Laughing is the natural cancer cure

Script: Laughing cure even cancer

By means of your heart your blood changes.

This man has been telling so from 23 years ago and also told you that laughing cures illness, didn’t you?

On television in these days people on television say laughing cures illness like cancer, don’t they?

They fall behind 23 years to tell it as this man said so 23 years earlier.

If man laugh, it cures deadly illness. If you live with cancer, try laugh in front of a mirror everyday. Cancer shall disappear without your recognition.

As cancer is believed to be a deadly, some people afraid of it. But, if you laugh, you will be cured clearly. Whatever illness it might be, if you laugh, you shall be cured.

Walking backward cure arthritis

And one more thing, for people living with arthritis walk backward from today.

By walking backward (in safe place) arthritis shall be cured.

Opposite way of living kill Satan and bring God wining

You were asked to live opposite way of living in Victory Altar.

Opposite way of living means that if I want to eat cooked rice, eat cooked barley, and if I want to eat meat, eat lettuce. It is a living against what I want, so if I hate someone, like him sincerely, love him sincerely.

By living so, your blood changes. Changes in blood changes facial figure. Your face shall become lovely, do you understand?

An old becomes a young, saying a woman with dense wrinkles becomes younger to be a lovely looking girl’s. Do you understand? Don’t say you would marry again, when it happens.

An opposite way of living in the Bible

Laughing is a natural cureIn a Bible, which book was it?

Ah, Jeremiah chapter 16 says “You must not marry, or will die.  Giving birth sons and daughters, their dead bodies will become food for the birds and the beasts.”

Death itself is a grudge, however, it would be worse than nasty that animals come and eat the dead body, wouldn’t it? It sounds creepy, isn’t it?

In fact, cultivating oneself religiously prohibits getting marry, because man was originally God. Getting marry is what Satan plays. It is Satan’s activities.

That is why God prohibit getting marry in Jeremiah chapter 16. The Old Testament has it, so does the Buddhist’s scriptures. Monks in Buddhist temples don’t marry, do they? Do you know why?

It is written in the Buddhist scriptures. It prohibits them from getting marry. They can’t marry because it is prohibited in their scriptures.

For those who already get married

“What should I do as I already got married?” There are people who ask a question like that and I will answer to it right now.

Doing things that married couple do, you may stop doing that from the moment you hear this words. Do you understand?

You don’t have to fight for separated room. While bride and broom share a room, you can still live together without doing things that married couple do. Yes, you can, can’t you?

“Oh my god, It is a big trouble to go to Victory Altar as it prohibits the fun life.” It sounds like that if you want to die, do live as you wish. If you do not want to die, however, keep the words as written as Jeremiah chapter 16. Do you understand?

By keeping God’s words, you would not die, if not, you must die. You may test whether you die or not by living worldly life of man. It is certain that you will die. Do you understand?

God asked that you must not marry. So we must keep God’s words and follow the order of God, don’t we?

You replied ‘yes’ in a big voice, didn’t you? Don’t you dare! This man can’t hit whose skull to kill don’t keep the words. It is committing a murder and they will send this man to prison. If this man wish to live in prison, he might kill someone, but .. By law, if you kill someone, you will get punishment for that, don’t you? Not because of that, but we have to keep God’s law, haven’t we? We have to obey God’s law, haven’t we?

Christianity is an imitation

People get marry in the Churches, don’t they? Therefore, Is the Christianity a fake or a genuine? As it is an imitation, it does wedding in church, doesn’t it?

Though Bible has words saying you must not marry, if people carry out weddings in churches, it would be the same meaning for everyone get marry, wouldn’t it? yes or no?

What I mean is that you must live as God’s words in Bible. This man is not asking you must not marry. But telling you that you must keep God’s words in Bible. As it is written in the Bible, isn’t it?

By living as God’s words you shall be able to pass through the full path to become the completion which is immortal.

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