Come to the light of the Holy Spirit


Korean Meaning
1. 죄악 세상 이기신 하나님의 영광이
성령의 빛이되어 온우주에 비취시네
해와 달이 빛을 잃은
신천신지 새세상에
하나님의 영광의 빛
더욱더욱 찬란하네

*오라오라오라 형제들아
경배하세 만민들아
하나님의 빛을 향해

2. 마귀권세 박멸하고
기쁨만이 넘쳐나네
죽음의 고통도
늙어짐의 서러움도
세상근심 번뇌망상
모든 죄악 사라지고
썩을양식 필요없고
감로이슬 먹고사네 *


3. 천하만민 어버이신 구세주 하나님이
인간몸을 입으시고 이땅에 오시어서
의심많은 인간향해 오대공약이루시고
진리말씀 널리펼쳐 영생길로 이끄시네 *

1. The glory of God that overcame the sinful world,
Becomes the light of the Holy Spirit and shines
to the whole universe.
At the new world where the sun and the moon
lose their light,

The light of the glory of God is splendid more and more. *

Brothers, come toward the light of the Holy Spirit,
The whole mankind, let’s worship toward the light of God


2. After destroying the authority of Satan,
only joy overflows,
The pain of death, aging sorrow, the worldly worry,
agony, and delusion, and all sins disappear.
No rotten food is necessary;
people live on the Holy Dew Spirit *


3. The Savior God, the mother of all humans,
Came to the world in a human form came to the world
Toward the humans with a lot of doubt,
He has accomplished five covenants,
Spreading the truth, leads to the way of eternal life. *

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