweet Dew is like seven-rainbow-colored cloud and morning mist. It is the Sweet Dew (海印). The three kinds of abundant grace which are fire, rain, and dew are the Sweet Dew.

Song for the Haein (海印歌) of the Gyeokamyourok (格庵遺錄), a Korean prophetic book with 100 percent accuracy

UFO Type

As the Holy Dew Spirit is real, we can observe it with senses like smelling but hardly with naked eyes. But the camera can pick up the object in the different dimension. So please bring your film-taking camera which captures broader spectrum than eyesight and the digital cameras.

GPS locating data : 37.485556, 126.817056

Address: 37 Angok-ro 205Beon-gil Sasa-gu Bucheon-si Korea

Come to the light of the Holy Spirit


Korean Meaning
1. 죄악 세상 이기신 하나님의 영광이
성령의 빛이되어 온우주에 비취시네
해와 달이 빛을 잃은
신천신지 새세상에
하나님의 영광의 빛
더욱더욱 찬란하네

*오라오라오라 형제들아
경배하세 만민들아
하나님의 빛을 향해

2. 마귀권세 박멸하고
기쁨만이 넘쳐나네
죽음의 고통도
늙어짐의 서러움도
세상근심 번뇌망상
모든 죄악 사라지고
썩을양식 필요없고
감로이슬 먹고사네 *


3. 천하만민 어버이신 구세주 하나님이
인간몸을 입으시고 이땅에 오시어서
의심많은 인간향해 오대공약이루시고
진리말씀 널리펼쳐 영생길로 이끄시네 *

1. The glory of God that overcame the sinful world,
Becomes the light of the Holy Spirit and shines
to the whole universe.
At the new world where the sun and the moon
lose their light,

The light of the glory of God is splendid more and more. *

Brothers, come toward the light of the Holy Spirit,
The whole mankind, let’s worship toward the light of God


2. After destroying the authority of Satan,
only joy overflows,
The pain of death, aging sorrow, the worldly worry,
agony, and delusion, and all sins disappear.
No rotten food is necessary;
people live on the Holy Dew Spirit *


3. The Savior God, the mother of all humans,
Came to the world in a human form came to the world
Toward the humans with a lot of doubt,
He has accomplished five covenants,
Spreading the truth, leads to the way of eternal life. *


A Great Prophet who predicted that a true Savior would come
at the end of 20th century. To protect himself from Christianity, he could
not state particular words like Messiah or Savior, as it would be nothing
to do with Jesus. Instead, he states the world would be ended in the year
1999. And added, If ‘something-else’ comes, it would not. The
‘something else’ here is the true Messiah who already saved the world
from the scheduled World War III. By killing the hostile spirit of
communism in 4 billion communists worldwide over the years between
1981 and 1991, communism collapsed without any blood shedding.


God is Life, Light, Spirit as described in the Bible. God is the
fundamental element composes universe. Not only humanity but also
everything in the universe has God, also Satan. However, the God who is
depicted as a creator does not exist in the real world but mythology.

The Prayers

The Satan killing prayers.

Where is the Satan? It is in my mind, all sorts of thinking have sourced of the Self-awareness of ‘I’ which is the Satan which is the spirit of against God. Be aware that the target is inside of me, not anyone others. If you notice Satan in other people, that means the same Satan is also inside of you. So you must kill the Satan inside of you.

Behold and prey along with the Victor who has the winning spirit which is the Faith.

Korean Meaning


무량대수 횟수로

계속해서 영원무궁토록

몽땅 뿌리째 뽑아서

성령의 검으로

성령의 도끼로

성령의 맷돌로

성령의 불로




The infinite number of satan

for each second

by the infinite number of attacks

continuously forever

root out the source from me

with the holy spirit sword
mince the enemy

with the holy spirit hatchet
mash the evil

with the holy spirit millstones
grind the spirit

in the holy spirit blaze
burn the sins

fling the remainings into volcanic sulfur flame



Our mommy the Olive Tree


On Oct 15, 1980, the day the Spiritual Mother announced Cho became a Victor, He wrote this in 30 minutes without any modifications.

This lyric tells how the Spiritual Mother had put efforts to give birth to her spiritual son.  And also how the works of His own as our Spiritual Mother would be.

So this is the story of Savior’s viewpoint who wish to save people who know little about Savior’s circumstances.


Korean Meaning
1.감람나무 우리엄마
발자국마다 피땀냄새
천번만번 곤두박질
갖은포악 당하셨네
공중권세 잡은마귀
소탕하여 박멸하고
육천년간 고대하던
시온성을 찾으셨네
1. The Olive Tree of our mom;
each of her track hold the scent of sweaty blood;
million times of falling,
took all the atrocity;
Killed and cleared the Satan
holding the power in the air;
Retaken the Zion,
longed for 6000 years
2.이길만은 우리인생
엄마없이 못오는길
감람나무 우리엄마
우리위해 통곡했네
애걸복걸 피투성이
밤새도록 마귀죽여
죽을인생 구원하신
고마우신 우리엄마
2. Nobody can go this path,
without mommy;
The Olive Tree, our mom,
wailed for us;
Begging in bloodiness,
killing Satan overnights;
Saved my life which supposed to die,
how thankful our mommy
3.사망권세 잡은마귀
피속에서 육천년간
인생들은 더러워져
잔악하게 물들었고
슬픈탄식 괴롬속에
참혹하게 죽어갔네
완성엄마 따라오면
영생복락 누리리라
3. The Satan holding power of death
sits in our blood for 6000 years;
Making humankind
inhuman gradually;
Suffering dolorous sighs,
all had to die in the hell of life;
But, following mommy of completion,
shall enjoy the pleasure of eternal life.
4.좁고험한 가시밭길
외로워도 주님함께
자신속에 옛사람을
짓이겨서 죽이는길
천번만번 죽고죽여
최후까지 견디는길
구세주의 우리엄마
따라오면 영생하리
4. The narrow path of harsh thorny field,
mommy would go with the lonely pilgrim;
The journey killing the ‘I’ of old days
is the God in me goes on heart;
Kill or killed over and over,
God have to bear until the last moment;
Following our mom of the Savior,
can earn the eternal life;
5.엄마께서 그얼마나
외쳤던가 우셨던가
노염타는 어린심령
빗대시고 나무라시네
때리시고 얼리시는
위대하신 장한엄마
대신울고 죄를담당
우리들을 살려주네
5. What a countless number of
yelling and wailing;
insinuates and scolds
to her spiritual children;
She beat up; She pacified;
But our mom the greatest and splendid;
Crys instead of me
and takes the punishment instead of the sinner,
mommy would save us;
6.천대멸시 받으면서
참고 이기신 우리엄마
감람나무 명령따라
황무지에 십팔년간
굶주림에 몸부림쳐
해산수고 하신엄마
피눈물로 물들여서
에덴동산 회복했네
6. Our mom was a subject to despise
but endured and won.
To complete the mission of the Olive Tree,
bore 18 years in the wilderness.
Struggling with hunger,
It was her labor of giving birth to the spiritual son.
Recovered the Garden of Eden
with teardrops of blood;
7.최후까지 참을수 없는
순간에도 견뎌야해
마귀공격 빗발쳐도
쉬지않는 기도공격
의식잃어 죽어가도
낙심않고 맡기면은
엄마께서 담당하여
우리들을 살려주네
7. Have to bear
even the last moment you can’t;
Have attacks with endless praying
against Satanic attacks;
Even the moment of losing consciousness and die,
don’t be discouraged
but entrust,
mommy would take the remainings
and saves us.