Believing mind is different from true Faith

Holy Due Spirit is Faith
Faith is totally different from a believing mind. Only the Savior can give one faith and a believing mind.

Faith is a gift of God

Due to faith, one can be saved according to the Bible. Faith is the gift of God in accordance with the Bible. God can give one what he has as a gift.
As immortal God has only eternal life, He can give us immortality. Therefore, what accomplishes everlasting life is faith. Not accomplishing immortality is not religion.

People say if one goes to a church diligently, their faith is good. However, this word is a wrong one they say without knowing about its definition. If they go to a church, their believing mind may become deep, but they do have faith. A believing mind and faith is totally different biblically.

Only Victor Christ has the gift

So Luke 8 says that faith is not seen by the end of times.
The true Savior was supposed to give faith to people. As the Savior is the man being reborn as the Holy Spirit, He is an immortal existence. Therefore, the Savior is the man who has faith.

Only the Savior can give faith and a believing mind to people. The Savior was expected to give the immortal spirit that enables humanity to live forever. The Savior is not a man but the Trinity. So He is expected to give faith. The Savior enables all humanity to live forever by pouring the Holy Dew Spirit to them.

True Savior pours Holy Due Spirit as a gift

The Holy Dew Spirit is the hidden manna, the Sweet Dew. The Holy Dew Spirit is faith. A believing mind is not faith. The Holy Dew Spirit that the Savior has is faith.

True Faith is beholding the Savior

As the Savior himself is faith, one should look at Him every second. So looking at the Savior is like eating the fruit of life. When one eats the Savior every second, they can eat the fruit of life. Only if one eats the fruit of life, they are supposed to live an everlasting life. Also, one can eat the fruit of life not only through their eye but also their ear and bodies. According to the Nirvana Sutra, the Holy Dew Spirit permeates through the pores of one’s skin.

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