Christianity is heresy

Criterion of heresy is the Ten Commandments

Criterion of heresy


Tracing God’s pedigree God of Abraham moved to God of Issac, God of Issac came to God of Jacob, God of Jacob, however, ..
People do not know which son out of 12 sons of his continued the God of Jacob.

Searching from Bible in deep, Genesis chapter 49 contains Jacob’s predictions for all of his sons’ future, doesn’t it?
Genesis chapter 49 verse 16, Dan shall judge his people, Dan shall be a viper by the path, which bites the horse’s heels, so that its rider shall fall backward.

I have waited for your salvation, O Load!

such words are there, aren’t they? Genesis chapter 49 talks about what would happen to all Jacob’s 12 sons in the future.
So Genesis Chapter 49 verse 9 has Judah is a lion’s whelp. The scepter shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes.

Scepter means royal authority, doesn’t it? He shall be a king, but “until Shiloh comes!”
He shall be a king until Shiloh comes, shan’t he?

Judah is the ancestor of Jesus, isn’t he?
Jesus shall be a king, but shall be a king until Messiah comes.
When Messiah comes, Jesus, the rider on the horse whose heels were bitten by a viper and held his leg in the air.
very high, didn’t he?

As a result, the rider shall fall wildly or safely?
The rider who fall wildly on his neck would have broken neck to die or not?
he would die, wouldn’t he?

So now a day, searching from the Bible closely, Jesus shall make his name famous as a king until true Messiah comes.
when true Messiah comes, he would die with broken neck. Did you get it?
In turn, could the Christianity be able to stay in the world or not? It could not exist.
Do you understand?

You must know the fact before interpret the Bible, like so.

The ignorant could not interpret it right by stumbling over the fact, could they?
No, they never can do it right.

Isaiah chapter 41 verse 1 through to 9, isn’t it?

Keep silence before Me, O islands, who raised up one from the east, who in righteousness, who gave the nations before him.
and made him rule over kings.

You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, And called from its farthest regions.

The region in the farthest east means Korea, doesn’t it?
Japan is also in the region of farthest east, but saying that keep silence O islands.

As Japan is islands, the one in righteousness can’t be raised in Japan, can he? Did you get it?

A detailed description about Messiah’s coming is in the Bible like so.

And, Do we have to believe from the Bible, or not to believe from the Bible?
We have to believe based on the Bible, haven’t we?

Job chapter 14 verse 10 and 14, man dies and is fade away, Indeed his breathes his last, and where is he?

If a man dies, shall he live again? Does it say that revival of dead body would be possible or not?

Old testament has words that there would be no revival of dead body.

New testament, however, saying that Jesus who actually did not bear the cross died on a cross, and the dead body was revived
three days later, to rise up into the air.
also saying that some people had seen that sight.

All these are bloody lies.  Revival of dead body will never happen. In fact, when man dies it is his life dies.

Man’s life is the spirit that resides in the man. Heart in man is his/her spirit, as the Bible has it, hasn’t it?

Does the dead body have heart?  As it’s spirit which is heart faded away, no heart anywhere. Do you understand?

But some people believe that the dead man had entered Heaven, and perform ancestral rites.

Christians hold memorial service for the dead man, Is that a crazy thing or what? That is a crazy thing, isn’t it.

We must believe in things based on the Bible says, don’t we?
The words in the Ten Commandments, God ordered that..

You shall have no other gods before Me.
Ordered that you shall not have any other gods except God.

If it has any other god, it is heresy, isn’t it?

Another words in the Ten Commandments says. Ordered that you shall not call any other name except mine.

Is the name Jesus that of God’s? It is other’s name, isn’t it? To believe in with calling other name have broken the Ten Commandments, haven’t they?

If it breaks the Ten Commandments, it is heresy, isn’t it?

In fact, Christianity is heresy! Do you understand?

Originally, the religion so called Christianity started from Catholic church, didn’t it?
While the Catholic religion was booming in both wealth and number,

priests and nuns were making love affairs each other, at the sight of giving birth in toilets to drop the baby into it, a man whose name is Martin Luther, a priest at that time, felt sorry.

Such a secret way that we priests are making love with nuns, making them pregnant, causing new babies die in toilets by dropping them into, It is murder or what?

If we keep Catholic doctrine as it is, because such a corrupted religion just can’t go with God, we had better updated the doctrine to make the Protestantism, but within it let us serve God better and right, and initiated the religious revolution.

The motive of the Reformation was secret sexual relationship between priests and nuns generates such a pitiable scenes
of abortions, from the most pitiful sight of abortion in toilets Martin Luther had initiated the Reformation.

And there are Presbyterianism, Methodism, Holiness churches, and what else?

Ah, Baptist churches, the one get into the water and get out.

If one stays for a while in the water, the one has no choice but die. Could men live in the water? Just suffocated with the pain of death before getting out of it to survive.

And they will take pleasure in being baptized.

Getting in and out of the water, people take pleasure being baptized.

Because a story is written that, about 2 thousands years ago, at the riverbank of Jordan river Jesus received a baptism that is getting in and out of the water.

It is Baptist churches that claim they are Orthodox as they do, so-called, baptism, isn’t it?

It is really funny and ridiculous. There are so many funny stuffs in the world, aren’t they?

As bible has it, You will know them by their fruits.

A religion of death is the religion of Satan. A religion of eternal life is the religion of God

Spiritual Training in Milsil

Scripts : Spiritual training Cho-Heeseung had gone through in Milsil

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In the Bible called Titus chapter 1 verse 2

God who does not lie promised eternal life the beginning of time.

As God promised eternal life, does eternal life must come true? or must not ?

Eternal life is in the Bible

Also 1 John chapter 2 verse 25 from the beginning Jehovah God promised eternal life.

It is written such a words in the bible.

So this man was the man believe in the Bible had strong confidence on that Eternal life must come true..

So this man at that time spiritual mother asked for me to enter Milsil obeyed and entered Milsil

When this man was going through spiritual trainings in Milsil, firstly, this man was ordered not to think
about the past.

She asked for me not to think about the past.

Is man able to stop thinking his past?

Everybody think their past, don’t they?

However, this mas was asked not to do so.

Why? Because thinking the past is an adultery sin of looking back, so to speak, it decays blood.

So this man struggled to stop thinking the past desperately.

But this man could not stop it..

While this man was fighting against himself not to think the past, one day this man was
cutting firewood in the hill, a student who this man taught about 20 or 30 years ago was passing across
other hill far away.

By realizing the student, this man recalled those days teaching students, this man thought about the past ..

A moment later, Eve Victor was yelling, calling this man like, “Cho Sajang, Cho Sajang!”

So this man held the Korean A-frame carrier on back leaving those firewood there but just with the carrier ran down quickly.

When this man came down to see Eve Victor.

She roared like “you son of Satan !”

“You were ordered not to think the past, but why do so again !”

She scold and punched this man in the face.

This man was hit in the face.

So this man humbly begged Eve Victor pardon saying he was sorry.

Eve Victor ordered never think the past again.

“I asked you not to think the past but you think it again and again.”

“If you think the past, you cannot become Victor,” she said.

“Yes Madam, I would never think the past from now on,” this man responded with gritting teeth.

Being try every efforts not to think the past, what could be able to stop one’s mind from moving?

You can not, but if you drive yourself into the ground.

You can’t think the past, because it is so much backbreaking.

To drive this man into such a backbreaking situation, worked hard in the grape orchard.

Instead of picking grass one by one, dig the ground with a shovel in order to plow up the roots.

By doing so grass would be dried and die, wouldn’t it?

So the vast area of grape orchard had to be shoveled.

This man did such work.

By doing such a hard working with sweat running down, this man could not be able to recall the past.

In such a way without recalling past, this man was on a roll.

This man lived Victor’s life and in a dream.

At that time, this man noted those images in dream to report them to Eve Victor.

She said, “Well done today, you did not think the past today.”

This man received praise from her.

This man kept on rolling such winning life.

Next stage she ordered not to interfere other people’s business.

That was adultery sins of interference, she said.

This man struggled himself to try not to interfere.

But when you see someone is doing something obviously wrong, you have no choice but to tell
something interfering.

That made this man fail after failure.

This man continued efforts try not to interfere.

When this man got on the stage not to interfere.

She asked do not have interest.

If you concern about family, for example, you commit an adultery sins of concerning.

Having interest about family comes to an adultery sins of concerning.

So she asked not to commit the adultery sins of concerning.

This man tried hard not to commit the adultery sins, struggled with shedding tears, wailing, praying, this man made every endeavor
not to commit the sins.

After all this man could think nothing.

This man came up on the status that think nothing.

She praised this man as he was winning well.

So this man did not concern, did not commit the adultery sins of interference, no matter how angry stuffs someone
brought, this man did not angry.

Getting angry is the adultery sins of self-respect.

Also, it is the adultery sins of hot-blooded.

As it is adultery sins, your blood decays when you get angry.

That is why do not get angry.

On that stage, this man could not get angry, could not think about the past even tried to, could not concern others even tried to.

This man lived winning life in the spiritual battle against self.

When you realize yourself, it is adultery sins of self-respect.

When you have self pride, it is adultery sins of self-respect.

End up this man came on the stage that could not have self-respect.

Everyone, hearing this man’s story over the spiritual training you would know this man must be
the Victor without doubt, wouldn’t you?

No one could be able to win in such spiritual battles except Victor.

What this man did to become a Victor in the next stage was forest clearing that includes shoveling lawn and moving them to other place, digging up rocks and tree stumps of trees, breaking rocks, etc, breaking into dust those large rocks with a sledgehammer.

It is no easy task, isn’t it?

It was a very very laborious work.

How much sweat this man shed !

It was military uniforms as overalls.

As this man served 10 years of military services, this man had lots of military uniform at home, hadn’t he?

When this man was working in military uniform as overalls, overalls got soaked in the sweating and flew in drops from this elbow and pant’s leg, sweat flew in drops.

Such a hard working he continuously did ended up felt him senselessly.

About 1 or 2 hours later this man came out of the senseless state.

He thought that he did too much hard working and tired, and that caused this man pass out.

As this man stood up thinking like that, this man stood up to resume the hardworking immediately.

This man was a man living against self, wasn’t he?

If this man felt tired, this man worked even harder.

If this man wanted break-time, this men did not have break-time, but did the work continuously.

So pickup the sledgehammer and begun the work again.

After doing so, as a result, this man ended up as a Victor.

By living such an opposite way, this man urinated dark blood.

Dark blood got out of this man with urine and feces.

As too much blood lost, this man thought he might become a weakling, but continued working to test.

As he continued the hard working after loosing dark blood, he found himself even volant and stronger.

This man realized that loosing blood in such as way should be said loosing sins.

On the next day when this man was doing the same forest clearing work.

This man was asked to join gathering, Victor Eve ordered all of us gather in the front yard of Milsil.

When this man arrived there, about 30 people were already gathered then.

There were about 30 people working in the Milsil.

When this man stood there, Victor Eve said that “Cho-Sajang who is standing here in the middle has become a Victor.”

Image wan't formed in a day from no reason

A Theory of Immortality

Good heart Pure blood Sound cells Immortal bodyGod is an immortal being, and Satan is a mortal being. Our first parents, Adam and Eve were immortal beings in the beginning, for they were created in the likeness of God (Genesis 1:27).
Since being possessed by Satan, however, they lost their immortality and died after all. What is more, their mortality became a heritage. That is to say, their descendants succeeded to their mortality. This is what is called “Original Sin”. So the whole mankind became the slaves of Satan who was the father of death. They went on dying generation after generation for thousand years. Even now the mortality runs still in human blood. But it is not the case only with the immortality.
Immortality as well as mortality runs in human blood. On this, all human beings have the hope for immortality and happiness. It suggests that our first parents lived originally with immortality and happiness.
These days, however, no one knows why man dies, what the secret of immortal life is, and whether there is the way to everlasting life or not. Most people take rather death for granted, and die after all in the midst of sorrow, pain, and unhappiness. It is a terrible tragedy. This tragedy has been repeating itself for thousand years. But the miserable circle of death has come to an end in the long run, because the door of salvation and immortality has opened.
Now the science of immortality has come, the whole mankind can come to enjoy immortal and happy life. The tide of eternity is spreading all over the world. The perishable don’t perish, and the mortal don’t die, and the fragile don’t fall. In short, time and tide wait for all things.

The heart is the working of blood

People don’t know the relation between thinking and blood. They think that thinking is one thing, and blood is another. But this is not true at all. To tell the truth, thinking is right the working of blood. They interact intimately. On this, we can see many idioms suggesting the interrelation between thinking or heart and blood. For example, to get one’s blood up, to make bad blood, to make one’s blood boil, to make one’s blood run cold, blood in one’s eye, in cold blood, in hot blood, and so on. All these idioms demonstrate that the heart is the working of blood. Scientifically speaking, when the blood runs through the narrow capillary blood-vessel in brain, it gasify and becomes a kind of material for thought. Further, the life in the warm blood endows the brain-cells with active energy. Likewise, the blood bears thought.
Meanwhile, because blood and thought interact intimately, Adam and Eve’s blood changed from God’s into Satan’s, when they were Possessed by the Evil Heart, Satan. On this, they died after all.
But we can think right the contrary process. If Adam and Eve’s blood changed into Stan’s owing to the Evil Heart, Satan’s blood can change into God’s thanks to the Good Heart. That is to say, if man’s heart changes into God’s, his blood will change into God’s likewise. What is more, his body will change also into God’s image. This is right the secret of rebirth and eternal life.

As you think, so your cells are formed

According as man is transformed by the renewal of his heart (Romans 12:2), his blood changes, and the cells of his body are formed newly, and his flesh, bone, and body are moulded into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), for blood and heart interact each other.
If a conceived woman love her husband with her whole heart, she will bear a baby resembling its father. If a conceived woman be very selfish, and love only herself, she will bear a baby resembling its mother. On the other hand, if a pregnant woman love another man, she will bear a strange baby. For example, if a pregnant woman like a movie star enthusiastically, she will never fail to bear a baby resembling that movie star.
These facts demonstrate the truth that as man thinks, so his blood changes, and his cells are formed newly, and his body is moulded into a new creation.
Meanwhile, the canary was studied by some physiologists of Rockefeller university in America a few years ago. They investigated canary’s brain cells changing in number according to four seasons. They found the fact that canary’s brain-cells of song-center diminished in number by degrees according to the shift of season from spring to winter. The brain-cells of song-center were dense in spring when the canary sang merrily. Whereas, the brain-cells of song-center were few in winter when the canary didn’t song. Referring the canary, the physiologists pronounced the theory that as for human being, about 20,000 brain-cells were in circulation of death and birth a day.
They said that the brain-cells in need were formed again newly, but the cells good for nothing went on dying.
This theory supports also the truth that soul and body are one, and the cells of body are formed newly according to thought. As for the theory of immortality, however, even the physiologists didn’t know it at all. The problem was that they took death for granted like all men did.

An immortal body in an immortal heart

What does immortal body look like?God is the Being of immortality, the Spirit of life and the eternal King (Jeremiah 10:10). Only God is immortal and lives eternally (Romans 6:16). Therefore, if man put on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness in genuine righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4:24), he cannot die forever.
As the Bible has it, only the righteous come into eternal life (Ezekiel 18:9). Hence, one must become a righteous man so as to come into eternal life.
Meanwhile, the righteous man is the one who does not commit a sin and he who does not commit a sin is the one who has been born of God (1 John 3:9), and he who has been born of God is the child of God, and God’s child is God. Accordingly there is none righteous, not even one. Only God is righteous (Romans 3:10). Therefore, one must become God so as to come into eternal life. Unless man becomes God again as he was God in the beginning, he never come into immortal life.
To become God is to be born again through the Holy Spirit. When man possesses God’s Heart, his blood changes into God’s, and his cells into God’s, and his body into the image of God. After all he puts on the new nature that is created in God’s likeness, and becomes God.
God’s Heart is not the mind discriminating positive and negative, male and female, rich and poor, righteous and unrighteous. His Heart is rather the mind of nondiscrimination and the mind of perfection (Matthew 5:48). Always His Heart over flows with love, mercy, peace and joy. Therefore when man possesses God’s Heart, his blood does not decay at all. It goes rather pure. The cells of his body do not get hurt, it goes rather healthy. His body does not perish, it comes rather to perfection and immortality. In short, he becomes a righteous man without a defect, that is, God.

Believing mind is different from true Faith

Holy Due Spirit is Faith
Faith is totally different from a believing mind. Only the Savior can give one faith and a believing mind.

Faith is a gift of God

Due to faith, one can be saved according to the Bible. Faith is the gift of God in accordance with the Bible. God can give one what he has as a gift.
As immortal God has only eternal life, He can give us immortality. Therefore, what accomplishes everlasting life is faith. Not accomplishing immortality is not religion.

People say if one goes to a church diligently, their faith is good. However, this word is a wrong one they say without knowing about its definition. If they go to a church, their believing mind may become deep, but they do have faith. A believing mind and faith is totally different biblically.

Only Victor Christ has the gift

So Luke 8 says that faith is not seen by the end of times.
The true Savior was supposed to give faith to people. As the Savior is the man being reborn as the Holy Spirit, He is an immortal existence. Therefore, the Savior is the man who has faith.

Only the Savior can give faith and a believing mind to people. The Savior was expected to give the immortal spirit that enables humanity to live forever. The Savior is not a man but the Trinity. So He is expected to give faith. The Savior enables all humanity to live forever by pouring the Holy Dew Spirit to them.

True Savior pours Holy Due Spirit as a gift

The Holy Dew Spirit is the hidden manna, the Sweet Dew. The Holy Dew Spirit is faith. A believing mind is not faith. The Holy Dew Spirit that the Savior has is faith.

True Faith is beholding the Savior

As the Savior himself is faith, one should look at Him every second. So looking at the Savior is like eating the fruit of life. When one eats the Savior every second, they can eat the fruit of life. Only if one eats the fruit of life, they are supposed to live an everlasting life. Also, one can eat the fruit of life not only through their eye but also their ear and bodies. According to the Nirvana Sutra, the Holy Dew Spirit permeates through the pores of one’s skin.