Fox in the mountains have cave

Korean Meaning
1. 산에여우 굴이있고
나는새도 집있건만
우리주님 세상에서
머리둘 곳 하나없이
돌팔메질 왠말인가
발길질이 왠말인가
1. Even fox in the mountains have caves,
and even flying birds have nests.
Our Lord, however, had no place to stay
and how could they throw stones and kick Him
2. 엄동설한 추운밤에
얼음위에 밤새우고
돌밭위에 유리위에
삼십일씩 열네번을
피눈물로 금식기도
하나님도 감동했네
2. Even in the freezing dead of winter night,
He stayed up all night on ice field.
Fourteen times of thirty days fasting prayer
the candidate of Victor sat on his knees.
On coarse gravels, on sharp edges of broken glass
even God was also moved by his bloody tears.
3. 이기신자 우리주님
자욱마다 가시밭길
억천만번 당한고난
최후까지 견디시며
이한생명 주께바쳐
주의뜻을 이루소서
3. The Victor candidate,
the martyr’s footprint was thorny paths.
Bearing millions of billions of hard times
to the final moment.
Offered His life for the Lord
to accomplish the Holy will.
4. 이겼도다 우리주님
억만마귀 이기시고
승리하신 우리주님
한국땅에 오셨으니
빛나도다 승리제단
만민들을 영생하리
4. Victory! Our Lord.
Overcoming thousands of billions of Satan
the Victor came to Korea at last.
Splendid! Victory Altar.
Humanity shall live forever.

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