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living pilgrimage is viewing the Holy light

sign of victor christ holy due spirit as color of blood

The Hero of salvation is the LORD, there is no other like his son. The LORD will be the dew to the Victor Savior as a sign which looks like blood and fire and billows of smoke. Some look like riding cloud.

Hosea 14:5 Joel 2:27~30 Psalms 133:3 Isaiah 25:8~9, 26:19

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as a pilar of smoke

澍甘露法雨 滅除煩惱焰
The rain of Dharma eradicates Humans’ agonies and desires. Everybody can reach nirvana by receiving the light of the Reincarnate Maitreya Buddha.

Bomoon part (普門編) of the Dharma Flower Sutra

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as cloud

秦皇漢武求下 不老草不死藥 어데잇소 虹霓七色雲霧中에 甘露如雨海印이라 火雨露三豊海印이라
Where is the elixir, which Qinshihuangdi of a Qin dynasty and Emperor Wu of Han dynasty (秦皇漢武) sought?
The Sweet Dew is like seven-rainbow-colored cloud and morning mist. It is the Sweet Dew (海印). The three kinds of abundant grace which are fire, rain, and dew are the Sweet Dew.

Song for the Haein (海印歌) of the Gyeokamyourok (格庵遺錄), a Korean prophetic book with 100 percent accuracy

UFO Type

As the Holy Dew Spirit is real, we can observe it with senses like smelling but hardly with naked eyes. But the camera can pick up the object in the different dimension. So please bring your film-taking camera which captures broader spectrum than eyesight and the digital cameras.

GPS locating data : 37.485556, 126.817056

Address: 37 Angok-ro 205Beon-gil Sasa-gu Bucheon-si Korea

Trends in human rights

Trends in Human Rights and Ignorance

Mankind is not animal nor creature, but the descendant of God of Life & Truth

View from the standpoint of the spirit of desire (before Victor Savior’s coming)

There have been only incomplete understandings of the universe, and the wrong idea creates human civilizations. The partial knowledge is ruling the world by adjusting itself when it encounters events like revolutions. However, the fundamental understanding of the human being itself has never been the subject to be changed. Viewing human race as animal justifies the law of the jungle, allowed differentiating/harming/exploiting/utilizing others as normal everyday life. Regarding people as creatures to serve the imaginary Creator, allowed creating a special authority/class to rule the people.

An example of incomplete knowledge is saying the desire is the sin, but cannot tell what actually it is, why, mechanism of how desire kills life and how not to desire, etc. Victor Savior came with the complete knowledge

View from the standpoint of the Holy Spirit

When God of Life, our ancestor, was captured by the power of Death. God degraded to become the human being. The power of death is the controlling spirit of each individual in the many names of like ego, self, soul, I, etc. The spirit of ‘I’ is the sin as it is the root of the desire. Without knowing the truth people enjoy living for the ‘I.’ People believe in the God for the salvation of the ‘I.’ Any activities the spirit of ‘I’ does, however, are committing sins. The once-defeated God of Life finally overcomes the power of Death to come to the world in the name of Victor Savior. The Messiah is the role model for us to do the same spiritual fighting and win against the ‘I’ to become Victor Savior too.

Trends in human rights
Trends show the ignorance causes most of the people’s life miserable

A Adam & Eve
B Abraham
C Jesus born
D 30~33 Exiled to France
E Died & buried in France
F 323~787 Shaped a religion what/how to serve/manage
G The Dark Ages: massacre, inquisition, witch hunting, indulgence, crusaders, colonialism
H Reformation, Protestant independent from Catholic
I French Revolution, stood up to the authority of the Monarch and priests
J Spiritual Mother gave birth to the spiritual son, Victor Savior, in the Secret Chamber, Korea
K 1960~ Miracle on the Han River, Korea
L Worldwide Communism collapsed. Gorbachev was freed when Victor Savior suddenly appeared and shouted to make coup leaders frighten and run away
M Victor Savior was arrested on charges of murder instigation, but sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for the alleged donation fraud in 1994
N The 1st Tribulation
O He was indicted again during the jail term. Warned the court saying “If you make an innocent person unjust, the nation would bankrupt.” Sentenced to another 4 years imprisonment for the same alleged donation fraud
P The 2nd Tribulation
Q Korea bankrupt and went under IMF control
R Came out on parole
S Korea cleared the IMF debt
T He was arrested again on the charge of murder instigation
U The 3rd Tribulation
V The First trial in 2004, warned the court saying if you sentence death penalty and kill the innocent Savior, not only whole nations’ bankrupt but also the earth would explode. Court sentenced to death penalty. In the appeal trial, murderers confessed they testified what they were instigated by the public prosecutor who promised lighter punishment. He was acquitted. On 16 June 2004, Mr. Cho suddenly died. Supreme court found not guilty on the charge of murder instigation.
W USA subprime mortgage
X Appeal to world scholars
Y The truth reveals itself, the world will find the invisible flying-being of Omnipotence saving the world without blood shedding. They also will surprise how the innocent Savior was treated by the corrupted power group and media in the country that He loves much.
Z Victor Savior helps the God in you to become Victor Savior. We all born again in the Holy Dew Spirit which is the Faith, the gift of Savior.

The New Heaven and New Earth

The new heaven and earth is a world of a bright light

When the Savior comes and annihilates Satan, the sun will become dark, and the glory light will come on the face of the Savior. At that time, as shade and darkness will disappear, there will not be nights. So the new heaven and new earth where one does not sleep will be open.

If one receives a bright light, their fatigue will disappear. A bright light dissipates the spirit of Satan. So everybody will be recovered as Gods.

First, the followers of the Victory Altar will be recovered as Gods, next, Koreans, and then the people of the world will be improved as God because their sin will be annihilated by the light of the Savior, their consciousness of ‘I’ will disappear,

If the consciousness of ‘I’ disappears, the body of humans will be changed. Because the spirit of Satan came into the body of God, the body of a human was created. Therefore, if the spirit of Satan is removed, the body of a person will disappear and will be changed into Gods. Then people are supposed to fly; everything will be done as they think.

At that time, as they will not be humans, but they will be Gods, all things will be done as they think. If people want to eat apples, apples will be in front of them. If people want to eat cake, it will be in front of them. Like this, in heaven, all things will be accomplished as people want.

In Heaven, there are neither old people nor young people. As people change into Gods, they will become the bodies of 17 years, and they can go to the moon as they want.

It will not take a long time in flying. In this world, every second gets together, makes one minute, every minute gets together, make an hour. But Heaven is not like that world, time and space do not exist in Heaven. Therefore, it will not take a long time to go to the moon or stars. It will not take even a second to go to the moon.

The life of the world without time does not get resistance. When one flies in the air, they receive resistance, but one does not gain resistance to the wind in heaven. Everything will be done at the moment as one wishes. One can go and come back in a moment.

Comrade, when one takes a fast train or plane, they feel pleased. As it is now, if one becomes God and lives in the world without time, they feel delightful, which is beyond expression. Living in delight is, that is, living in happiness beyond expression, that is the living of Heaven.

That is, only very lucky people come to the Victory Altar. Only the offspring of ancestors who led a life of virtue from generation to generation were supposed to come to the Victory Altar. Everybody can not come to there. So are you happy or not? Although you are happy, why don’t you laugh? If you laugh after hearing ‘laugh’, it is wrong.

In fact, laughter is a natural phenomenon. If you come to the Victory Altar, you should laugh naturally. If one comes to the Victory Altar, the sin in them is dissipated, sin being dissipated means that consciousness of ‘I’ in them, that is, the spirit of Satan, the Forbidden Fruit, disappears. However, Christianity does not know the Forbidden Fruit is consciousness of ‘I’.

The Advent of the Savior among the tribe of Dan

The Bible says that the Savior appears in Korea. Also, the Buddhist Scriptures write the same. According to Isaiah 41 of the Bible, “Be silent, before me, you islands! Who has stirred up one from the east, called him in righteousness to his service? He hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him. He turns them to dust with his sword, I will take you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I call you.”

Eastern countries are Korea and Japan, as the Bible says ‘be silent’, it means that from Japan, the Savior will not appear. The Bible says that all the king of the world will succumb before ‘the righteous man of the East’, the righteous man of the East is the almighty, he is the Victor in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

After becoming the captive of Satan, God became a human, from that time, God lost his omniscience and omnipotence. But as a man among people recovered as a consummator, the perfection, he is the almighty Savior.

For the Savior to appear in Korea, the tribe of Dan moved to Korea, the end of the earth, the corner of the land from Zora of Israel 3000 years ago. God let the tribe of Dan move to the northeast. So Korean people lived in the Ural-Altai mountains for hundreds of years.

Before Koreans went there, they used the Hebrew language. Koreans who used the Hebrew language went to the Ural-Altai mountain and had to trade with Altai people to live there from that time. So they learned the Altai language and used it continuously.

And Korean people moved toward Mongol again. Living there, again Koreans passed by Manchuria and crossed the Abrok River, settled by the riverbank of the Daedong River and founded Old Chosen there. Korean history book recorded the Old Chosen established 5000 years ago, but it was fabricated by those who did not know Korean history. Speaking correctly Korean history is 3000 years.

The Old Testament records that the tribe of Dan moved to the north east

The Book of Judges writes that the tribe of Dan transferred to the northeast. However, it does not say that they stay in Korea. However, it is sure that the tribe of Dan came to the Korean Peninsula.

Considering the customs of Korean ancestors, that Koreans are the tribe of Dan, Jew. Israelites paste the blood of rams on a door post on the Passover. When Israelites lived as slaveries in Egypt, Moses ordered Israelites to paste the blood of ram on the gate post.

The custom that ancestors of Korean stuck red bean soup on the gate post on winter solstice came from the tradition of Jew that paste the blood of rams on the gate post.

There were no accidents to each Israel family who coated the blood of ram on their gate post. All the eldest sons of the Egyptian people who did not paste the blood of rams on their gate post died. So Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, thought, “Moses is the man of God if he rejects the demand of Moses, all the people of Egypt will die called Moses,” and said, “take your people to the desert, perform ancestral rites and come back.”

When Moses led 600,000 Israelites to the desert, they faced the Red Sea, turning back, they saw Egyptian cavalries chasing them. Being urgent, Moses raised his stick and hit the Red Sea. Then the water of the Red Sea was divided and became walls. So all 600,000 Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

Still, there is an area named ‘Dan’ in Zora in Israel. As the ancestor of Dan’s tribe lived in the area, the name of the area became Dan. Still, people call the area Dan. Oriental history calls Korean people the race of Altaic languages. The people who learned Oriental history learned that Koreans are the race of Altai language. Later the language of Altai was developed and became the Korean language; it is sure that Koreans are a Jew.

It is very sorry that Koreans know neither their deep history nor the Savior who will open the new heaven and new earth.

Extracted from the sermon of the Savior in the Victory Altar on Feb 10th,2003
Translation: Angel Kim

A petition for lifting a control measure

Please regard this case as a matter of cardinal importance as if you are dealing with a worldwide drug ring. It is not exactly about heroin things but about false religion that decays human conscience; this is even worse than the drug.


Please lift the control measure that is suppressing the right to be informed about a declaratory judgment to the Fact Confirmation lawsuit over contents of a book ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ in London courthouse in 1982.

As the fabricated false religion is driving the world to the hell of terrors, wars in some part. While the spiritual adviser controls political/economic/social leaders from behind a curtain, people are suffering from poverty, discrimination, corruption in the other part of the globe.

Most importantly, the deceptive syndication oppresses the true Savior whom the Bible testifies.

This petition appeals to the British government to stay away from the false religion and lift the measurement which is protecting the fakes and allowing people keep exposed to it.

About the control measure

Three BBC reporters collected data about the man Jesus of Nazareth, televised them on BBC documentary over several sessions before publishing a book, ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’, in the early 1980s.

The book contains incredible findings of Jesus that are very different from those in the New Testament:
1) Pandira, a Roman soldier, raped Mary to give birth to Jesus
2) Jesus did not bear the cross but exiled to France
3) Jesus died at his age of 84
4) His tomb sits on a hill in Renne-Le-Shato, France
5) Many descendants of Jesus live in Europe

A group of Christian leaders filed a lawsuit to confirm whether the contents were facts to the London courthouse in 1982. The Christian judges surveyed thoroughly; they visited France to see the tomb and observed keenly. Many witnesses and evidence supported the new findings. Among them, Pierre Plantard of 26th direct descendants of Jesus brought their family tree and testified that Jesus did not die on the cross.

The judge could not make the decision by the time he supposed to complete the trial. He was at home on a week of sick leave before his head judge rung him to come to his office where the head judge scolded for his tardiness.

The judge asked for excuse his sentencing that against the Christian faith before announcing the contents were facts. He could not find counterevidence that proved the contents were baseless slander. It was true that Jesus was a bastard of Pandera, the Roman soldier. It was true that Jesus did not bear the cross. It was true that
he moved to France where lived until 84 years of his age.

The sentence took the Christian community in England into a panic; despair, rampage, arson, some people killed themselves. The British government worried the chaos spread all over the world and laid the control measure of preventing the lawsuit including the court decision from being released overseas and the UK.

However, many people already watched the BBC documentary and met the news of the court ruling. If you were among them, would you like to attend church service for your salvation? Well, it depends on you obviously, but churches today in England give you ordinary people’s answer. The answer seemed to stop attending church service, causes even hundreds of years old historical churches started to close down one after another.

The Bible supports the findings

Pilate sentenced Not Guilty (John 18:38), and there was no another trial. Rome a law-governed country would not execute anybody without conviction.
If the man on the cross were Jesus, he would not cry out “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46.) Jesus knew he would die and revive three days later, and he would not complain such. Therefore, even the Bible supports the practical foundings are correct either.

Side effects of the control measure

Although the necessity of urgent resolution to calm the social unrest down at that time is understandable, but the media control action which the British government chose was just putting off what should happen some time or other.

Covering up the facts, in this case, means protecting dangerous deception. It would be the worst crime than distorting history. Because the idea of religion could control people from top to bottom in any society, potential social unrests are growing with distrust and corruption.

The President’s private adviser scandal in South Korea on 27 November 2017 might be similar future of your nation. It might be different just in speed. Seoul shows the doom in Fast Forward mode.

The idea from lies is pretending the Savior, and this is what the British government allows actually. Now, what if the fake Savior with its established ring in politics, economic, mass-media, law enforcement system is suppressing the real Savior who to fulfill the prophecy in the Old Testament?

Half or full, this is the problem

Please allow me to say a little bit more of religious in some sections afterward.

For those Christian-used-to-be, if you have closed the Bible and given up, you are in the group of entirely deceived. You, your parents, their parents, and so on, got fooled over 1600 years.

If you understand that Church made Jesus as Savior with the fabricated stories in the New Testament, the Bible has still worth for you to open again. Because the Old Testament testify the Savior of nothing to do with Jesus, you still have the chance to find the true way, the truth, and the life. You will be guided to sit in the group of half deceived.

Guide to the Bible in a different perspective

The Bible is a spiritual book talking about God; the reader must treat the words in the religious book spirit or symbol. For example, a symbol God represents spirit which is a heart, but the Bible writers’ view of God mostly went too creative in imagination. The myth is a subset of theology which must be reasonable and scientific. Hence, the Bible is not perfect and contains messages from both God and Satan. Then how can we distinguish God’s words from others?

Look in the scroll of the LORD and read: None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate. For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit will gather them together. (Isaiah 34:16)

This verse has the key how we read and translate the Bible. His Spirit will gather those mates together to show the message from God. The words with mates-each-other-relationship will get across and reasonable.

However, Bible writers who wrote the New Testament completely misunderstood the spiritual book, translated the symbolic words into ordinary words before extending the false story of Jesus.

For example, Isaiah 7:14 reading “The virgin will be with child …” continued to the story of the Virgin Mary’s Holy pregnancy. Both words of virgin and child must be symbols to indicate the particular status of the heart. Another example, the idea of resurrection extended to the story of Jesus’s bodily revive which has been found to be fake at last. You must translate it to the spirit of God’s renewal in the heart.

About Bible

The scriptures of Judaism focus on the advent of Messiah, the Savior. John the Baptist initially mistook Jesus for the one who will come due to his wrong view of God that he thought God was up high in the air (Mattew 3:16~17, John 1:15.) After seeing what Jesus was doing overtime, John the Baptist had a strong suspicion if Jesus was the one (Matthew 11:3, Luke 7:19~20.)

Saul of Tarsus changed the name to Paul the Apostle taught the gospel of the Jesus to the first-century world, left many articles and letters. He also found insufficiency with the gospel of Jesus (1 Corinthians 13:9~10.)

The church came close to the most powerful politician, the Roman Emperor. Thanks to the symbiotic relationship with political power, Christianity could compose the Bible from the scriptures of Judaism for the Old Testament and most of Paul the Apostle’s letters for the New Testament in the fifth century. The Emperor needed a designed religion to rule the vast land of their colony, while Christianity holds the invisible throne, the King of kings. The Crusades (1099~1270) shown the identity of the corrupted ring in action.

Confessions from Jesus in the New Testament confirms that he was not the one saving the world: Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword (Mattew 10:34.) But if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you (Mattew 12:28). I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold on me (John 14:30.)

Purpose of the Bible

The Old Testament predicts the advent of Messiah and gives hints about it in aspects of its essence, when, where, how, what, sign, etc. You can find details from other articles, but I would like to brief about its essence.

Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other (Isaiah 45:22.) The essence of Savior is God itself, not a son of God or whatever else.

After God overcomes Satan which holds the power of death, God itself become the Savior, Victor Christ.

About Victor Christ

The essence of God and Satan is the spirit of a human being. Victor Christ is the God who overcome Satan.

Making it simple English, humanity has spiritual power which is the thinking. The spiritual power is the power of life, but man thinks this and that all the time because of the thinker controls do so. Especially when you want to get something that you can’t, anxiety, your thinking goes even nasty way. The changing in heart affects your blood which holds your life; it contaminates the purity of blood, in other words, it destroys your life by little. It causes not only careless accidents but also illness, aging and death in the long run.

After desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death (Jacob 1:15.)

The Bible uses a symbol of sin to explain the mechanism of mortality. So the sin can’t be translated to bad behaviors like stealing, but it should be the spirit that causes desire. As the thinker, ‘I’, self, the human soul desires, the consciousness of ‘I’ should be the sins. For the spirit of sin cause death, the representative sense of self is Satan.

Cho HeeSeung fought against his soul of ‘I’ by practicing against what he wanted and made a successful offering for God kill the Satan ultimately in the Milsil, the secret chamber, in 1980. So it is not the man Mr. Cho but the victorious God who overcome the Satan. Victor Christ within Mr. Cho spoken new words to us in Victory Altar.

The teachings of Victor Christ in mathematical notation

Man = Heart + Body;
here, Heart has the Power of Life, Body is the shape of Heart
Heart = {Spirit, Soul};
Soul is the most powerful spirit, self, that governs individual’s thinking and behaviours.
god = spirit = {power of life} X {power of death};
the power of life is God, the power of death is Satan. The product of the mixture forms character and body which is the shape of it, universe.
Heart of Adam & Eve = {God};
there was no power of death initially.
God < Satan;
Satan won God about 6000 years ago.
Heart of Adam & Eve = {God} + {The Forbidden Fruit};
The Forbidden Fruit is Satan.
∴ Heart of Adam & Eve = {Satan, God};
Contamination of Heart let their body changed into material mortal form. Adam = male, Eve = female
Human Soul = Self = Source of desire = Sins = Death = Satan;
the current controlling spirit of mankind is the cause of death.
God > Satan;
God has overcome Satan, and become the Victor Christ.
{Satan, God} – {Satan} = {God};
By killing the Satan, man is born again.

Regard everybody as yourself and see God from people around you! Regarding everybody as your God, regarding brothers and sisters fault as yours, regarding others situation as yours. These are the way overcoming the Satan in you.


Therefore, religion is not sinners’ worshiping God but is the work of God that removes Satan from human and turn them back to the original nature which lives eternal life thanks to the everlasting happiness.

Why are terrors and wars around the world?

Because there has not been real knowledge about humanity and God, people worship wrong God which come to be an idol. The real God is the human being as the Bible has it below.

I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High (Psalm 82:6.)


The fundamental of human civilization starts from the knowledge of humanity and God. Religion is the tool that deals with the basic knowledge. If the basic understanding is not correct, every other structure on top of it would also be not right. The effects of false religion would be so huge all over our lives.

When the false religion collapses by the real one, all other problems shall collapse too, and the humanity will forward to the new civilization. When people see God from people, they can’t do anything bad to others. Then, you don’t need to tell them to do good. You don’t have to ask them not to do bad. We don’t need peace talks either. Because it is a tree of God, its branches, leaves, and fruit also God.

Speaking in simple English, the God of Idol in the false religion is sitting at the top position in a hierarchical food chain. So man is not allowed to get closer to the top position. Because people with wrong knowledge projected the world of God on what they see with their naked eyes in this world, the world of the God of Idol is not much different.

However, in the world of real God, there is no other except God. So there is no ‘I’, no you, no desire, no class, no discrimination, no conflict, no death in the world of the One God. Please note the world is about to meet the real Messiah who guides the way apparently.

Please also note that protecting the false religion by suppressing media report about the Fact Confirmation lawsuit in 1982 will produce more victims and more pains in the inevitable chaos.

SeungSa Steve DS Shin
Victory Altar