Principle of eternal life

1Once you have understood that according to your mind, blood would be changed then body would be changed; It is natural to understand that according to God's mind, blood would changes to God' blood, then body would changes to God's body. But people who don't believe this are really hopeless lives.

2Therefore, it will become God's blood and God's body. God's body is not the one like this, so all those organs such as intestines, heart and blood will gone to turn into the Spiritual Object of glorious God. This man explained it scientifically to you people already.

3Originally, Adam and Eve, who are the ancestor of human, had been in God's image, but at the very moment when they were captured by Satan, their body changed into Satan's image.

4Adam and Even, who had been in God's image were not in those forms of male and female; But at the very moment when they were captured by Satan, their body were changed into male and female, and also were changed the all such as trees, flowers into male and female, which is the world of Satan; And the all began to live under the law of Satan.

5Therefore, the principle of relativity, by Einstein, is the law of nature in the human world; The law of nature in the human world indicates the law of this world; For this world is belong to Satan, the law of this world means the law of Satan.

6Therefore, one must free from the law of Satan, and must follow the law of God. The law of God does not go with negative and positive. At the very moment man senses negative and positive, the man already has been eaten by Satan, already has become the son of Satan, already has been in the Satan.

7Nowadays, people say that God created the negative and the positive, but it is not true. They are from Satan.

8God is not the god of the negative and the positive but is the god of one object; God has only one characteristic; So man must keep God's mind that has no sex, that does not sense male and female to return back to the God, which is man's original form.

9Therefore, the world of eternal life is the world of one object where no male and no female are. While the world where male and female are is right the world of perish. Therefore the seed of perish is right the negative and positive. For this reason, when plus and minus meet together leaves dissipation of energy.

10The happening that dissipate energy as negative and positive meet together, itself means destruction, doesn't it? Hence, these negative and positive is the seed of destruction and the seed of death.

11As the seed of death is negative and positive, negative and positive is right the characteristic of Satan, when man's mind changes into the one that could not sense male and female, the man could become God.

12This man already told you that the basic of salvation is God. And the Kingdom of God is wherever God is. When this word is restored to its original status. The word "the Kingdom of God is wherever God is" means that only God can live in the Kingdom of God.

13This means that by returning back to God gains the salvation, and that by returning back to God receives the citizenship that allows to live in the Kingdom of God forever. If fails to return back to God, the failed cannot get the citizenship, and cannot live eternal life.

14Therefore, you must trash away the way of thinking that believes in "I could become God and I could enter the Kingdom of God."

15The thing 'I' is the Satan. Satan is the spirit of death that must be killed; So the 'I' must be killed as soon as possible and then the Spirit of God, the Spirit of eternal life should occupy the 'I' and when God replaces the 'I', then and not till then, the Spirit of God lives eternal life and the Spirit of God lives in the Kingdom of God, only the Spirit of God lives forever in the utopia with absolute pleasure and delight.

16One should have qualification to play its role even in this world. Like the one who don't have qualification for doctor cannot act as a doctor, one must be qualified to live forever before entering into the Kingdom of God.

17The qualification, the Bible says "born again of the Holy Spirit", is right the returning back to God to get the salvation.

18In man's heart, it rises instinctively that want or pursuit of eternal and longing for the happiness. The reason why this instincts rises is that inside man, there flows blood that comes from our ancestors who had lived such life forever.

19God, Adam and Eve, who was the ancestor of human being, had lived eternal life in absolute happiness and pleasure, then had been captured by Satan 6000 years ago; Based on the inertial habits, Their descents, men, wish to live forever, to live in happiness and are longing for pleasure, but they are going to die in the end.

20Though no one has archived the happiness pursued and no one has enjoyed the pleasures longing for, The God's descendants till today continuously pursue and long for them instinctively.

21By using such instinctive, Jesus, the Satan, and Shakyamuni, etc have been cheating the world saying that the dead man's soul could live eternal life in the Kingdom of God or in the Paradise after death, only if they believe in them.

22That is not only lacking of logic but also against the Bible because the death is caused by sins and the sinner's soul could never enter the Kingdom of God.

23Only the one who could live forever can enter the World. Those people are hopeless who pay no attention to such words that showing the certain way: if you keep God's thinking continuously, the soul would changes into God's, the blood would changes into God's, the body would changes into God's, then finally the whole would return back to God.

24Whatever work you are doing, living in this world is all same; But as the truth is saying- if you have God's thinking, you could return back to God- you must be the man who lives in God's thinking.

25To have God's thinking, looking into God and long for God in all time, regarding brother's fault as mine, regarding brother's circumstance as mine, regarding brother's body as God's, and treating myself as the slave of slaves, this man have already talked the way of living to you people. This is right the God's thinking.

26For God's thinking is the unified thinking, there is no separated idea of you, but my body, everyone is God's body, the Higher's body, a single body.

27If regarding brother as God's body, as I am in God, having the thinking of regarding brother as God, regarding brother's fault as mine is right God's thinking.

28Even though there are so many people; As those 4.8 billions of people are all God's incarnations, as all of them have God's Life, God's thinking is regarding everybody as own body.

29This is right the God's thinking, therefore, the one, who regarding everybody as myself, could be called "The one has God's thinking."

30Therefore, "entrust whole of me to God", "put entire efforts for the living that is leaded by God", "always think about how could make God pleased." Those are the secrets of having God's thinking, as this man has been talking to you people many times.


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