Stop Fooling People on the National TV and Radio

Stop fooling people on national TV and Radio. Jesus did NOT die on the cross. The British government should lift the gagging order suppressing the 1982 London court decision over Jesus’ exile to France.

Spreading false knowledge through the public broadcasting system has to be strongly prohibited. The knowledge with a label of religion must be examined thoroughly based on theology. And the theology must be differentiated from myth.

Theology is a study that requires evidence and proof in reality, while myth does not require scientific proof or reasonable evidence at all. Christian theology was not out of Jesus’s teaching, but it started to form in 325AD by Roman-emperor-led Catholic. And those people who lived over the Dark Ages had to believe the Christian doctrine, or they were killed.

People can believe anything that they want to do, but not on the national broadcasting system. You would not allow any deceiving knowledge rules in our society. You would not sit behind for those who wear Engels mask and tell a lie to fool people.

In 1982, there was a court decision in London about a nonfiction book.

Three BBC reporters collected data about the man Jesus of Nazareth, televised them on BBC documentary over several sessions before publishing a book, ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’, in the early 1980s.

The book contains incredible findings of Jesus that are very different from those in the New Testament:
1) Pandira, a Roman soldier, raped Mary to give birth to Jesus
2) Jesus did not bear the cross but exiled to France
3) Jesus died at the age of 84
4) His tomb sits on a hill in Renne-Le-Shato, France
5) Many descendants of Jesus live in Europe

A group of Christian leaders filed a lawsuit to confirm whether the contents were facts to the London courthouse. The Christian judges surveyed thoroughly; they visited France to see the tomb and observed keenly. Many witnesses and evidence supported the new findings. Among them, Pierre Plantard of 26th direct descendants of Jesus brought their family tree and testified that Jesus did not die on the cross.

The judge could not decide by the time he supposed to complete the trial. He was at home on a week of sick leave before his head judge rung him to come to his office where the head judge scolded for his tardiness.

The judge asked for excuse his sentencing against the Christian faith before announcing the contents were facts. He could not find counterevidence that proved the materials were baseless slander. It was true that Jesus was a bastard of Pandera, the Roman soldier. It was true that Jesus did not bear the cross. It was true that
he moved to France where he lived until 84 years of his age.

The sentence took the Christian community in England into a panic; despair, rampage, arson, some people killed themselves. The British government worried the chaos spread all over the world and laid the control measure of preventing the lawsuit, including the court decision from being released overseas and the UK.

However, many people already watched the BBC documentary and met the news of the court ruling. If you were among them, would you like to attend church service for your salvation? Well, it depends on you obviously, but churches today in England give you ordinary people’s answer. The answer seemed to stop attending church service, causes even hundreds of years old historical churches started to close down one after another.

Stop fooling people with Jesus version of the story on national television.

Bible is a book of words from HaNaNim. The question is to find right from wrong. You need to find the words spoken by HaNaNim instead of something else. You need to discuss it scientifically, biblically, and reasonably. It is an essential step for the people in the world to have peace and oneness.

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