Nature of the forbidden fruit

The Forbidden FruitThe Bible records “one came to know good and evil since they ate the forbidden fruit.”

Before plucking the forbidden fruit and eating it, Adam and Eve wore the image of God, they were filled with the spirit of God.

As the spirit of God is a good one, He could not but know good things.

Also the Bible says, “God created all things for 6 days, they looked good.”

As before plucking the forbidden fruit and eating it, they looked at only good things, it means that they knew good things.

Due to eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve did not come to know good and evil at the same time, they came to know evil more.

That is, the forbidden fruit is the mind that enables one to know evil over good more. The mind that knows evil is an evil mind, an evil mind is the spirit of Satan. Therefore, the forbidden fruit is Satan.

From that time, the forbidden fruit, Satan, became the controlling spirit that rules humans.

Therefore, the forbidden fruit is consciousness of ‘I’ in present humans.

Reading the Bible, one first calls questions about the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

If the word that the cause of humanity’s death and pains is because Adam and Eve plucked and ate the forbidden fruit, we come to face some questions derived from here.

Geneses records that Adam and Eve plucked and ate the forbidden fruit. They were cursed from God and were driven from the Garden of Eden to suffer pain and death on generations to generations.

However how dare Adam and Eve who received God’s life and who God himself created broke His order?

If the snake seduced and caused the tragedy, who made the snake? Does the man who created the snake have the fundamental responsibility?

Also did very good God impose a severe punishment generation to generation without forgiving one time’s fault.

Also, if God had been omniscient and looked in the future in advance, he would have known that Adam and Eve would eat the forbidden fruit.

Then couldn’t he cut the tree? Couldn’t God kill the snake that seduced his children to commit sin before the accident happened?

And from the beginning, if he did not create the forbidden fruit tree, that would not happen.

Considering all these things, we cannot but attribute the responsibility to God that caused the tragedy of humanity.

However, this assumption came from the supposition that God was almighty. If God was not omniscient and omnipotent, that is, if we think that he could not defeat Satan that is the basis of evil, all those questions are solved.

Since the accident of the forbidden fruit, God revealed his plans in several places in the Bible that he would destroy Satan and rebuild the Garden of Eden.

God emphasized 7 times in Revelation that he waited for the advent of the Victor who can annihilate Satan.

This makes us presume that God did not defeat Satan and further God lost to Satan.

And since God was defeated to Satan, if God raised the Victor to overcome Satan for 6000 years, also it makes us think until the Victor recovered this world from Satan, Satan ruled this world.

If the assumption is true, God could not but record his strategy and tactics secretly to save his children, humanity, in order for Satan not to notice.

Thinking of Genesis in the Bible from several aspects, we came to realize new facts that we did not know.

That is, God secretly recorded the important problems about the creation of the universe, the birth and tragedy of humanity, and their salvation and immortality in the Bible.

Also God would make his important secrets not be noticed by sinners, humanity that their controlling spirit is Satan.

After God, the hero of the Bible, completes his power to kill Satan, only if the end of times when God saves humanity comes, God himself was supposed to reveal his secrets.

Before the time if we interpret the Bible, speculation and theories dance wildly. So far, how many wrong interpretations of the Bible have there been!

Presently many religious groups of Christianity are insisting that their interpretation are correct because their doctrines are suitable to the will of God and are hostile to each other.

Knowing that the controlling spirit of humanity is Satan, we can see that such a phenomenon is natural.

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