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Dear Kathryn

Thank you for your kind opinion, you are right in your view point.
However if you don’t know you are being cheated, someone who tells the
truth in spite of being hated by you initially cannot be called bad.
Please just think about the fact why historic churches in Europe are
closing down so many…

There has been no religion but social groups over human history.

If you don’t agree, please think about whether Christian know about the
sins or not.

Again, thank you for your message and all the best,


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> To whomever this may concern,
> I have just returned home today and found a piece of paper in my letterbox. It states, and I quote: “His body is in France buried. Stop being fooled by Jesus’ trick.” Please DO NOT do this again. I have grown up in a multicultural, multi-ethnic community, I have friends and family alike who are Christian, Budhist, Muslim, Hindu etc. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Please, this DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO HURT OTHERS NOR TO OFFEND THEM AND THEIR BELIEFS. IT IS UNKIND AND I WILL TAKE ACTION IF YOU POST ANY DERATOGARY MESSAGES.
> Sincerely,
> Kathryn N. Yap
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