Principles of Salvation

In the Bible, there are principles of Salvation.


Born again of the Holy Spirit

John chapter 3 verse 5, “Being born of the Holy Spirit, one can enter the Kingdom of God.” Such words is there, isn’t it?

To get Salvation, you must be born again of the Holy Spirit. As God is the Holy Spirit, when you are born again of God, he will get salvation.

So who will be the qualified being for salvation? God or man? It will be God, won’t it?

Becoming God eternal life will be awarded. Man cannot have eternal life.


Eating the Fruit of Life

Satan invented its version of lies in the Bible

In the book of Genesis, the Fruits from the Tree of Life also let us live forever which means salvation. It is in Genesis chapter 3 verse 22, isn’t it?

Since Adam and Eve committed sins to become Satan’s slave, as God worried about they might eat the Fruit of Life, and live forever, he placed flaming sword to guard the way to the Tree of Life, didn’t he? He did not allow for them to eat it, didn’t he?

In fact, such words are Satan’s invention. There were not even such a Tree of Life at that time. Had Satan known the identity of the Tree of Life which is the spirit of Victor, the spirit of Messiah and the heart of Messiah? Had Satan known that or not?

Satan did not know the Tree of Life, but had to say the flaming sword prevented them from eating, by saying God placed the flaming sword few people would like to believe in God, wouldn’t they? The story that God worried about they might live forever, to prevent them from eating the Fruit of Life, would drive people regard God as an enemy and would not believe in God, wouldn’t they?

Therefore, the story must be Satan’s invention. Satan invented such words by its scheme. In fact, they are lies. Satan lies habitually, but God cannot. Do you understand?

Messiah’s version of translation in the Bible

Words in Bible missing its mate are from Satan; words has its mate are from God, don’t they?

Genesis chapter 3 verse 22, as God worried about they might eat the Fruit of Life, and live forever, to prevent them from accessing the Tree of Life, it says he placed flaming sword, don’t it?

God, in fact, would encourage them to eat the fruit, if the Tree of Life had been there, at that time. In fact, He would wish to find his lost children, or would not? God would, wouldn’t he? Then would God like to allow them to eat the Fruit of Life, or not? God surely would like to allow, wouldn’t he?

As Satan cannot tell logically wrote such unreasonable words in the Bible, do you understand? To prevent people from believing in God, Satan hid in a body of Jesus and claimed himself as the only son of God. Only if belief in the only child, he said, they can enter the Kingdom of God, did he cheated or not?

There was no the Kingdom of God at that time

There was no Kingdom of God at that point. To tell when the Kingdom of God starts to exist is that Messiah supposes to come and build the Kingdom of God. Messiah did not even come then, could the Kingdom of God exist? Could the salvation be available? Salvation could not be possible.

As Satan cannot tell logically wrote such unreasonable lies in the Bible, do you understand?

The words in Bible saying you have to born again of the Holy Spirit written by John the Evangelist inspired by the Holy Spirit. So is that from God or John? The Spirit of God said that, didn’t it?

You have to born again of God. Becoming back to be God again, you will be able to enter the Kingdom of God, and also you will have salvation. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God, can you?

Mentioning like this is reasonable or not? Whose dwelling place is the Kingdom of God, God or Satan? It is God’s dwelling place, isn’t it?

Therefore, you have to be God again to enter the Kingdom of God, and you have to be God to live eternal life. Saying so is reasonable, isn’t it? Is that right or wrong?

Through the Faith

Faith is not your believing mind as Jesus and Christianity tells

Christianity teaches that faith will save you, and the faith is the believing heart of you.

However, in the book of Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8, It is by faith to be saved, and the faith is the gift of God. It said so, didn’t it?

As the faith is the gift of God, man’s believing mind can’t be the faith, it said, didn’t it?

Faith is the spirit of Victor Christ, Messiah who overcomes Satan

The faith should be as the raised of Victor Christ who defeated Satan and became to be Messiah. Saying so is reasonable, or not? It is reasonable, isn’t it?

The faith is the hearts of Messiah, who comes at the end of the world and works on various other-selves. So, if one of the other-self of Messiah which is the faith, sits in each and everyone’s hearts, does that said to you don’t have the faith, or you have the faith? It said to you have the faith, isn’t it?


However, these three principles are the same meaning

Principle of Salvation

The words saying that faith will save you is the same words saying that eating the fruit of the tree of life will do, and also being born again of the Holy Spirit.

If one born again of the Holy Spirit, the one born again as God.

To be born again of the Holy Spirit, one has to overcome the Satan sitting in the sinner and after killing the Satan, the victorious spirit of God takes back the seat where Satan used to sit and start to rule the one.

We can say that one has been born again of the Holy Spirit. Also, we can say one has eaten the fruit of life, and also one has the faith, isn’t it? Is that right, or wrong?

There is only one place where you can hear the principle of salvation in the right, you can hear it only from Victory Altar, no other places, can’t you?


John the Evangelist sighed as he just knew a part

As they don’t know it, they can’t tell you rightly, do they?

John, the Evangelist in the past, cried out “O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” In the book of Roman, isn’t it?

“O wretched man that I am!” Who could root out the bitter root? He had the bitter root in him, hoping to believe in God so much, though, due to the bitter root in him he could not be successful, so he sighed out who could take it away from him. That was what he sighed, wasn’t it?

So the man called Saul had put a lot of efforts to live his life as God guides, but failed to root out the bitter root and he died, or still live? He died, didn’t he?

There have been so many people who made desperate efforts not to die, but after all, they all died. Did they get buried underground or risen?

Jesus did not rise from his death

He, in fact, was sent to underground but said to be risen, Jesus not even bore his cross, but was told to bore his cross and died, three days later, he resurrected to fly rise to the air. They lied, didn’t they?

The Old Testament judges there will be no such resurrection like the story of Jesus

In fact in the book of Job chapter 14 verse 10 and 14, If a man die, and waste away, given up the ghost, and where is he? If a man dies, how shall he live again?

It has such words, hasn’t it? So, do they telling there will be a resurrection or not?

It does not tell there will be the resurrection, does it? The Old Testament says there will be no resurrection.

The story of resurrection in the New Testament is lying.


Jesus did not even bear his cross but exiled to France

He did not even take his cross. He did not die at that time on the cross. Instead, he went into exile to France. He died his age of 84. His body is still in France, isn’t it? There is Jesus’s tomb in France, isn’t it?

So, Did Jesus rise in the air, or died and buried under the ground? He died and buried underground, didn’t he?

Then, Is Jesus a man who believes in the Bible, or is Jesus a swindler who tells lies to cheat all people? He must be a swindler, isn’t he? Right or wrong?

So, is he a son of a scumbag or a son of man? Jesus is a son of a bastard, isn’t he? Jesus is a son of swine bastard, isn’t he? He is even worse than dog shit, isn’t he? Right or wrong?

A scumbag like a dog shit! Why do you laugh? He must be a scumbag like a dog shit. Right?

Dog shit could be recycled, but you can’t recycle that scumbag as it is deep underground. Do you understand?


Satan came to the world imitated Messiah

Telling lies are Satan’s unavoidable nature

The son of Satan who as called Jesus came to the world to kill every child of God by cheating with lies.

He came to the world with a scheme of killing every people, said, “He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.”

It is in the book of John chapter 11 verse 25, isn’t it? And what about chapter 8 verse 51, “If anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.”

It means they will not die, don’t it? Is there anyone believes in Jesus and not die?

They all died, didn’t they? Therefore, is Jesus a terrible liar, a son of swine scumbag or dog shit?

You’d better say he is a son of swine scumbag dog shit. You missed a son of pig bastard, did you?

He is a son of swine bastard and also a son of dog shit, isn’t he? Right or wrong?

If Jesus resurrected and risen in the air, he should come down to beat me, as I am abusing him so badly, right? But why he can’t beat me?

Because Jesus is not in the air, the story of his risen in the air is a terrible lie. Do you understand?

We would better enlighten Christians who is telling lies, wouldn’t we? Yes or no?


Due to advent of Victor Christ, the fake is falling apart

Jesus planned to occupy the whole world. At about almost whole world was filled, Victor Christ came and torn asunder the son of Satan, Jesus.

It is incredibly delightful or not? It is extremely pleasant, isn’t it?

How to read Bible

God won’t ask you believe disjointed lies in the bible blindly, but it has a words how to read Bible. The secret of God’s six days of work, the Sabbath, the Forbidden Fruit and the Fruit of Life are explained.

Script: How to read Bible

How to read Bible

You have to read words from God. Due to Bible also have words from Satan.

The Bible has a words how to read the Bible. Isaiah 34:16 Look in the scroll of the Load and read, None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate.

So, those words from God must have its mate, don’t they? Then, whose words are they that lack its mate? Those words are from Satan, aren’t they?

In the book of Genesis A writing says that God worked for six days and rested at seventh day, don’t it?

People so far translates it into Sunday is the Sabbath, Saturday is the Sabbath. They set the Sabbath as different as there translation, and regard one day as the Sabbath, don’t they?


Do not harden your hearts hearing new words

How to read the BibleHowever, according to the book of Hebrews chapter 4, verses 5, 6, 7 and 11. It says There are people who shall join the day of God, and also there are people who shall never join the day of God. When that day comes, if you hear his voice, people with harden hearts shall not understand it, but people with humble and gentle hearts shall understand it. Bible has words of such meaning, hasn’t it?

So, The meaning that some people shall join the day of God’s resting, while others never is that the Sabbath would be the year of 7000’s.

Throughout earlier years before 7000, people who lived and died never joined the Sabbath, didn’t they? It that right or wrong?

So, only blessed people shall understand his voice, while people lacking in bless shall never understand his voice.

So, ‘his voice’ indicates those words spoken by Victor Christ, doesn’t it?

Blessed people could be able to figure out words from Victor Christ. But those lacking in bless shall never make the new words out, don’t they?

The world have been dealing with those words saying God worked six days before getting rest on seventh day as Sunday is the day of Sabbath or Saturday is the day of Sabbath. they set one day as the day of Sabbath and have been keeping it.

Ordinary christian church set Sunday for the day of Sabbath, while seventh-day adventist church set Saturday for the Sabbath, don’t they?Are both of them right or wrong? Both of them are wrong, aren’t they?


The resting day of God in accordance with Bible

How to read Bible

Words from God have its mate, gather them together

So, As those words from God have her mates we have to find her mate, don’t we?

The book of 2 Peter chapter 3 verse 8, With the Load a day is like a thousand years and a thousands years are like a day.

Such words is written there, isn’t it? When we gather them together, six days of work means six thousands year, don’t it?

The seventh day means year 7000’s, don’t it? So, in the year of 7000’s the world of God will be completed. Do you understand?

The world of Satan has been rolling for 6000 years. Is that possible to switch from the world of Satan to the world of God in a day?

It cannot be changed in a day. So, over 1000 years from the advent of Victor Christ who destroys Satan all over the world before the world of God begins. Do you understand?

So, people following Victor Christ shall live 1000 years with Victor Christ to build the world of God, won’t you?

So, are they becoming pillars in the temple of God, or becoming rafters in the temple of God?

They will be pillars. So, when you people become Victor Christ, the place where the person who has become Victor Christ lives will be the temple of God, Is that right or wrong?

So, starting from one Victor Christ, numerous Victor Christ will be brought up or not?

Numerous Victor Christ will be brought up, right? By making numerous Victor Christ makes numerous temples of God, right? Is that right or wrong?


Bible is a spiritual book

How to read Bible

Words in Bible are spiritual. You can’t translate them physically.

So, when you carefully look in the Bible and read, are words in the Bible spiritual words or physical one? Words in Bible are spiritual words, right?

As they are spiritual, is the Forbidden Fruit spiritual or physical? It must be a spiritual fruit, isn’t it?

so is the Fruit of Life, isn’t it? So, the Forbidden Fruit must be spirit, but Is it spirit of death or spirit of life?

Is spirit of death the spirit of Satan or the spirit of God? It is the spirit of Satan, isn’t it?

So, The fact that Satan itself is the Forbidden Fruit does Christianity know that or don’t? Without knowing even this fact they claim they believe as Bible says, don’t they?

So, Is Christianity a heresy or genuine ? Christianity is a heresy, ins’t it? As the religion do not believe in accordance with Bible, it is heresy.

So, about the Fruit of Life, what would be the Fruit of Life, the spirit that Victor Christ has is the Fruit of Life.

So, when you behold Victor Christ, you are said to have eaten the Fruit of Life.

Beholding the Victor Christ to eat the Fruit of Life, and you shall die or not die? Not die, don’t you?

Defeated by Satan turned God into Men

As the spiritual main agent of Adam and Eve was God, Adam and Eve were God in the Kingdom of God. Therefore man was originally God. However, after Satan won over God, the spiritual main agent of Adam and Eve switched to Satan. That changes in spirit triggered the changes in body, it turned the body of Light into the body of materiel which composes God men and current universe.


script: The changes in spirit triggered the changes in body, God became Men

God became men by Satan then men will return to God by Victor Christ
Satan turned God into Men, like so Victor Christ turns Men into God who now strong enough to overcome Satan. Satan use ignorance & deception to drive men to death, while Victor Christ uses the Truth & Holy Due Spirit.

About 6,000 years ago, God had occupied whole universe and ruled it over.

God at that time governed the universe in a form of Light before Satan led astray Adam and Eve who were God.

Satan imprisoned the spirit of God which was controlling Adam and Eve, and the spirit of Satan took the place where God set. Satan became the main agent, while God imprisoned.

The spiritual cataclysm turned God into man.

Without knowing the truth people wrote a myth saying God created man from dust in the Bible. But that is in fact Satan hide real God, and wrote it’s version of saying God created man from dust in the Bible.

So now a day Christianity wrote their version of saying Creator God created man from dust in the Bible.


Satan will face the end of its world

However, Messiah has come for the first time in 6,000 years, teaches new words that man was originally God, but on that instant God was taken over by Satan and Satan became the main agent, God was transformed into human being.

So far, Satan had occupied men which were children of God and been ruling over. But now Messiah has come and teaches true nature of Satan correctly. Saying that God became man on the instance of the spiritual main agent of Adam and Eve who were God switched to Satan. Does it fluster Satan or not? It does fluster Satan, right?

Although Satan has been caught short, It is short of ability and power enough to overcome Victor Christ. There is nothing more Satan could do, isn’t it?

So far Satan had been ruling the world sitting on the position of the main agent. But now Satan doomed to find nothing but the end of the world.

So did Messiah show that It was omniscience and omnipotence to you, or it did not? Messiah showed it to you, didn’t it?

So, now a day Satan has nothing to deal with God, hasn’t it?

Due to God has become much stronger than Satan, Victor Christ who has overcome as a King is ruling over the universe.

Could Satan be able to beat God again? Not any more.

Situation when Cho about to enter Milsil

Cho entered Milsil leaving everything behind to obey spiritual mother’s direction. In the Milsil, Eve-Victor as a spiritual trainer, Cho fought against the actor of his thinking which he finally identified as the Satan. The spiritual battles between God vs. Satan is called Armageddon war in Bible. God overcame the Satan in the Armageddon war in the Milsil the secret chamber, Victor Christ our true Messiah has come.


Scripts: His circumstances & spiritual training in Milsil

Milsil, Secret ChamberIn order to introduce her missionary work, an old maid Miss Jee who lived in SinRim-dong came to this man’s office.

She was regulary visiting Eve-Victor’s house in MangWon-dong keeping her life of prayer. And she received an order to bring this man to Eve-Victor.

At that time this man was running a business on 7th floor of YoungHwa Building near NamDaeMun in Seoul. A trading company called GongYouMulSan Limited. As a CEO as a boss this man managed the GongYouMulSan Limited.

Miss Jee visited this man’s office to give a suggestion, said
“I know a very special one who possess very high level of God’s grace.”
“It is a female, If you meet her, Preacher Cho, you would know.”
At that time this man was called as preacher Cho. Due to this man served as a preacher in OnYang-JeonDoGwan before stopping the position and running a business at that time, she called this man as preacher Cho.


As Cho cured Miss Jee’s sick sister

This is how Miss Jee got to know this man. She had a sister suffering from an illness and dying. She brought numerous well-known preachers to have divine services in a hope of sister’s getting well. But she was not. Then she came to this man to ask this man to cure her sister’s illness. She begged earnestly for help. So this man came to Miss Jee’s house in SinRim-dong, served divine services everyday. And she saw gradual improvement with her sister. She was getting well. Throughout the event Miss Jee remembers this man as a man with divine blessing who cured her sister’s illness.

So she came to see this man and said “Preacher Cho, I know you are the man with divine blessing, but If you come and see the Eve-Victor once. You will realize something.”

This man just pooh-poohed her suggestion. Because this man, at that time, thought that himself was God’s gift in faith in the whole world.


Cho practiced faith healing

Moreover, at that time this man cured whatever illness it might be, this man’s prayer cured them. This man cured many madman. This man made many cripples stand up. This man exercised such miracle a lot of times. But this man never allow them speak out about the miracle. This man warned them like “If you boast and tell you are cured, your illness will flare up and die. So, do not tell anybody that your illness has been cured.” Due to such solicitation, This man was able to remain not so famous.


About deacon-Lim

In fact, It was President Park CH’s era. There was a man called deacon-Lim in ChungWoon-dong next to the Blue house. In daecon-Lim’s house, this man took divine services and cured many patients. So, did they regard this man as a man or as God? They did not regard this man as God. Because they were existing churchgoers and they would not regard man as God but regarded this man as a man with divine blessing.

This man held services in his house, and help him to have a position in the Blue House.

As you all know well, Miss Park GH, one of the President Park’s daughter. But It went to dismissed by his dash to get marry Miss Park GH. He could not have any position there, do you understand?

This man warned him that if you are committing lewd-sin or getting interest in woman, even things that will be would turn to those of not will be. Despite of the warning, deacon-Lim insisted to get marry Miss Park GH. So he failed, it was unsuccessful.

By the way, when this man held a service in the deacon-Lim’s house in ChungWoon-dong, some people came from far distance. Because when this man held a service, the place became full of divine grace and they felt what was happening.

Does that make more people to come, or lesser people to come? It makes more people to come, right?

So, this man at that time practiced such miracle in ChungWoon-dong before this man mat Miss Jee and came to see Eve-Victor in MangWon-dong.


Cho succumbed to Eve-Victor as his entering her house

When this man came to see Eve-Victor in her house, the very moment this man’s opening the gate and crossing the threshold, felt like a bucketful of spring water poured over on him.

How strong holy grace it was!

At that point, this man succumbed at that point.

“Wow, How extra ordinary God’s grace she is!”

As soon as get inside the room this man set on his knees. This man seldom set on his knees in front of other. But this man sat on his knees and listened to Eve-Victor.

She said, “You will dream from tonight.”
“I am afraid but I don’t dream,” this man replied.
“I will let you dream, so just check,” she said.
“You will dream from tonight”, she said.
“You can write your dream on this notebook, and bring it to me tomorrow.”, she said.

So this man noted things in dream to bring the notebook to read them in front of Eve-Victor. She told what this man was thinking yesterday. She told everything. She said that was in the dream.

Then “I told you not to think about past, but why do you keep thinking about family? It is a sin of lewdness,” she said.

She asked this man stop thinking about familiy, stop thinking about past.


War against Adultery sin of looking back

After being scolded on the next day, however efforts this man had put not to think, he just did think, his thinking just went it’s way by itself.

In order not to worry about family, this man pushed himself hard and harder.

At that time when I was entering into Milsil, my daughter, now she is in a graduating class in NYU and will graduate in May, she was 2 years old then.

Entering into Milsil with leaving such a little baby made this man feel very bad. This man shed a lot of tears. With a lot of tears in eyes, told to the preverbal baby,

“I have to go off leaving you here, But I will come back one day, so wait for me.”

And in the Milsil the little baby flashed upon this man all the time. That caused this man tumbling over
the adultery sin of looking back. Initially Eve-Victor scolded then punched in his face, while this man was being punched in his face, made a solemn vow not to recall past anymore, this man could not help without thinking about the baby though. It repeated and repeated.

So pushed this man hard and harder not to recall the past, not to concern about family, every efforts this man put it last as long as fortnight. There was no such thinking for 2 weeks then it just flashed upon this man before he knew it. And again, he got punches in his face. He repeated it so many times.


War against Adultery sin of interference

Then, when this man got into the state in which he could not think past even he tried to. He had to fight against the adultery sin of interference.

Even though he try not to, How a man keep silence seeing his counterpart doing wrong! This man had a habit of always interfering other’s wrong doing. And committed the adultery sin of interference again an again.


War against Adultery sin of concerning

Then, when this man managed to keep all of them, It was the adultery sin of concerning to fight next. As paying attention to his counterpart, it is the adultery sin of concerning.

For living in this world, you have to pay attention to your counterpart, haven’t you? She asked me not to pay such attention. So this man got on the stage not committing adultery sin of concerning.


War against Adultery sin of self-respect

Next, this man had not to pay attention to himself. Recognizing self is committing an adultery sin of self-respect. She ordered not to be aware of myself. So this man put every efforts not to be aware of himself, he just couldn’t help without being aware of himself.

So this man kept struggling not to being aware of himself, until becoming successful.

Eve Victor

To serve the order from the Olive-tree the Eve Victor enter into Milsil.

There was a hairy old man in the Milsil.

There was virtually nothing for ordinary living in the Milsil. Under a caved in rock was her house and room for avoiding rain and snow. In order to keep the order from the spiritual mother, her life of praying continued over 18 years. Her mission was to bring up a Victor, the spiritual son.

Without a house she took a living place on a dry stream and stayed up over nights. She kept her life of prayer in such condition. Before she found an abandoned chicken coop. Then she lived in the chicken coop and kept her life of praying.

There was no food, no rice, nothing to eat there.

As the elder who was called elder Jeon and his mother went to Sosa for begging. Received leftover food and boiled to cook porridge to eat.

For side dishes, they picked ixeris (kind of wild lettuce) from the ground and applied salt.

They ate them with rice or porridge, and kept the life of prayer.

To bring up just one righteousness in the Milsil she was living for a day and another with praying despite of suffering from hunger over 18 years such a long time.


Fail after failures to give birth a Victor

She gave her spiritual training to many people in order to bring up a Victor, but failed all the time.

While they were receiving her spiritual training they just ran away, as it was too hard to go through.

In such troubled situation with no proper food to eat, candidates had to keep their life of prayer in hunger.

Is that an easy training? That is not an easy training, isn’t it?

Moreover, they had to go through instructions like;
“Do not think about past.” “Do not concern for family.” “Do not interfere other’s business.”

Interfering is the adultery sin of interfering. Concerning is the adultery sin of concerning.

She pointed out before beating them to a pulp.

Who would like to stay there to take such training with being beaten? They just ran away.

As you all know him called Mr. Seok a missionary who served as a missionary in Chuncheon and many other places.

He as a renowned missionary won respect from the people in JeonDoGwan.

He was not only living in faithful life of prayer but also his prayer came to real as he prayed.

Such a faithful man, such a well-known man was believed to become a Victor in the Milsil training.

But his running away in the middle of the training was enough for her to dismay with that there was no more candidates in this world.

She couldn’t find any other candidates to become Victor.

Then she gathered all people in Milsil and kept praying together in a hope that the candidate would come
back to Milsil.

Then in her dream she dreamed this man as the candidate to become Victor.

Evidences tells Korean is Israelite

Based on archaeological discovery and traditions, it is certain that Korean is Israelite.

Script: Korean is Israelite who used ancient Hebrew

Roof tile with Hebrew supporting Korean is Israelite
The roof tile that was found from Daedong river basin has ancient Hebrew

In a worry of your disbelief in the true Messiah, this man made the 5 great pledges.

Before making the 5 great pledges this man asked, “why don’t you go to the museum,” didn’t he? “You will find roof tiles that discovered from the DaeDong river basin there.” “You can take a photograph those roof tiles.” He did so, didn’t he?

And a group of young people did so and brought those photographs to this man.

This man said that It was Hebrew language on those roof tiles discovered from the DaeDong river basin.

As you people tend not to believe my translations, however, this man told you that it would be better to show them to a third-party expert. And asked you to show them to Prof. Dr. Shin in Seoul National University, didn’t he?


Victor Christ knew all and guided us what to do

Prof. Dr. Shin examined those photographs and concluded that patterns in the roof tiles were ancient Hebrew and could be translated like followings.

“Arrived” for the first one, “Let’s unite and enter the Kingdom of God” for the next one, and “It will be recovered for believers coming together and prey.” Prof. Dr. Shin told them so, didn’t he?

Roof tile with ancient Hebrew supporting Korean is Israelite
The roof tile with ancient Hebrew found near the capital city of the ancient nation of Korea strongly supports Victor Christ’s teaching of Korean is Israelite.

They heard Prof. Dr. Shin’s conclusion and wrote that down. And when they came to this man’s office to report what they had found, said;

“This man already told you that It was not Chinese, neither French, nor English.” “This man told you It was Hebrew before you came to see Prof. Dr. Shin, didn’t he?”

They replied “Yes, you were right.”

As it matched to what this man said, the group of young people started to believe.

“Wow, there is no doubt, He must be a Messiah with no doubt,” then they started to believe, didn’t they? Was it what happened or not?


Korean traditions in the Bible tells Korean is Israelite originally

Our ethnic group race is Israelite.

This man tells you evidences that our ethnic group race is certainly Israelite.

Only Korean wear sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral, don’t we?

Only Korean and Israelite put on sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral.

It is written in the Bible, saying when man die Israelite put on sackcloth and weep.

Israelite received words from God and wrote them by their hands, before it came to be the Bible, didn’t it?

That is why Korean tradition is written in the Bible like wearing sackcloth and weep bitterly in funeral, and using stones to build altar to offer sacrifice, isn’t it?

So, is Korean surely Israelite, or are we Korean cannot be Israelite?

We Korean is Israelite surely, isn’t it?

Another perfect evidence that support the fact is that on the day of winter solstice, Korean cook red-bean gruel to eat. But in the past just not very long ago we applied them on doors and doorposts, didn’t we?

Israelite still carry out their tradition on the day of Passover which is they apply sheep’s blood on doors and doorposts, don’t they?

However, In Korea as we don’t have sheep’s blood, as we don’t have sheep, we used red-bean gruel which was similar in color with sheep’s blood.

We cooked the red-bean gruel to carry out the Passover tradition.

Does that make sense or not?

Laughing is the natural cancer cure

Script: Laughing cure even cancer

By means of your heart your blood changes.

This man has been telling so from 23 years ago and also told you that laughing cures illness, didn’t you?

On television in these days people on television say laughing cures illness like cancer, don’t they?

They fall behind 23 years to tell it as this man said so 23 years earlier.

If man laugh, it cures deadly illness. If you live with cancer, try laugh in front of a mirror everyday. Cancer shall disappear without your recognition.

As cancer is believed to be a deadly, some people afraid of it. But, if you laugh, you will be cured clearly. Whatever illness it might be, if you laugh, you shall be cured.

Walking backward cure arthritis

And one more thing, for people living with arthritis walk backward from today.

By walking backward (in safe place) arthritis shall be cured.

Opposite way of living kill Satan and bring God wining

You were asked to live opposite way of living in Victory Altar.

Opposite way of living means that if I want to eat cooked rice, eat cooked barley, and if I want to eat meat, eat lettuce. It is a living against what I want, so if I hate someone, like him sincerely, love him sincerely.

By living so, your blood changes. Changes in blood changes facial figure. Your face shall become lovely, do you understand?

An old becomes a young, saying a woman with dense wrinkles becomes younger to be a lovely looking girl’s. Do you understand? Don’t say you would marry again, when it happens.

An opposite way of living in the Bible

Laughing is a natural cureIn a Bible, which book was it?

Ah, Jeremiah chapter 16 says “You must not marry, or will die.  Giving birth sons and daughters, their dead bodies will become food for the birds and the beasts.”

Death itself is a grudge, however, it would be worse than nasty that animals come and eat the dead body, wouldn’t it? It sounds creepy, isn’t it?

In fact, cultivating oneself religiously prohibits getting marry, because man was originally God. Getting marry is what Satan plays. It is Satan’s activities.

That is why God prohibit getting marry in Jeremiah chapter 16. The Old Testament has it, so does the Buddhist’s scriptures. Monks in Buddhist temples don’t marry, do they? Do you know why?

It is written in the Buddhist scriptures. It prohibits them from getting marry. They can’t marry because it is prohibited in their scriptures.

For those who already get married

“What should I do as I already got married?” There are people who ask a question like that and I will answer to it right now.

Doing things that married couple do, you may stop doing that from the moment you hear this words. Do you understand?

You don’t have to fight for separated room. While bride and broom share a room, you can still live together without doing things that married couple do. Yes, you can, can’t you?

“Oh my god, It is a big trouble to go to Victory Altar as it prohibits the fun life.” It sounds like that if you want to die, do live as you wish. If you do not want to die, however, keep the words as written as Jeremiah chapter 16. Do you understand?

By keeping God’s words, you would not die, if not, you must die. You may test whether you die or not by living worldly life of man. It is certain that you will die. Do you understand?

God asked that you must not marry. So we must keep God’s words and follow the order of God, don’t we?

You replied ‘yes’ in a big voice, didn’t you? Don’t you dare! This man can’t hit whose skull to kill don’t keep the words. It is committing a murder and they will send this man to prison. If this man wish to live in prison, he might kill someone, but .. By law, if you kill someone, you will get punishment for that, don’t you? Not because of that, but we have to keep God’s law, haven’t we? We have to obey God’s law, haven’t we?

Christianity is an imitation

People get marry in the Churches, don’t they? Therefore, Is the Christianity a fake or a genuine? As it is an imitation, it does wedding in church, doesn’t it?

Though Bible has words saying you must not marry, if people carry out weddings in churches, it would be the same meaning for everyone get marry, wouldn’t it? yes or no?

What I mean is that you must live as God’s words in Bible. This man is not asking you must not marry. But telling you that you must keep God’s words in Bible. As it is written in the Bible, isn’t it?

By living as God’s words you shall be able to pass through the full path to become the completion which is immortal.

A rule of salvation

Script: A rule in salvation

Though this way is certainly the way heading for eternal life.

The man who is being called as Victory Christ who has got power that whether save or not save you people, though, there is a rule on saving.

You have to walk the way by yourself, no body would pull you, no body would save you, no body would turn you into God.

It is your own journey that you have to make.

This man told it from early stage of Victory Altar that this is a journey that you go on heart, isn’t it?

Your heart should be filled with God’s heart, to get qualification that you can step over the door sill of Heaven.

Only God enter into the Kingdom of God

Without becoming God, no one can enter Heaven.

Each one has to have the heart that is able to make him/her God, then the one could become God and only God could enter Heaven.

A rule in SalvationVictor Christ’s part is only pouring bless on you people and teaching you people that the way going to Heaven.

Messiah’s part to do is teaching the way to reach to Heaven, teaching the way to become God.

You yourself have to make this journey that shall become God.

You have to have God’s heart, to become God,however, without having God’s heart but keeping man’s heart as usual, you can’t become God.

So, this is your own way for you to do. Do you understand?

So everyone can go along this way, everyone can easily go this way.

Only moron cannot go this way, ordinary people with common intelligence should be enough for going this way.

Opposite-life lead you to become God

For that, this man asked you to live opposite-life, didn’t he?

Not doing as I want to, but, doing as God want to.

Opposite way of livingFor example, If I hate someone, you have to love him sincerely, you have to like him truly.

Only doing so, you could be able to become God.

You will become God by living such an opposite-way, but If you live as a man you must not be able to God.

Remaining as a man let you die eventually

This man asked you people one thing to practice as an opposite-life, that is attending altar everyday without missing even a day.

Missing out even a day causes him/her die. He/she can’t live eternally.

Without missing even a day to come altar continuously, by doing so you can become God and you never die. Do you understand?

Therefore, if you missed just a day due to a pressing mater under unavoidable circumstances, you have to start again from beginning.

It is not starting 21 days again, but if you missed a day, you must attend at least 3 years continuously to recover the one missing day.

While attending for 3 years continuously after one missing day and miss another one day, then 3 more years to be added. You now have to attend 6 years continuously, haven’t you?

Therefore, in this Victory Altar attending everyday altar service is the way to enter Heaven.

In Daniel chapter 12 there is a words saying

if you abolish the daily sacrifice, desolation is set up.

That means you cannot but die. Do you understand?

Therefore, if you miss out daily altar service even a day, you can’t accomplish eternal life, it means. Do you understand?

That is in Daniel chapter 12.

Therefore you people must avoid missing out even a day the daily altar service, by doing so you shall get eternal life. Do you understand?