Heart changes own blood purity

The cause of death is with blood which is being changed by everyday thinking.
The thought is the function of blood. They are co-related closely. Therefore, the blood changes according to the thoughts. For example, if you desire then your blood decays. It is not a idle fancy or a fantastic fiction. It is rather a scientific truth. When you eat with greed, food happens to sit heavy on your stomach. If you eat when you feel hurt, food is apt to sit heavy on your stomach also. This is what we call “the stomach-staggers”.

The stomach-staggers is owing to desire and greed. If you eat greedily then your blood decays. If your blood decays then the decayed blood stops up the capillary blood-vessel to the stomach. When the capillary blood-vessel is blocked up then the stomach is convulsed with the interruption of blood and stops working. This is what so called the stomach-staggers.

Mind changes bodyTherefore, the original cause of indigestion or stomach-staggers lies not in overeating or hurried eating but in desire and greed. And in fact, overeating or hurried eating is due to desire and greed. But most people think that the stomach-staggers is due to overeating or hurried eating. Even the medical doctors think so and say.

“Boy, don’t eat so much a time”

As we have seen above, however, such order is nonsense.

As is often the case, man happens to have stomach-staggers though he does not eat over or hurriedly. This is the case with the man who feels hurt in eating. Feeling hurt is also due to desire or selfish heart. Because he has desire or greed, man feels hurt. If he has not desire or greed at all, he will not feel hurt or get angry at all. Therefore, it is obvious that the cause of stomach-staggers or sitting heavy of food on the stomach is desire and greed.

Meanwhile, Chinese herbalists cure the patient from his stomach-staggers by operating the tip of finger or around the fingernail. Because the nerve of finger is linked to that of the stomach, when the nerve of finger is touched, the nerve of the stomach excites and opens the blocked blood-vessel of the stomach. Then the patient gets over his stomach-staggers or indigestion by shedding the impure black blood.

On the other hand, when you are careful and anxious, your blood decays also. Strictly speaking, care or anxiety is a kind of desire. Care or anxiety is the state of mind which is trying to do or possess something at one’s own desire. That is to say, care or anxiety is desire of desires. Therefore, when you are careful and anxious, freckles or moles turn up on your face.

The freckles and moles are due to the decayed blood accumulated in the capillary blood-vessel on your face. So the more you are careful and anxious, the more freckles and moles come to turn up on your face. Therefore, desire and anxiety are the main agents who make human blood rot. Now because blood is life (Gen 9:4), it means decaying of blood that life rots, and it becomes sin of sins that makes blood rot, for the destruction of life is sin of sins. But desire and anxiety are not the only destroyers that decay the blood of life. There are many agents besides. For example, anger, hate, disgust, agony, pain, sorrow, sexual desire, and so on. Therefore, we can say that the Evil Heart itself is the originator that makes human blood decay.

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