About Victor Christ

The Victor Christ is the God who won victory in the spiritual fighting against the Devil.

The Holy Due Spirit during daily service
When two people were making confession at the lower platform, like a pillar of smoke was The Holy Due Spirit.

As the Life itself, God resides in all things.

God Itself became the Victor Christ after defeating the Evil which is man’s self-consciousness on 15th October 1980.

Since Victor Christ, the true Road, the true Truth, the true Life came on earth, we at last were able to access vital information over gods world such as their identity, whereabouts, character, etc.

Victor Christ is the very Savior whom we are waiting for over all human history regardless different races, religions, generations etc.

Over a lifelong battles fighting against himself, one man’s self-consciousness was offered perfectly as a sacrifice of God for God by God. It is the true martyr, as it is the spiritual happening.

Once the Victor Christ comes, the world will belong to God’s possession which is the Heaven. This means the current world is not belong to God’s possessions but Devil’s.

As the Bible ends up mentioning God’s victory over Satan which has the ruling power on earth, the world will see the end of the Satan’s world soon. The Beginning of God’s world is the End of the World.

We cannot tell someone a Victor Christ without sufficient evidences. Religious texts have a list of evidences which the true Savior comes with. Beside the mirabilias, however, The True Savior as a leader should bring something to shine the world and wake them. Let them realize and enlighten, so that they are able to make actions for The New World.

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