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living pilgrimage is viewing the Holy light

sign of victor christ holy due spirit as color of blood

The Hero of salvation is the LORD, there is no other like his son. The LORD will be the dew to the Victor Savior as a sign which looks like blood and fire and billows of smoke. Some look like riding cloud.

Hosea 14:5 Joel 2:27~30 Psalms 133:3 Isaiah 25:8~9, 26:19

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as a pilar of smoke

澍甘露法雨 滅除煩惱焰
The rain of Dharma eradicates Humans’ agonies and desires. Everybody can reach nirvana by receiving the light of the Reincarnate Maitreya Buddha.

Bomoon part (普門編) of the Dharma Flower Sutra

sign of victor christ the holy due spirit as cloud

秦皇漢武求下 不老草不死藥 어데잇소 虹霓七色雲霧中에 甘露如雨海印이라 火雨露三豊海印이라
Where is the elixir, which Qinshihuangdi of a Qin dynasty and Emperor Wu of Han dynasty (秦皇漢武) sought?
The Sweet Dew is like seven-rainbow-colored cloud and morning mist. It is the Sweet Dew (海印). The three kinds of abundant grace which are fire, rain, and dew are the Sweet Dew.

Song for the Haein (海印歌) of the Gyeokamyourok (格庵遺錄), a Korean prophetic book with 100 percent accuracy

UFO Type

As the Holy Dew Spirit is real, we can observe it with senses like smelling but hardly with naked eyes. But the camera can pick up the object in the different dimension. So please bring your film-taking camera which captures broader spectrum than eyesight and the digital cameras.

GPS locating data : 37.485556, 126.817056

Address: 37 Angok-ro 205Beon-gil Sasa-gu Bucheon-si Korea

The Holy Due Spirit caught on movie camera

This motion picture was taken by a 16mm movie film camera at its lowest speed. Then each frame was recorded lasting one second per each on a VHS tape for us to see easily. The collection shows only those frames including The Holy Due Spirit.

The scene holding the flying Holy Due Spirit is the very beginning part of the filming.

On SeongThanJeol morning I set a tripod and fed a film cartridge to the 16mm movie camera before giving a test shot for a few seconds when people from Busan altar had their rehearsal for celebrating the festive day.


The light blue blurry object that comes just after test card is the Holy Due Spirit.

It was around the camera covering wide area before started to move and disappeared at top left corner in the frame. These movement was taken in several continuous frames in a roll of film.

Rest of it is the collection of frames that picked up the Holy Due Spirit during the service and part 2 of 2 events on the same day.

Without using flash light the photograph are seem to be a bit blurry.


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Analysis report on the Holy Due Spirit photographs


Click for google search about Mr. Robert J. Groden

Robert Groden has been a photographic consultant for the United States House of Representative since 1975 and was Staff Photographic Consultant to the House Select Committee on Assassinations from 1975 through 1979.

He was called upon to testify about the photographic evidence in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy before three Governmental investigation bodies:

The Rockefeller Commission.
The Senate Intelligence Committee.
The House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Mr. Groden has been called to present photographic evidence as an expert consultant in an international bombing incident.

He has appeared as a photographic expert on over a thousand television and radio shows and is considered the world’s leading expert regarding the photographic evidence in the Kennedy assassination.

Original Image of resume

Mr. Groden is a journeyman Optical Effects Technician and photographic expert with 25 years of experience.  He has worked on several major motion pictures and has been a consultant on several others.

Mr. Groden ran the special services division of two photographic laboratories from 1985 through 1989.

He was the Area Technical Supervisor for the entire eastern half of the United States for an International photographic laboratory manufacturer for three years.


March 12, 1994

The set of photographs that we provided Mr. Groden for this analysis.

On this date I have examined 10 photographs and 15 original negatives that display white, red and white with red blurry images.


The images appear to be random patterns and in most cases appear in single frames within negative strips of five each.  In a few cases, the images are consistent in adjacent frames and in one case there are very similar or identical images in three adjacent frames.

The nine (9) strips consist of negatives identified as being manufactured by five different companies:


3 – Kodak Gold 100 Type 5095
2 – Fuji 100
2 – Sakura Color SP-V 100
1 – Color Super SR 100
1 – Lotte

LED imprinted dates range from 1988 through 1993.  A few of these dates are confirmed by identical dates shown within the photographs themselves.

The photographs appear to be of a Korean man addressing crowds.


Original Image Page 1 of 3

I have examined the original negatives and have concluded that:


1 – The negatives have definitely not been retouched.  The blurred images are photographic in nature and have not been added after the fact.

2 – The degree of sharpness, lighting, and tonal definition makes me believe that these are original photographs and not duplicate images of any kind.  They are free of any airbrushing and visual artifacts indicative of duplication techniques.

3 – The degree of focus of the blurred imange in all but one case is consistent with the image being much closer to the camera than appears to be sharper, it is darker red and appears to be farther away from the camera.  This too is consistent with what would normally be observed.

Original Image Page 2 of 3

4 – The blurred images appear to be totally random in nearly all of the negatives.  However in one set of three adjacent frames in which the photographer has apparently not moved but is panning the audience from right to left, the image and its position within the frame, remain virtually unchanged on the negative as if the image were following the panning of the camera.

5 – In a few of the frames, the image appears to by cyclic as if starting and stopping repeatedly at a very rapid pace within the pattern of movement.

6 – At no time is the image identifiable as a particular shape, i.e. human, and there are in no cases any features.

7 – In some cases the shape is almost transparent and the camera sees through it.  In other cases it appears almost opaque and the brightness masks the subject of the photographs to the point of virtually eliminating the subject within the photograph.



1 – The negatives themselves are genuine.

2 – The prints appear to be consistent with the negatives.

3 – Although the negatives are genuine, staging the photographs cannot be totally ruled out.   However I feel that this is highly unlikely in view of the hundreds of witnesses present and the nature of the photographs themselves.

4 – The lack of any discernable shape or image makes it unlikely that anyone was trying to convinse the viewer that any particullar subject caused this phenomenon.

5 – I cannot identify the cause or source of the blurred images.

6 – Because of the random patterns an occurrences of the blurred images, I can rule out the possibility that they were caused by the LED character generators within some of the cameras.

7 – The nature of the blurred images eliminate lens flair as the cause of the images.

8 – Since the images occur within the frames themselves and never appear on the negatives outside of the frames, random light strikes can be eliminated as the cause of the blurred images.

9 – In eighteen years as a photo analyst, I have never seen an identical situation.  The closest occurrences were reflections of flash from such items as flash cables, fingers or other such items in front of the camera lens.  This does not appear to be what we are seeing here.

Original Image Page 3 of 3

10 – I do not know what these photographs purport to show and I cannot determine the cause of the blurred images.

11 – I do not feel that computer image de-blurring would be of use in further identifying these images or their source, but it might be considered.


Sign of Robert J. Groden       March 12, 1994

About Holy Dew Spirit

The Holy Dew Spirit is the Victor Christ’s actual body and spirit.

Like a pillar of smoke is the Holy Due Spirit
Like a pillar of smoke is the Holy Due Spirit

When a sinner become a spiritually born-again perfectly with God’s spirit, it’s body is no longer in physical form like ours today, but it will be in light form like you see in the photos.

The bright supernatural object taken in the photos is what has been called as the unidentified flying object(UFO) to some people, and it moves freely through the space in no time. This means it is able to move infinite times faster than sun light, and that means it is the immortal.

The Holy Due Spirit is one of the most important evidences of Messiah, the Victor Christ, based on the Holy Bible. Apparently it looks like a pillar of smoke or blood of fire or a cloud in the heaven. It feel like Mr ChoHeSeung- a medium for the Victor Christ- is standing on the clouds in some photos.

You might doubt the authenticity of the photos, but we are introducing the truthful existence that is never ever generated by any types of manipulation techniques. Please refer the photo analysis report from one of world renowned photographic analyst Robert J Groden and a video clip that caught the flying object with a continuous movie film.


Like a blood of fire
Like a blood of fire is The Holy Due Spirit

Rare man can see the fast moving object with naked eyes, but film-taking analog cameras are able to catch the supernatural existence. There is no report of the Holy Due Spirit taken by digital cameras yet. As the digital cameras are taking less range of frequency band than the analog cameras do, they just miss it similar to our naked eyes do, I reckon.

His Words says the Holy Due Spirit shell be poured over whom tunes his/her spiritual frequency with that of the Victor Christ regardless of physical locations.

The Holy Due Spirit is free from limitations. It is free from time space and body. It is able to fly across the whole universe, to fill the space with its body and to stand on tip of a needle. This is the outcome and the truthful evidence for the victorious Being in the battle against the sins and the power of death. The spiritual tuning means fill up your mind with those of the Victor Christ.

Like a riding a clouds
Like a riding a clouds is The Holy Due Spirit

Our experiences might be different from one by one. However, when it comes, it comes with very refreshing smells of flower like a lily or something. Cannot see anything but the Victor Christ such as sitting inside a very thick clouds watching Him through a little window. Feeling like everything has been stopped except listening to Him. Feel warm, sometimes cool.

There are numerous cases of helling experiences,too. It is said to breathe in the Life, there is no disease incurable with the Holy Due Spirit, as it is the Spirit of Life Giving on which the world will live.