Microbes breed in the rotten blood

The microbes outside the human body cannot affect man. The germs outside the body cannot come and live in the body. The environments inside the human body are very different from the outside conditions. For example, temperature, saltiness, chemical components, conditions of life and so on.

Therefore, the microbes outside the human body cannot live in the human body like freshwater fish cannot live in the sea. But most people including even the medical doctors think that microbes or virus living in like a cesspool affect men. This fact reveals what the actual state of modern medical science is. We see that only the darkness is ruling all over the world.

Now the Light has begun to shine in the darkness. According to Victor Christ, the pathogenic organ is just the human body. When blood comes to bad a lot owing to desire, the microbes breed in the contaminated blood, and the breeding microbes gnaw the organs of human body. As for the infection, noxious insects such as fly or mosquito infect a man with the bacteria having bred in another person’s blood. Therefore, the course of the disease is from man to man. But if the man infected with the virus have pure blood, the trespassing virus will be killed at once by white-blood-corpuscle. If not, he will fall ill and die in the long run.

On the other hand, the human being begins to secrete noxious hormone from the age of puberty, and the toxic hormone kills the cells one by one. But any physiological scientists do not know why the harmful hormone flows. They say that if they can remove the noxious hormone, man can live far longer.

To tell the truth, the secretion of noxious hormone is due to sexual desire. As the boy grows up, sexual desire comes up, and the harmful hormone which wars against the soul of life begins to secrete (1 Peter 2:11).


The vicious circle of decay

People say that spirit is one thing and the matter is another. But it is not true. They are rather one. The spirit is right the matter, and the matter is right the spirit. It is not materialism or spiritualism. Only we state the fact as it is. Therefore, mind and body interact intimately.

The evil heart bears putrid blood, and the decayed blood bears unreliable cells, and the unsound cells bear mortal body, and the human body bears the evil heart, and the evil heart bears stale blood, and the bad blood gives birth to microbes or viruses, and the bacteria or the viruses produce death. Therefore, it is not because of time and tide but because of the evil heart why man dies. Now that we have known the agent of death, we can overcome the death which is active in us. (2 Corinthians 4:12). If we do not stop the works of Satan, we are all the slaves of Satan. The works of Satan is just the destruction of life.

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