Victor Christ saved Gorbachev just before he was shot

When the Soviet Communist Party was disbanded, and a democratic government was established, there was a coup d’etat to protect communism.

High-ranking Communist Party officials and the army staged a coup and imprisoned Gorbachev.

On the second day of incarceration, when tanks occupied the Kremlin Square, the atmosphere for the failure of the reforms was heightened. The victorious saviour said from the podium, “Gorbachev will soon be released.”

On the third day of detention, the moment the three leaders of the coup d’etat were about to kill Gorbachev, the victorious saviour appeared on the scene with a big body, gave a command and disappeared. The leaders of the coup were terrified and fled.

Gorbachev, who was alone in the room, opened the door and was released from confinement without anyone else’s saving efforts.

At this time, in the Kremlin Square, the citizens were destroying the forces of the coup by bringing out the tank pilots.

The attached video has Victor Christ’s explanation that appeared in front of the coup leaders and exactly shouted out.

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