Evidences tells Korean is Israelite

Based on archaeological discovery and traditions, it is certain that Korean is Israelite.

Script: Korean is Israelite who used ancient Hebrew

Roof tile with Hebrew supporting Korean is Israelite
The roof tile that was found from Daedong river basin has ancient Hebrew

In a worry of your disbelief in the true Messiah, this man made the 5 great pledges.

Before making the 5 great pledges this man asked, “why don’t you go to the museum,” didn’t he? “You will find roof tiles that discovered from the DaeDong river basin there.” “You can take a photograph those roof tiles.” He did so, didn’t he?

And a group of young people did so and brought those photographs to this man.

This man said that It was Hebrew language on those roof tiles discovered from the DaeDong river basin.

As you people tend not to believe my translations, however, this man told you that it would be better to show them to a third-party expert. And asked you to show them to Prof. Dr. Shin in Seoul National University, didn’t he?


Victor Christ knew all and guided us what to do

Prof. Dr. Shin examined those photographs and concluded that patterns in the roof tiles were ancient Hebrew and could be translated like followings.

“Arrived” for the first one, “Let’s unite and enter the Kingdom of God” for the next one, and “It will be recovered for believers coming together and prey.” Prof. Dr. Shin told them so, didn’t he?

Roof tile with ancient Hebrew supporting Korean is Israelite
The roof tile with ancient Hebrew found near the capital city of the ancient nation of Korea strongly supports Victor Christ’s teaching of Korean is Israelite.

They heard Prof. Dr. Shin’s conclusion and wrote that down. And when they came to this man’s office to report what they had found, said;

“This man already told you that It was not Chinese, neither French, nor English.” “This man told you It was Hebrew before you came to see Prof. Dr. Shin, didn’t he?”

They replied “Yes, you were right.”

As it matched to what this man said, the group of young people started to believe.

“Wow, there is no doubt, He must be a Messiah with no doubt,” then they started to believe, didn’t they? Was it what happened or not?


Korean traditions in the Bible tells Korean is Israelite originally

Our ethnic group race is Israelite.

This man tells you evidences that our ethnic group race is certainly Israelite.

Only Korean wear sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral, don’t we?

Only Korean and Israelite put on sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral.

It is written in the Bible, saying when man die Israelite put on sackcloth and weep.

Israelite received words from God and wrote them by their hands, before it came to be the Bible, didn’t it?

That is why Korean tradition is written in the Bible like wearing sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral, and using stones to build altar to offer sacrifice, isn’t it?

So, is Korean surely Israelite, or are we Korean cannot be Israelite?

We Korean is Israelite surely, isn’t it?

Another perfect evidence that support the fact is that on the day of winter solstice, Korean cook red-bean gruel to eat. But in the past just not very long ago we applied them on doors and doorposts, didn’t we?

Israelite still carry out their tradition on the day of Passover which is they apply sheep’s blood on doors and doorposts, don’t they?

However, In Korea as we don’t have sheep’s blood, as we don’t have sheep, we used red-bean gruel which was similar in color with sheep’s blood.

We cooked the red-bean gruel to carry out the Passover tradition.

Does that make sense or not?

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