What is Religion? LCN #1

Life Changing News Issue 1
Life Changing News Issue 1

What is Religion?

There have been so many religions of death, but no religion of life. As a religion of life should be the true one, there has been no religion yet until Victor Christ came and introduced the true one in 1980. True religion teaches the other way of life which was discovered by the Victor Christ and leads the mortal into immortal. It is all about your mind/spirit/soul inside of you, so it is some spiritual operation. Every single human being is under controlled by their evil spirit, the sin, that is why people die eventually. Every single human being has God’s spirit, too but powerless. Therefore, True religion guides spiritual revolutions inside each of us, so-called, God-led revolution in which God’s spirit fights against the evil spirit, self. The fighting must not happen against other people, but ought to occur in your mind.

How come not to die?

Man must die as his/her ruling spirit commits sins every single second. However, when God’s spirit resurrects from a spiritual tomb and manages to kill the current ruling spirit to become Victor, the winning God lives eternal life in the Kingdom of God, the lost paradise.

What should I do not to die?

You have to hold, ultimately, Victor Christ by keeping the spiritual connection, stays with you by visualizing Its Image at all time over 21 days without any spiritual intervention from your own. It can’t be done in a short time, but it’s not impossible as Victor Christ did it through successfully to become a role model. However, during the way of practice, you will be healthier and stronger. If you are suffering from illness, you will find you are cured.

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