A Theory of Immortality

Good heart Pure blood Sound cells Immortal bodyGod is an immortal being, and Satan is a mortal being. Our first parents, Adam and Eve were immortal beings in the beginning, for they were created in the likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).
Since being possessed by Satan, however, they lost their immortality and died after all. What is more, their mortality became a heritage. That is to say, their descendants succeeded to their mortality. This is what is called “Original Sin”. So the whole mankind became the slaves of Satan who was the father of death. They went on dying generation after generation for thousand years. Even now the mortality runs still in human blood. But it is not the case only with the immortality.
Immortality as well as mortality runs in human blood. On this, all human beings have the hope for immortality and happiness. It suggests that our first parents lived originally with immortality and happiness.
These days, however, no one knows why man dies, what the secret of immortal life is, and whether there is the way to everlasting life or not. Most people take rather death for granted, and die after all in the midst of sorrow, pain, and unhappiness. It is a terrible tragedy. This tragedy has been repeating itself for thousand years. But the miserable circle of death has come to an end in the long run, because the door of salvation and immortality has opened.
Now the science of immortality has come, the whole mankind can come to enjoy immortal and happy life. The tide of eternity is spreading all over the world. The perishable don’t perish, and the mortal don’t die, and the fragile don’t fall. In short, time and tide wait for all things.

The heart is the working of blood

People don’t know the relation between thinking and blood. They think that thinking is one thing, and blood is another. But this is not true at all. To tell the truth, thinking is right the working of blood. They interact intimately. On this, we can see many idioms suggesting the interrelation between thinking or heart and blood. For example, to get one’s blood up, to make bad blood, to make one’s blood boil, to make one’s blood run cold, blood in one’s eye, in cold blood, in hot blood, and so on. All these idioms demonstrate that the heart is the working of blood. Scientifically speaking, when the blood runs through the narrow capillary blood-vessel in brain, it gasify and becomes a kind of material for thought. Further, the life in the warm blood endows the brain-cells with active energy. Likewise, the blood bears thought.
Meanwhile, because blood and thought interact intimately, Adam and Eve’s blood changed from God’s into Satan’s, when they were Possessed by the Evil Heart, Satan. On this, they died after all.
But we can think right the contrary process. If Adam and Eve’s blood changed into Stan’s owing to the Evil Heart, Satan’s blood can change into God’s thanks to the Good Heart. That is to say, if man’s heart changes into God’s, his blood will change into God’s likewise. What is more, his body will change also into God’s image. This is right the secret of rebirth and eternal life.

As you think, so your cells are formed

According as man is transformed by the renewal of his heart (Romans 12:2), his blood changes, and the cells of his body are formed newly, and his flesh, bone, and body are moulded into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), for blood and heart interact each other.
If a conceived woman love her husband with her whole heart, she will bear a baby resembling its father. If a conceived woman be very selfish, and love only herself, she will bear a baby resembling its mother. On the other hand, if a pregnant woman love another man, she will bear a strange baby. For example, if a pregnant woman like a movie star enthusiastically, she will never fail to bear a baby resembling that movie star.
These facts demonstrate the truth that as man thinks, so his blood changes, and his cells are formed newly, and his body is moulded into a new creation.
Meanwhile, the canary was studied by some physiologists of Rockefeller university in America a few years ago. They investigated canary’s brain cells changing in number according to four seasons. They found the fact that canary’s brain-cells of song-center diminished in number by degrees according to the shift of season from spring to winter. The brain-cells of song-center were dense in spring when the canary sang merrily. Whereas, the brain-cells of song-center were few in winter when the canary didn’t song. Referring the canary, the physiologists pronounced the theory that as for human being, about 20,000 brain-cells were in circulation of death and birth a day.
They said that the brain-cells in need were formed again newly, but the cells good for nothing went on dying.
This theory supports also the truth that soul and body are one, and the cells of body are formed newly according to thought. As for the theory of immortality, however, even the physiologists didn’t know it at all. The problem was that they took death for granted like all men did.

An immortal body in an immortal heart

What does immortal body look like?God is the Being of immortality, the Spirit of life and the eternal King (Jeremiah 10:10). Only God is immortal and lives eternally (Romans 6:16). Therefore, if man put on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness in genuine righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24), he cannot die forever.
As the Bible has it, only the righteous come into eternal life (Ezekiel 18:9). Hence, one must become a righteous man so as to come into eternal life.
Meanwhile, the righteous man is the one who does not commit a sin and he who does not commit a sin is the one who has been born of God (1 John 3:9), and he who has been born of God is the child of God, and God’s child is God. Accordingly there is none righteous, not even one. Only God is righteous (Romans 3:10). Therefore, one must become God so as to come into eternal life. Unless man becomes God again as he was God in the beginning, he never come into immortal life.
To become God is to be born again through the Holy Spirit. When man possesses God’s Heart, his blood changes into God’s, and his cells into God’s, and his body into the image of God. After all he puts on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness, and becomes God.
God’s Heart is not the mind discriminating positive and negative, male and female, rich and poor, righteous and unrighteous. His Heart is rather the mind of nondiscrimination and the mind of perfection (Matthew 5:48). Always His Heart over flows with love, mercy, peace and joy. Therefore when man possesses God’s Heart, his blood does not decay at all. It goes rather pure. The cells of his body do not get hurt, it goes rather healthy. His body does not perish, it comes rather to perfection and immortality. In short, he becomes a righteous man without a defect, that is, God.

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