You are here to find the way do not die


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This presentation helps you to maintain the main topic without losing direction, as it is so broad and profound.

The main subject is Eternal Life

You heard right! As we have the Great Pioneer who have archived it, the secrets can be uncovered here.

Please read carefully following skeleton of the topic.


In the world of Death

There are so many ideas about death, former life, afterlife, etc.

No mainstream knowledge can tell human race what causes death.

Now you will find it clearly from here.


The Greatest Pioneer

At the end of the 20th century, One being eventually found the cause of death.

And successfully gotten rid of the cause.

That is how we can share the secrets with you here.



The Great Pioneer eager to help many others get through

But encounters enemies.

When the power of life struggles the power of opposite flourishes.


Deadly plague

According to a Korean prophet -KeokArmURohk- humanity shall face horrible disease globally

And people would not be able to handle the quantity of dead body.

Only cure is the water on which JungDoRyung -nickname of the Savior in the prophet- blessed.


But !

If the world meets and keeps the New Words before the deadly pandemic hits, the terrible costs could be waived.

At least it could be minimised.


New Words

The Words spoken by The Great Pioneer is powerful to evolve human-race up a higher level.

However, the Words breaks traditional ideas from the fundamental aspects.

They cannot co-exist, the old cannot stand in front of the New Words.

That is the reason of our struggling.


Knowing Enemy

Ignorance, prejudices and preconception are primary weapons of the enemy.

The enemy has captured human race with those weapons.

New Words -like an iron rod- breaks the enemy’s weapon to free them from their net of untruth.


Spiritual Evolution

The owner of man is his/her sole.

If the identity of the sole is Satan, every single product of humanity is belong to Satan, which holds the key to death.

God-led evolution is taking the ownership of man from Satan.


Born again of the Holy Spirit

The status shall be accomplished after successful spiritual evolution

It does empathise the fact that man cannot avoid death.

There are clear evidence to tell the existence of the evolved being.

You can observe the invisible flying being simply with your film-taking camera.


The Great U-turn

Due to the cause of the deadly pandemic is inside of men.

Humanity need true teacher, true knowledge, true religion, true study to make the Great U-turn

Come and join us, let’s co-operate and enter into the world of God’s hands in hands.








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