Eternal Life

Eternal Life
Living forever without death

The eternal life we are talking about here means living forever without die. This is obviously different concept from one in well-known existing religions whose people believe the dead men’s soul live forever.

When we are emphasizing the eternal life in such way in the universe of limitation, it must be supported by enough evidences in reasonable logic.

Become somethingelse away from human

}Summarizing our theory of eternal life in a single sentence, due to the being of human deeply possesses the element of death, man cannot avoid it, so man must become something-else after taking away every aspects as a human being.

The existing frames on false hypothesis

Then, what is the men? Could it be a result of evolution from an amoeba over times? Could it be an earthen creature of God?

In fact, all studies and religions are the frames based on such hypothesis. As they are unclear or rather false, no one throughout human history was able to speak these fundamental issues definitely, and more, there was no way to know how to get rid of the element of death.

18 In man’s heart, it rises instinctively that want or pursuit of eternal and longing for the happiness. The reason why this instincts rises is that inside man, there flows blood that comes from our ancestors who had lived such life forever.

A new frame on a new hypothesis

Our hypothesis to the same questions is following: The body of God was broken into pieces possessing both positive and negative attributes to form the universe when it was defeated by the spirit of division. Specially the core of it became the human race.

Clear and reasonable explanations and indications

What is a man? Man is the God who is living own Life as a servant of Evil and dying from the obedience.

What is the element of death? The controlling spirit of human being is the element of death. At the same time, it is the essence of the sins, the root of desires and the ego.

What is the element of eternal life? If there were no element of eternal life inside human being, it would be impossible. Though it is in powerless status under the rulings of the god of death. God which is the god of eternal life resides in human being is the answer. Yes, God itself is the element of eternal life.

How to remove the element of death? Throughout practical stages, stay away from human mind, while take God’s mind.

Namely, the road to the eternal life is the road through which your mind goes. You would not follow human mind but would take God’s mind. Not to follow human mind, you should take your mind in the other way against how you usually do, regarding everybody as yourself. To take God’s mind, your life would be self-sacrificing, in full of hope for the eternal life, next, in strong confidence of it, then, entrust everything(body, mind and life) in charge of God.

3 Therefore, trash away the man’s heart and fill it with God’s heart. Only doing so, you would get the salvation. Unless one become to God, there is not salvation. Man supposed to die without fail.

Science and religion unite in the new hypothesis

It is called ‘the principle of blood’ that blood changes as a consequence of mind then body changes in accordance with the blood. When you possess God’s mind, your blood changes into God’s blood then your body changes into God’s body. At the end, the son of God unclothes the element of death and is able to born again becoming the something-else. This is the most advanced science and also the true religion.

Religions unite in the new hypothesis

The something-else is being called by many different names in different religions such as Messiah, Savior, Christ, God, Allah, Buddha, Maitreya, JungDoRyung, etc.

Honest and reasonable pursuit

Believing in God(or whatever) can NOT give you salvation nor eternal life. However, you must learn to know Victor Christ’s words before practicing it in real life to stay away from human nature but put on God’s. Because both salvation and eternal life are His, man must become the something-else(God) without exception.

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