TKC 3 – 1987-10-11

How hard living are you to come to this foreign country for 11,000-kilometres away?

Today, continuing from last week, this man would like to continue the sermon under the title, The Bible tells the human body’s secret not to die.

There are many different interpretations of this Bible today.

However, no one can interpret the Bible right unless one has received the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 34:16 has, “Look in the scroll of the LORD and read: None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate. For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit will gather them together.”

Therefore, it is impossible to find and match its mates in this Bible except those who receive the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, to determine whether someone is the protagonist of the Bible or not, the one who knows how to match the whole Bible is the main character of the Bible.

However, many Christianity branches interpret the Bible from their viewpoint; and analyze the Bible in their way, saying that they are orthodox.

However, if we examine these words of the Bible a little more deeply, there is no doubt that they are the words of God. Also, since these words of the Bible are the words of God, they are about God, not sinners.

About the theme, “The Bible tells the secret of the human body not to die,” What kind of existence man himself was initially, that man himself was God, are recorded in the Bible.

That means that Adam and Eve were in the image of God.

To be made in the image of God does not mean that they are like God, but that they are identical with God.

Because the kingdom of God is a unified world, and the kingdom of God is the kingdom of truth, there is truth in one, and therefore truth itself is God. There is faith in one, and in one, there is eternal life that never dies.

The Bible talks about eternal life verse by verse.

If you look at John 11:25, “He who believes in me will live even if he dies, and he who lives and believes in me will never die.” Also, in John 6:49, It is written that your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness and died, but whoever eats my flesh and blood will never die.

What does that mean? That means the human body does not die.

Also, as this man said last week, it is written that man will die for his sins and go to hell because of his sins.

When a person dies, he dies because of his sins, and he dies because he cannot solve his sins.

There is such an opposite meaning that we cannot die if our sins are resolved, but people who have not received the Holy Spirit read this Bible, so they do not know the true meaning of the Bible.

Therefore, this Bible is God’s word and expresses God’s will.

God’s purpose is recorded, and God’s will is recorded.

It is not just the saying that Adam and Eve took on the image of God. God says everyone “Walk in God.” It has the opposite meaning that the current spirit of self-consciousness of the ‘I’ is not the spirit of God.

Therefore, it is clearly stated in the Bible about the spirit of the self-consciousness of ‘I’.

Therefore, the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil. As this man said before, in James 1:15, “lust has conceived, and gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” Greed itself is sin, sin itself is death, and a man dies because of sin. Therefore, it is said that a man dies because of lust.

Therefore, greed itself is not greedy. Because the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is greedy, the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is a sin, and it means that the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil.

Therefore, the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil. But people who say “my soul will be saved” are those who do not know the true meaning of the Bible.

Because the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, the Bible asks people to born again of the Holy Spirit.

To be born again of the Holy Spirit means to be born again of the Spirit of God. To be born again of the Spirit of God means that you need to be restored to God, you need to become God to receive eternal life, and when you become God, God will live forever and ever.

Therefore, the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, and the self-consciousness of ‘I’ cannot enter the paradise of God.

Today, most people believe and say that the self-consciousness of ‘I’, which is soul, will enter paradise; but it is an unbiblical statement and an unbiblical idea.

From now on, you must update that thinking.

When a person dies, he dies because of sin.

Because sin is greed, and because the self-consciousness of ‘I’ that is the actual actor of desire is sin, people die because of the self-consciousness of ‘I’.

Therefore, “always forsake self”, the Bible has records, “to be born again by the Holy Spirit”, “you must be resurrected to be saved”, as well.

How about the resurrection? How are people talking about resurrection today? They say like when Jesus comes down from heaven, the grave is spread out, and the corpse is revived with bones and flesh and comes back to life.

If that is true, then this Bible verse would be about a sinner.

If those corpses who died of sins live again, it is a far cry from the words of the Bible.

Because the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, the man died because of the devil, the sin. Therefore, it is an erroneous view of the Bible that people who died of their sins live again.

Because the Bible is a spiritual book, the grave in “to be resurrected from the grave” is a spiritual grave.

What does the spiritual grave mean? The self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, the spirit of self is sin, the most powerful spirit in every individual is the spirit of death, the soul that controls each person is the spiritual grave.

Therefore, the spirit of life, the spirit of conscience, and the Spirit of God, who are trapped in the grave, removes the self-consciousness of ‘I’, overcomes the self, overcomes sin, overcomes the devil, overcomes death, breaks the grave. Then the spirit of conscience, the Spirit of God, must be ‘I’ to be resurrected.

It is God’s resurrection. Since it is a word about God, the theory of resurrection in the Bible is the word that God obtains the resurrection.

Therefore, those who today celebrate Easter with this resurrection theory and preach about the resurrection of the dead should study the Bible more deeply and learn from those who have received the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the words to be born again by the Holy Spirit and resurrected are the exact words.

The saying that salvation comes through faith is also the same with them.

As spoken last week, faith is a gift from God.

The gift that God gives to us is eternal life.

God gives eternal life as a gift, and God does not give anything else as a gift.

Therefore you must have eternal life, must not die. A heart that makes not to die, and the Spirit of God makes not to die, is faith. The Spirit of God that makes not to die is the spirit that overcomes the devil, the spirit that overcomes death, and the spirit that overcomes ‘I’ is faith.

Therefore, faith is resurrection, and resurrection is born-again.

Therefore, born-again and resurrection are not different things.

Born-again is resurrection, resurrection is faith, faith is salvation, and salvation is eternal life.

All of them mean the human body does not die.

Therefore, the purpose of the Bible is the purpose of God, the purpose of God is the will of God, and the will of God is the word of God.

Therefore, God’s word talked about eternal life, but all sinners have interpreted the Bible in the devil’s way.

That is why eternal life is not possible today.

Many people in this world say they believe in the Bible, but people who believe in the Bible interpret the Bible in a demonic way, and everyone is dying because they know it devilishly.

This man realized early on that the secret to not dying is clearly in the Bible.

For that reason, this man has spent his whole life struggling to destroy what ‘I’ am.

Therefore, A life that destroys what ‘I’ am. The Bible has that as soon as my thoughts and actions are moved according to my control, I sin. It is because the spirit representing ‘I’ is the devil.

What ‘I’ insisting is a sin. Whatever you do in your ‘I’ is a sin.

The Bible says you must walk in God.

Asking that to walk in God means that we are not walking in God now. So it means that we should not walk in the self-consciousness of ‘I’.

Everything ‘I’ do is a sin.

Therefore, to walk in God means for God to become the self-consciousness of ‘I’. Then, God thinks in God’s control, and God acts in God’s control. It is the point of the Bible, and it is the secret of the human body’s not to die.

Because ‘I’ is the devil, and ‘I’ is a sin, this man did not move according to his control. And he did not move as his ‘I’ liked but moved in the opposite direction throughout his life.

I did things I didn’t want to do, and if there were food I liked, I wouldn’t eat it.

If I wanted to eat something, I would not eat, and if I were sleepy, I would not sleep.

It was the opposite life.

Living the opposite life was terribly painful and very difficult.

However, since it is the word of God, he has put great efforts to put it into practice.

While evangelizing, sometimes aggressive people beat him hard, and this man did not shed tears because he was unfair but gave thanks.

This person is a person who has been evangelizing all his life.

Wherever this man went in Korea, he established a church and a school. The fact that he set up churches wherever he went means that there has not been a single day without his evangelism.

Because everything that ‘I’ think of is a sin, if I like it, it is a sin of fornication, if ‘I’ make a plan, it is a sin of fornication, and if ‘I’ pray, it is a sin because the devil prays.

Therefore, when this person prayed, God came and prayed to God. He chose this prayer method and prayed.

Since God has to come and pray, obeying God’s word is prayer; This man found that living according to the word of God is prayer.

Therefore, the Bible says that if you have lust in your heart, you have already sinned fornication.

This man was trying so hard not to sin in his heart.

Therefore today, this man is proclaiming to the world that the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, and the spirit controlling ‘me’ is sin, and the current human soul is the element of death.

Therefore today, people do not know that the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, the element of death, original sin, hereditary sin, and self-crime. That fact is the same as saying that they do not know anything about Bible.

There is a secret in this Bible that everyone does not die who knows the Bible, studies the Bible, or does not believe in the Bible, non-believer, Buddhist, etc. Since the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the element of death, the person does not die if the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is removed.

For that reason, I have to move sacrificially in my life, not moving as I want it to, but moving in the opposite direction.

The Spirit of God is a sacrificial spirit.

Since the Spirit of God is a sacrificial spirit, this man did the toilet cleaning that others did not want to do.

Also, this man had not eaten a single meal of an officer’s meal during his 11 years of service as a military officer in Korea.

This man always gave his officer’s meal, rice and meat soup, to the weak pawns. This man ate his meal, which has mostly barley and salt soup.

This person’s face is getting worse and worse, so the liaison officers were crying and telling this man to eat the officer’s meal only today. Still, the reason this man never ate the officer’s meal and ate the private’s meal was not to gain popularity among them.

For this person, to live obeying the words of the Bible, “love your neighbour as yourself”, “consider your brother’s pain like mine”, this is a sign of sacrificial efforts to obey God’s love and God’s merciful word.

No matter how good the word is, if you do not put it into practice, the word is a dead word, and therefore faith without exercise is the dead faith. There is a saying that only faith with performing is the faith with life.

Therefore, only when you practice will the life of the word move lively, and eternal life is with you. If you don’t put it into practice, the word becomes dead.

So what this man wants to tell you today is nothing else. Though, the Bible does not contain exact words about the change of blood through the heart and the transformation of the body through the mind. Some words are emphasizing the expression of having the heart of God.

When I put these words into practice, the extraordinary evidence that my blood changes and my body changes when I have the heart of God.

When this person turns 50, he does not sin in his heart, embraces God’s heart and lives a life of obeying God’s word. As this person’s urine continues to discharge blood, his heart changes.

No hot temper occurs. Also, lust does not arise. In addition, a healthy body has been achieved as it is now.

This person was born in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do. He was a farmer’s son, and when he was seventeen or eighteen years old, he got up carrying two sacks of rice, and village people said that here is a man of Herculean strength.

However, when this person turned 50, throughout receiving grace, and after receiving God’s permission to say “you have become an overcomer”, this person has carried three bags of rice.

To carry three bags of rice is equivalent weigh to have six sacks of cement.

Cement, as you all know, one sack weighs 40 kilos in Korea.

Each bag weighs 40 kilograms, so he carried six bags.

Therefore, since one bag of rice weighs 80 kilos, he carried three rice bags.

I carried three bags of rice at the age of fifty and took two bags of rice at the age of seventeen or eighteen, which is at my peak. Judging from it, I became younger.

It is said to be stronger and healthier.

That is not because this person himself is healthy.

It is proof that the Spirit of God was with him.

Today, when this person leads worship in Korea, the dew falls without limit.

Unlimited dew is pouring from this man’s eyes and his mouth.

So what does this mean? It is recorded in Hosea 14:5 and below that the dew is the Spirit of God.

It is written that I will be like the dew to Israel, and he will bloom like a lily.

There the “I” means God, and therefore “God to Israel” refers to the one who overcomes.

Therefore, the saying “I will be like the dew to the overcomer, and he who overcomes will bloom like a lily” is nothing but; here, the lily refers to the Savior.

Therefore, the one who pours out the Holy Dew is the Savior, and if you receive the Holy Dew, you cannot die.

Therefore, this Bible verse contains the secret of the human body’s not to die, but no one knows and explains this right.

Therefore today, God’s purpose is to build a world in which all people in this world will not die.

It is what the Bible says.

These words of the Bible are the words of the secret to not dying.

Therefore, if you have the heart of God, you will not die.

The secret to not dying is nothing else.

If you follow and practice the Bible, you will not die.

Although it is recorded in the Bible as the consciousness representing ‘self’ is sin. Without knowing this, most people practice and hopes like “to believe well”, “I want to enter heaven”, “I want to be saved”. But, That is wrong.

Today, in this Korean land, as this man said last week, the 100,000 believers have no one died over six years.

There is amazing evidence that many patients, such as Liver cirrhosis patients, Liver cancer patients, Stomach cancer patients, heart disease patients, diabetic patients, etc., are getting better and changing into an immortal bodies.

Not one person out of 100,000 died in six years.

The fact that no one died means that the work of eternal life is taking place.

Therefore, please check it out, and now our Victory Altar has a website.

Please, keep in touch and find more details and receive grace. This work is to save the whole of humanity.

Therefore, the amazing words of saving humanity worldwide are recorded in this Bible. And these words of the Bible are being spread all over the world, starting in Korea.

I’m going to tell you this much today because of time, and I will continue to talk about it next week.

Thank you all for watching.

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