The New Heaven and New Earth

The new heaven and earth is a world of a bright light

When the Savior comes and annihilates Satan, the sun will become dark, and the glory light will come on the face of the Savior. At that time, as shade and darkness will disappear, there will not be nights. So the new heaven and new earth where one does not sleep will be open.

If one receives a bright light, their fatigue will disappear. A bright light dissipates the spirit of Satan. So everybody will be recovered as Gods.

First, the followers of the Victory Altar will be recovered as Gods, next, Koreans, and then the people of the world will be improved as God because their sin will be annihilated by the light of the Savior, their consciousness of ‘I’ will disappear,

If the consciousness of ‘I’ disappears, the body of humans will be changed. Because the spirit of Satan came into the body of God, the body of a human was created. Therefore, if the spirit of Satan is removed, the body of a person will disappear and will be changed into Gods. Then people are supposed to fly; everything will be done as they think.

At that time, as they will not be humans, but they will be Gods, all things will be done as they think. If people want to eat apples, apples will be in front of them. If people want to eat cake, it will be in front of them. Like this, in heaven, all things will be accomplished as people want.

In Heaven, there are neither old people nor young people. As people change into Gods, they will become the bodies of 17 years, and they can go to the moon as they want.

It will not take a long time in flying. In this world, every second gets together, makes one minute, every minute gets together, make an hour. But Heaven is not like that world, time and space do not exist in Heaven. Therefore, it will not take a long time to go to the moon or stars. It will not take even a second to go to the moon.

The life of the world without time does not get resistance. When one flies in the air, they receive resistance, but one does not gain resistance to the wind in heaven. Everything will be done at the moment as one wishes. One can go and come back in a moment.

Comrade, when one takes a fast train or plane, they feel pleased. As it is now, if one becomes God and lives in the world without time, they feel delightful, which is beyond expression. Living in delight is, that is, living in happiness beyond expression, that is the living of Heaven.

That is, only very lucky people come to the Victory Altar. Only the offspring of ancestors who led a life of virtue from generation to generation were supposed to come to the Victory Altar. Everybody can not come to there. So are you happy or not? Although you are happy, why don’t you laugh? If you laugh after hearing ‘laugh’, it is wrong.

In fact, laughter is a natural phenomenon. If you come to the Victory Altar, you should laugh naturally. If one comes to the Victory Altar, the sin in them is dissipated, sin being dissipated means that consciousness of ‘I’ in them, that is, the spirit of Satan, the Forbidden Fruit, disappears. However, Christianity does not know the Forbidden Fruit is consciousness of ‘I’.

The Advent of the Savior among the tribe of Dan

The Bible says that the Savior appears in Korea. Also, the Buddhist Scriptures write the same. According to Isaiah 41 of the Bible, “Be silent, before me, you islands! Who has stirred up one from the east, called him in righteousness to his service? He hands nations over to him and subdues kings before him. He turns them to dust with his sword, I will take you from the ends of the earth, from its farthest corners I call you.”

Eastern countries are Korea and Japan, as the Bible says ‘be silent’, it means that from Japan, the Savior will not appear. The Bible says that all the king of the world will succumb before ‘the righteous man of the East’, the righteous man of the East is the almighty, he is the Victor in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

After becoming the captive of Satan, God became a human, from that time, God lost his omniscience and omnipotence. But as a man among people recovered as a consummator, the perfection, he is the almighty Savior.

For the Savior to appear in Korea, the tribe of Dan moved to Korea, the end of the earth, the corner of the land from Zora of Israel 3000 years ago. God let the tribe of Dan move to the northeast. So Korean people lived in the Ural-Altai mountains for hundreds of years.

Before Koreans went there, they used the Hebrew language. Koreans who used the Hebrew language went to the Ural-Altai mountain and had to trade with Altai people to live there from that time. So they learned the Altai language and used it continuously.

And Korean people moved toward Mongol again. Living there, again Koreans passed by Manchuria and crossed the Abrok River, settled by the riverbank of the Daedong River and founded Old Chosen there. Korean history book recorded the Old Chosen established 5000 years ago, but it was fabricated by those who did not know Korean history. Speaking correctly Korean history is 3000 years.

The Old Testament records that the tribe of Dan moved to the north east

The Book of Judges writes that the tribe of Dan transferred to the northeast. However, it does not say that they stay in Korea. However, it is sure that the tribe of Dan came to the Korean Peninsula.

Considering the customs of Korean ancestors, that Koreans are the tribe of Dan, Jew. Israelites paste the blood of rams on a door post on the Passover. When Israelites lived as slaveries in Egypt, Moses ordered Israelites to paste the blood of ram on the gate post.

The custom that ancestors of Korean stuck red bean soup on the gate post on winter solstice came from the tradition of Jew that paste the blood of rams on the gate post.

There were no accidents to each Israel family who coated the blood of ram on their gate post. All the eldest sons of the Egyptian people who did not paste the blood of rams on their gate post died. So Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, thought, “Moses is the man of God if he rejects the demand of Moses, all the people of Egypt will die called Moses,” and said, “take your people to the desert, perform ancestral rites and come back.”

When Moses led 600,000 Israelites to the desert, they faced the Red Sea, turning back, they saw Egyptian cavalries chasing them. Being urgent, Moses raised his stick and hit the Red Sea. Then the water of the Red Sea was divided and became walls. So all 600,000 Israelites crossed the Red Sea.

Still, there is an area named ‘Dan’ in Zora in Israel. As the ancestor of Dan’s tribe lived in the area, the name of the area became Dan. Still, people call the area Dan. Oriental history calls Korean people the race of Altaic languages. The people who learned Oriental history learned that Koreans are the race of Altai language. Later the language of Altai was developed and became the Korean language; it is sure that Koreans are a Jew.

It is very sorry that Koreans know neither their deep history nor the Savior who will open the new heaven and new earth.

Extracted from the sermon of the Savior in the Victory Altar on Feb 10th,2003
Translation: Angel Kim

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