TKC 2 – 1987-10-04

Hello, today, following last week, I would like to talk with you under the title of the Bible has the secret of the human body not to die.

The point of the Bible is to predict eternal life.

The word of the Bible is referred to as the word of God, but because most people has forgotten that it is the word of eternal life, this person, today, gives you a sermon under the title of “The Bible has the secret of the human body not to die.”

In the Bible, it is written that we shall be saved through faith.

However, some people misunderstand and teach faith as human belief.

It is written in Ephesians 2:8 that faith is a gift from God.

Therefore, faith is a gift from God and cannot come from a human.

Because the Bible say that we shall be saved through the gift from God, forcing people to believe is wrong; it is the work of those who do not know the Bible.

Faith is the gift given by God. Then, what is the gift that God gives to people? That is eternal life.

God gives the immortal life as a gift.

Therefore, eternal life itself is faith, and faith itself is eternal life.

What is eternal life? It is to be not dying.

In order not to die, life must overcome the power of death. It doesn’t make sense to say that life loses the fight against death and to be not dying.

Therefore, the Bible says that we shall be saved through faith, a gift from God who has won the fight against death. But today, no one knows it correctly.

Therefore, God’s gift is the victorious Spirit that overcomes death, the victorious Spirit of God, and the victorious heart of God.

God’s heart that overcomes death. The heart of God who overcomes death is the faith that gives eternal life, so it cannot be the believing heart of human sinners.

Therefore, faith = eternal life, eternal life = salvation.

Therefore, judging from the results that give salvation, it becomes faith. If faith does not provide salvation but let us die, considering the passage “die for sin,” it becomes “man die through faith”, so it is unbiblical.

Therefore, the faith in those words, “salvation through faith”, “eternal life through faith”, “enter heaven through faith”, indicates God’s heart, which is the gift from God, the heart that wins over the devil. Hence, it is saying that eternal life through the heart; the God’s spirit of defeating the power of death, defeating the devil and defeating the ‘I’.

Therefore, the Bible has so much detail and accuracy that you must overcome ‘I’, the devil, and death to gain eternal life.

However, since no one understands these words of the Bible, people in this world continue to die today.

Faith is a gift from God. You must receive the Spirit of God that is the gift from God. Even among the Spirit of God, it must be the spirit that overcomes the devil, the spirit that kills the devil, the spirit that overcomes ‘I’. That’s what faith is.

Nowadays, with the question of what faith is, people search the Bible in various ways and talk about it. Today, this man says that faith is the heart that overcomes the devil, the heart that overcomes ‘I’, the heart that overcomes death. God in you has to overcome your ‘I’, overcome the devil, overcome death, so the victorious God in you live forever and ever. Therefore, faith is the heart of God.

What is God’s heart? As this man said last week, “regard anyone as yourself.” It is a sin not to regard anyone as my body.

The teaching of “regard anyone as my body” is the word of removing the self-consciousness of ‘I’, and it is the secret of forsaking myself.

The foundation on which the self-consciousness of ‘I’ can stand disappears.

“Regard anyone as my body.” If anyone is not my body or is a made-up theory, it will not be relevant. In fact, “regarding anyone as my body” is not only biblical but also is the exact core of “love your neighbour as yourself, love your enemies.”

How could you prove that everyone is one body? Let’s think about where we born; we didn’t fall from the air.

We are all made of mother and father’s blood; mother and father were made of their grandparents’ blood; grandparents were made of their great-grandparents’ blood. When we keep trace previous generations, we find Adam and Eve’s blood.

Then, who would deny that all people on the earth are bodies made of God’s blood?

If so, we can only say that it is one blood.

One blood is one body; therefore, to compare it to a tree, a tree trunk has many branches that stretch east, south, and north for six thousand years. It is the same as saying that a branch extending to the East regards the branch extending to the west as a different tree.

Therefore we are one tree, one blood, one body. When all humanity regarded as one body, there will be no ground the devil’s spirit can stand.

“Regarding as one body” will not only be the truth. When the people of the whole world regarded as one body, the people of the world will become one. Also, man cannot sin.

People sin because of greed.

Greed arises when ‘you’ and ‘I’ are recognized separately. In the awareness that you are me and that I am you, desire cannot come out.

Hence, it is the secret to not sinning.

Today, people have said not to sin in the religious world, but no one has ever told us the secret to not sinning.

Therefore, this man, the son of Korea, has received the Spirit of God and is unsealing the Bible accurately.

Therefore, there is no need for a peace conference in the UN organization if all the world’s people today are regarded as one body. No law required; No need for police; We don’t need an army.

If everyone in the world lives with the ideology that everyone regards as one body, then communism or democracy will all become one.

The ideology will build Heaven on earth right here.

This heaven on earth is a world without war; the world without separating you and me; the world that cannot be sinning; Sin is the action of the devil.

As this man said last week, the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil and sin. Even though the Bible has it, no one knew this right away.

Therefore, when the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is completely removed, it is impossible to sin. And the world that is impossible to sin is impossible to die but live forever and ever.

As this said last week, greed rots blood. And because of the rotten blood, people get old. Also, due to the putrid blood, people get sick to die. “People cannot be greedy” means people’s blood cannot rot.

Therefore, it is scientifically proving that people cannot die.

Therefore, this is the secret that people cannot die; this person has been crying out new teaching in Korea for six years. Since six years ago, this man has built the Victory Altar of YoungSaengGyo, and about 100,000 believers all over the country now believe.

Over the six years, not a single one among them died.

The Bible says that its fruit recognizes a tree.

The realization of immortal life proves that the God of eternal life is with this person.

Therefore, it is a wrong idea to take it for granted that people in this world die.

Originally, humanity was an immortal being that could not die.

The proof is in the hearts of the people living today worldwide.

Everyone hates to die, the heart that hates to die even while dying; let’s ask from where the mind came.

The heart that does not want to die is the action of blood.

The action of that blood, where did it come from, it is from our ancestors.

Therefore, the blood of our ancestors, Adam and Eve, who lived in the immortal world from eternity to eternity. Because their blood flows through the bodies of their descendants, fear of the acquired death, the instinctive reaction wishes not to die occurs. Therefore, it proves that our ancestors were immortal.

Therefore, although the human body’s secret not to die is in the Bible, no one has unsealed and explained right. So the people of this world continue to die.

Even though they are dying like this, starting from the Victory Altar, its headquarters is in YeokGog, BuCheon-si, in Korea; over 100,000 members across the country are enjoying the amazing joy of not dying.

Also, older people get younger; for example, older people over 95 and over 90 restart menstruate, breasts get bigger again, grey hair turns black, and wrinkles straighten out. Such wonderous work is happening.

If there is anyone who criticizes this, it is the person who does not know the Bible.

The Bible predicts eternal life by saying, “The perishable does not perish, and the mortal does not die.” 1 Corinthians 15:52.

There is a saying in the Bible that God accomplishes everything even without the smallest letter and the minor stroke of pen missing.

Therefore, the perishable does not perish, and the mortal does not die. It is a fact that these words of the Bible are being fulfilled in Korea today.

That is why we cannot die even if we want to die.

The Bible said that people die because of sin, and sin is the devil’s servant.

The devil servant is a cub of the devil, that is the devil.

People die because it is the devil.

Therefore, because the devil occupied humanity, people are living under the control of the devil.

As for the evidence that the self-consciousness of ‘I’ is the devil, try hurt anyone’s pride; the temper comes out, the nervousness comes out; evil is coming from it.

A tree that bears evil fruit is the evil tree. It is enough evidence to prove the spirit of ‘I’ is the spirit of the devil, the evil.

Therefore, the conscience that is the Spirit of God is a good heart, a good heart is a good spirit, and a good spirit is the Spirit of God.

This conscience, which is the spirit of God, is being imprisoned in the devil’s prison.

This good heart conscience being imprisoned in the devil’s prison is the Spirit of God.

Most people think that God is at the top in the air and pray while looking up at the sky, but these are people who do not know the Bible.

Ephesians 2:2 says a devil is at heaven at the top of the sky, and Ephesians 6:12.

The ruler of the kingdom of the air is the spirit who works in those who are disobedient. The spiritual forces of evil are in the heavenly realms. Ephesians 6:12.

Also, Luke 10:18 has, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

Then there is the devil in the air at the top of the sky.

Then to whom are those who pray while looking at the top of the sky to pray?

Therefore, the dwelling place of God is in man.

Luke 17:21 has, “nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you.” Also, a gospel has, “wherever God is; there is the kingdom of God.”

Putting these two words together, does it mean that the spirit of God is in the top of the sky or is it in humanity?

It is written in the Bible that there is God in the heart of humanity.

Therefore, we should treat people as God; ignoring or hating people is hating God and opposing God.

Therefore, how could we know that the word that the Spirit of God dwells in man is the truth? The blood of our ancestors made our humanity.

The supreme ancestor is God. Therefore, the blood of God is in us.

The blood of God is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is the blood of God. Therefore, the word of the Bible that God is in man is the word of truth.

People in this world today think that God is at the top of the sky and say that God sends rains even when it rains.

Therefore, the dwelling place of God is in humanity.

This man told you last week that God is in man; the Bible told people to be born again by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the spirit of God; it means to be reborn as God.

To be reborn as God means that the spirit of God is imprisoned in the devil’s prison.

God is imprisoned in the devil’s prison; the saying for God to be released from the devil’s prison; is what it means to be born again by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, free the spirit of God from the devil’s prison!

Therefore, the Bible has been unsealed that God does not die and enjoys eternal life when God is released from the devil’s prison.

Therefore, these words of the Bible are about God, not sinners.

Those words about God.

For the spirit of God who is stuck in people, to get out of the spiritual prison, and by maintaining the kingdom of God forever and ever, then live in glory forever and ever. It is what the Bible wants to say.

Therefore, man today was initially God, but six thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were taken over by the devil and became God imprisoned in the devil’s prison.

That is why God, who had been imprisoned in the devil’s prison for six thousand years, worked tirelessly to get free and come out.

There are people today who say that God is Omnipotent and Almighty.

If you read the Bible assuming that God is Omnipotent and Almighty, mysteries will block the entire Bible.

Why did Almighty God allow the world to become the devil world?

Also, if the apple of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a fruit, even though you know that if they eat that fruit, they will die. But why you left the fruit in the Garden of Eden? The Almighty God will face the questions.

Therefore, by understanding that the true nature of the Forbidden Fruit is the devil, the entire Bible is unsealed.

Therefore, the Forbidden Fruit is the devil, and the devil possesses the spirit of God.

The story reads like; because Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit, God cursed them and made them die, and they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. You know what? That is wrong.

Saying that Adam and Eve were in God’s image means Adam and Eve were filled with the Spirit of God, and that means their self-consciousness of ‘I’ were the Spirit of God. Therefore, if Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit, even the God in Adam and Eve ate the fruit.

If Adam and Eve had to die from eating the forbidden fruit, let Adam and Eve die and create an updated version of righteous Adam and Eve from dust, not just one, but two, three, four, ten, hundred, thousand, endlessly. If the Almighty God made the righteous countlessly from the dust, this world would not be sinful.

The theory of ‘Almighty God’, therefore, implies God is responsible for this sinful world.

Because the devil took over God, and God Himself was imprisoned in the devil’s prison, even if the world became the devil’s, God was helpless. By saying so, only then should the merciful God, the loving God, be imprisoned in the devil’s prison, so he was helpless even he noticed that the world turns into the devil’s world. By saying so, the entire words of the Bible revive and speak those hidden.

God was imprisoned in the devil’s prison 6,000 years ago. It is predicted in the Bible that the God who was detained was to overcome the devil and come out as a Victor in Korea for the first time in six thousand years.

Revelation, chapter 2 and chapter 3 have predictions about the overcomer. God will give the one who overcomes the fruit of life to eat. God will make the overcomer a pillar in the temple of God; never again will he leave it. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death. God will never blot out his name who overcomes from the book of life. To him who overcomes, God will give some of the hidden manna. God will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

To him who overcomes, God will give authority over the nations.

To him who overcomes, God will give authority over the nations. He will rule them with an iron sceptre and will also give him the morning star.

The word in Revelation 3:21 is written, “He who overcomes will sit with God on God’s throne.”

This verse does not mean that there is one who overcomes, and there is another God.

In the Bible, there is a saying that I must be in God, and God must be in me, to be saved.

The saying means that God and man should unite and become one. It’s about becoming God, so it is saying that all people should be God. It does not mean that there is a person, and there is a God.

God and man unite to become God and return to the original state of God.

Therefore, God is the overcomer, and the body restored to God’s kingdom by killing the sinner’s spirit and occupying the sinner is called the one who overcomes.

Hosea 14:5 says, “I will be like the dew to Israel, and he will bloom like a lily.”

What does this mean, “I” is God, and “Israel” is the Hebrew word, which translates as the one who overcomes.

There is a verse saying that God is with those who overcome like dew.

Therefore, to become like the dew means that dew falls on the altar where the overcomer stands.

Jehovah God promised through the prophet Hosea that he would become dew and be with the overcomer.

Therefore, it is written that God will be like the dew to him who overcomes, and he will bloom like a lily.

What does lily mean? It is found in the chorus of the 88th hymn.

“He’s the Lily of the Valley ~ “, in the refrain of the hymn, you know?

“The saviour is the Lily,” therefore, the one who overcomes, who pours out the Holy Dew is the saviour. It is recorded in Hosea 14:5 and below.

No one can unseal the hidden in the Bible except the real Savior.

The Savior is the one who solves sins.

If the Savior solves your sins, you will not die.

The Bible promises that the one who is without sin will not die.

He cannot be a saviour if he does not know what sin is.

The Savior is the one whom the Holy Dew Spirit falls.

So, in Korea, the Holy Dew Spirit falls like clouds from the Victory Altar.

The Holy Dew Spirit falling like clouds is always falling.

Therefore, whenever this person stands on the pulpit, this dew keeps pouring down, and those who receive the grace of this dew become younger, and those who receive the grace of dew are changing their mortal bodies into immortal bodies.

Therefore, today, this work of eternal life, this work of the Bible, is taking place in Korea.

Therefore, in Isaiah 41:1~9 in the Bible; Be silent before me, you islands! God will stir up a righteous from the east. God hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him. I took you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I called you.

A righteous person is being called out from the East; what does that mean? The Savior comes from the East.

It is recorded in the Bible that saviour will come out in Korea, a country from the East and the corner land at the ends of the earth.

If so, what kind of nation are our Korean people? The Korean people are a nation of the Dan tribe.

Korean are indeed a Dan people of Israel.

Who is the man named Dan? Dan is the eldest son of Jacob’s wife.

Jacob’s eldest son Abraham inherited his eldest son Isaac.

Therefore the God of Abraham was transferred to the God of Isaac. The God of Isaac was moved to the God of Jacob.

Therefore, following the precedent of ancestors, Jacob also transferred his God to the eldest son of his wife.

The descendants of the Dan tribe, who holds the god of Dan of Jacob of Issac of Abraham, migrated eastward from the land called Sora in Lebanon to the Korean land about 3,000 years ago.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Korean people are the Dan tribe.

They like to wear white clothes, and when people die, they wear sackcloth and weep. These are all the same as the people of Israel.

Building stone altars and offering sacrifice; when you visit Korea, you will see stone altars for every grave in the mountains.

That is the same as the saying that the people of Israel built up stone altars and held sacrifices when they were offering.

Even in an encyclopedia, an article has that skulls of ancient Israel are identical to those of the Koreans.

Korean are the nation of Israel among the Israelites; the descendants of Dan, who are the eldest grandchildren of God, were hidden in this Korean land.

Because it is the nation from which the Savior comes.

Therefore, a saviour is to come out of these people, and the whole world is to be saved soon.

Since this Korean people is a great nation and a saviour is coming out, this man hopes you will recognize this truth with pride and receive this grace and be saved.

Saying with that concludes today’s sermon.

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