Situation when Cho about to enter Milsil

Cho entered Milsil leaving everything behind to obey spiritual mother’s direction. In the Milsil, Eve-Victor as a spiritual trainer, Cho fought against the actor of his thinking which he finally identified as the Satan. The spiritual battles between God vs. Satan is called Armageddon war in Bible. God overcame the Satan in the Armageddon war in the Milsil the secret chamber, Victor Christ our true Messiah has come.


Scripts: His circumstances & spiritual training in Milsil

Milsil, Secret ChamberIn order to introduce her missionary work, an old maid Miss Jee who lived in SinRim-dong came to this man’s office.

She was regulary visiting Eve-Victor’s house in MangWon-dong keeping her life of prayer. And she received an order to bring this man to Eve-Victor.

At that time this man was running a business on 7th floor of YoungHwa Building near NamDaeMun in Seoul. A trading company called GongYouMulSan Limited. As a CEO as a boss this man managed the GongYouMulSan Limited.

Miss Jee visited this man’s office to give a suggestion, said
“I know a very special one who possess very high level of God’s grace.”
“It is a female, If you meet her, Preacher Cho, you would know.”
At that time this man was called as preacher Cho. Due to this man served as a preacher in OnYang-JeonDoGwan before stopping the position and running a business at that time, she called this man as preacher Cho.


As Cho cured Miss Jee’s sick sister

This is how Miss Jee got to know this man. She had a sister suffering from an illness and dying. She brought numerous well-known preachers to have divine services in a hope of sister’s getting well. But she was not. Then she came to this man to ask this man to cure her sister’s illness. She begged earnestly for help. So this man came to Miss Jee’s house in SinRim-dong, served divine services everyday. And she saw gradual improvement with her sister. She was getting well. Throughout the event Miss Jee remembers this man as a man with divine blessing who cured her sister’s illness.

So she came to see this man and said “Preacher Cho, I know you are the man with divine blessing, but If you come and see the Eve-Victor once. You will realize something.”

This man just pooh-poohed her suggestion. Because this man, at that time, thought that himself was God’s gift in faith in the whole world.


Cho practiced faith healing

Moreover, at that time this man cured whatever illness it might be, this man’s prayer cured them. This man cured many madman. This man made many cripples stand up. This man exercised such miracle a lot of times. But this man never allow them speak out about the miracle. This man warned them like “If you boast and tell you are cured, your illness will flare up and die. So, do not tell anybody that your illness has been cured.” Due to such solicitation, This man was able to remain not so famous.


About deacon-Lim

In fact, It was President Park CH’s era. There was a man called deacon-Lim in ChungWoon-dong next to the Blue house. In daecon-Lim’s house, this man took divine services and cured many patients. So, did they regard this man as a man or as God? They did not regard this man as God. Because they were existing churchgoers and they would not regard man as God but regarded this man as a man with divine blessing.

This man held services in his house, and help him to have a position in the Blue House.

As you all know well, Miss Park GH, one of the President Park’s daughter. But It went to dismissed by his dash to get marry Miss Park GH. He could not have any position there, do you understand?

This man warned him that if you are committing lewd-sin or getting interest in woman, even things that will be would turn to those of not will be. Despite of the warning, deacon-Lim insisted to get marry Miss Park GH. So he failed, it was unsuccessful.

By the way, when this man held a service in the deacon-Lim’s house in ChungWoon-dong, some people came from far distance. Because when this man held a service, the place became full of divine grace and they felt what was happening.

Does that make more people to come, or lesser people to come? It makes more people to come, right?

So, this man at that time practiced such miracle in ChungWoon-dong before this man mat Miss Jee and came to see Eve-Victor in MangWon-dong.


Cho succumbed to Eve-Victor as his entering her house

When this man came to see Eve-Victor in her house, the very moment this man’s opening the gate and crossing the threshold, felt like a bucketful of spring water poured over on him.

How strong holy grace it was!

At that point, this man succumbed at that point.

“Wow, How extra ordinary God’s grace she is!”

As soon as get inside the room this man set on his knees. This man seldom set on his knees in front of other. But this man sat on his knees and listened to Eve-Victor.

She said, “You will dream from tonight.”
“I am afraid but I don’t dream,” this man replied.
“I will let you dream, so just check,” she said.
“You will dream from tonight”, she said.
“You can write your dream on this notebook, and bring it to me tomorrow.”, she said.

So this man noted things in dream to bring the notebook to read them in front of Eve-Victor. She told what this man was thinking yesterday. She told everything. She said that was in the dream.

Then “I told you not to think about past, but why do you keep thinking about family? It is a sin of lewdness,” she said.

She asked this man stop thinking about familiy, stop thinking about past.


War against Adultery sin of looking back

After being scolded on the next day, however efforts this man had put not to think, he just did think, his thinking just went it’s way by itself.

In order not to worry about family, this man pushed himself hard and harder.

At that time when I was entering into Milsil, my daughter, now she is in a graduating class in NYU and will graduate in May, she was 2 years old then.

Entering into Milsil with leaving such a little baby made this man feel very bad. This man shed a lot of tears. With a lot of tears in eyes, told to the preverbal baby,

“I have to go off leaving you here, But I will come back one day, so wait for me.”

And in the Milsil the little baby flashed upon this man all the time. That caused this man tumbling over
the adultery sin of looking back. Initially Eve-Victor scolded then punched in his face, while this man was being punched in his face, made a solemn vow not to recall past anymore, this man could not help without thinking about the baby though. It repeated and repeated.

So pushed this man hard and harder not to recall the past, not to concern about family, every efforts this man put it last as long as fortnight. There was no such thinking for 2 weeks then it just flashed upon this man before he knew it. And again, he got punches in his face. He repeated it so many times.


War against Adultery sin of interference

Then, when this man got into the state in which he could not think past even he tried to. He had to fight against the adultery sin of interference.

Even though he try not to, How a man keep silence seeing his counterpart doing wrong! This man had a habit of always interfering other’s wrong doing. And committed the adultery sin of interference again an again.


War against Adultery sin of concerning

Then, when this man managed to keep all of them, It was the adultery sin of concerning to fight next. As paying attention to his counterpart, it is the adultery sin of concerning.

For living in this world, you have to pay attention to your counterpart, haven’t you? She asked me not to pay such attention. So this man got on the stage not committing adultery sin of concerning.


War against Adultery sin of self-respect

Next, this man had not to pay attention to himself. Recognizing self is committing an adultery sin of self-respect. She ordered not to be aware of myself. So this man put every efforts not to be aware of himself, he just couldn’t help without being aware of himself.

So this man kept struggling not to being aware of himself, until becoming successful.

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