About Holy Dew Spirit

The Holy Dew Spirit is the Victor Christ’s actual body and spirit.

Like a pillar of smoke is the Holy Due Spirit
Like a pillar of smoke is the Holy Due Spirit

When a sinner become a spiritually born-again perfectly with God’s spirit, it’s body is no longer in physical form like ours today, but it will be in light form like you see in the photos.

The bright supernatural object taken in the photos is what has been called as the unidentified flying object(UFO) to some people, and it moves freely through the space in no time. This means it is able to move infinite times faster than sun light, and that means it is the immortal.

The Holy Due Spirit is one of the most important evidences of Messiah, the Victor Christ, based on the Holy Bible. Apparently it looks like a pillar of smoke or blood of fire or a cloud in the heaven. It feel like Mr ChoHeSeung- a medium for the Victor Christ- is standing on the clouds in some photos.

You might doubt the authenticity of the photos, but we are introducing the truthful existence that is never ever generated by any types of manipulation techniques. Please refer the photo analysis report from one of world renowned photographic analyst Robert J Groden and a video clip that caught the flying object with a continuous movie film.


Like a blood of fire
Like a blood of fire is The Holy Due Spirit

Rare man can see the fast moving object with naked eyes, but film-taking analog cameras are able to catch the supernatural existence. There is no report of the Holy Due Spirit taken by digital cameras yet. As the digital cameras are taking less range of frequency band than the analog cameras do, they just miss it similar to our naked eyes do, I reckon.

His Words says the Holy Due Spirit shell be poured over whom tunes his/her spiritual frequency with that of the Victor Christ regardless of physical locations.

The Holy Due Spirit is free from limitations. It is free from time space and body. It is able to fly across the whole universe, to fill the space with its body and to stand on tip of a needle. This is the outcome and the truthful evidence for the victorious Being in the battle against the sins and the power of death. The spiritual tuning means fill up your mind with those of the Victor Christ.

Like a riding a clouds
Like a riding a clouds is The Holy Due Spirit

Our experiences might be different from one by one. However, when it comes, it comes with very refreshing smells of flower like a lily or something. Cannot see anything but the Victor Christ such as sitting inside a very thick clouds watching Him through a little window. Feeling like everything has been stopped except listening to Him. Feel warm, sometimes cool.

There are numerous cases of helling experiences,too. It is said to breathe in the Life, there is no disease incurable with the Holy Due Spirit, as it is the Spirit of Life Giving on which the world will live.

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