About Five Great Public Pledge

In the 1930s, the Korean nation was impoverished, and Mr ChoHeeSeung was grown in an even low-income tenant farming household. It was his 19 when he became a war prisoner during Korean War 1950~1953. He experienced unspeakable pains from famine, war and death. Throughout Mr Cho’s life, he held solid wishes for the Korean people, which is the descendants in the direct line of the Dan tribe in the Bible, not to suffer pains from hunger, wars and death.

When Victor Christ started this revolutionary work in 1981, the crowd tended to doubt Victor Christ. They needed something like wonders that they could feel and see before they trusted. Therefore, these five great public pledges were not only practices of his long-cherished wishes but also proofs of victorious God’s power and authority.

Though the Victor Christ was wearing a human shape like us, the world would be able to find the greatness and authorities of the victorious God when they see His plans and warnings are coming true in real.

Please take a special note that those Five Great Pledges are not His predictions but His plans to do or happen.


Will remove the worldwide Communism

After the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, communism grew up very fast to make more than half of the world’s population were communist states in the 1980s.

Communism is a highly militant idea with its ultimate aim of overthrowing capitalism through bloody wars. U.S.S.R. the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the representative country to communism, while the U.S.A. The United States of America was the one to capitalism. Both countries had put tremendous efforts on war preparation competitively.

Communism is an ideology that has taken root in the hearts of 4 billion communists. Do you think politics can change the majority of people’s ideology? No. The real reason communism fell is that someone with the ability to change the human mind has removed the ideology from the communists. read more

They set numerous atomic bombs and weapons of mess-destruction to attack each other. The two countries’ relationship was strained to the breaking point and followed the scenario of the end of the world.

However, it was a miracle of the miracles that the vicious idea collapsed so peacefully in August 1991. But, the idea of communism was destroyed by Victor Christ’s power before the dissolution of the communist union and countries. You should know that the vicious and intense idea would never destroy itself.

With the advent of Victor Savior, therefore, the world already has been saved from the scenario of doom. Moreover, it is heading for the new world that our ancestors dreamt of.


Will block summer rainy season

In Korea, the summer rainy season is a climatic phenomenon with rather cloudy and moisture in the air and continued rain over a month from mid-June till mid-July.

Weather report over summer monsoon period in Korea. check it out

This period is critical, especially for the rice crop to put down roots; For too much water during the period, the plant may fail to put down roots but float in the water before it goes bad.

Korea was the country where people had the experience of horrible lean years because of this hard summer rainy season over the country’s history.

But now, there is no more such harsh summer monsoon rain in Korea, where the Savior is.


Will protect Korea from typhoons blowing

The Korean Peninsula is geographically situated on the route that typhoons tend to pass through.

When the rice crops are becoming ripe, Typhoons with fearful wind and a terrible amount of rain comes to the land to destroy the crops. The rice plants are beaten down by the wind and underwater owing to the shower for a long. The rice begins to bud after three days in water, and the rice becomes uneatable.

Korea was the country where people had the experience of notorious lean years because of typhoons over the country’s history. But now, there are no more typhoons that ruin the crops in Korea, where the Savior is.


Will bring a continuous good harvest to Korea

Korea had periodically had a lousy year for the rice crop after one or two good harvests.

As the proverb goes, ‘There is no more bad year after seven years of the short crop’, It seems like there was continuous poor harvest for seven years.

To get a good harvest, It must be safe from the summer rainy season and typhoons.

  Although the cultivated area is decreasing every year, the production volume is greatly exceeding 3,000,000 tons. Check this out

During the summer rainy season between mid-June and mid-July, suitable temperature and amount of water assist the rice plants significantly to put down their roots well so that the plants make more branches and more grains.

During the typhoon blowing period, mainly from July till October, the sunshine duration is a crucial factor because an abundant supply of sunshine is vital for the rice plants to get ripens.

Therefore we cannot expect a good harvest if the summer rainy season takes place harshly or typhoons blows without any obstruction over the whole period from transplantation of rice seedlings to harvest of the crop.

Korea, where the Victor Christ is, has been taking continuous good harvests since 1981. As long as we have a good harvest, we should know that we were protected from the summer rainy season and the typhoons this year.


Korean war shall not break out

Devices to prevent war on Korean soil are operating layer by layer in various directions. For example, blocking according to the rules of international organizations, blocking North Korea’s supportive forces, economic blocking within North Korea, mental and physical blocking of the supreme commander, and multi-faceted blocking of forces trying to start a war outside North Korea. On the other hand, South Korea is greatly increasing its deterrence of war by widening the gap in its military, economic, and diplomatic superiority. read more
The Korean War, which broke out on 25 June 1950 and went for three years and a month, yielded 250 million death in both parties; 80% of infrastructures, 75% of government buildings and 50% of houses were destroyed in South Korea.

But the Korean War is not an officially finished disaster but of stop fighting temporarily.

After the ceased fire, the separated countries had been involved in the diplomatic war to take advantage against its counterparty in the international organizations.

Both countries had put a significant portion of the nation’s budgets into war preparation projects. So scarcely anybody doubted that the military tension in the Korean peninsular is a detonator of world war III.

Mr Cho had experienced the severe pains and trials of the war by himself than others. For this reason, He has prepared institutional grids and conditions that prevent Korean from involving in another Korean war.

Now the fear of war has gone, and we are living in safe. So we must give thanks to our Savior.

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