desire does not desire but i do

Sin is Desire the Self

Sin is the Forbidden Fruit, and the Forbidden Fruit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is sinful desire. Consequently Sin is desire. Therefore, sinful desire wars against the soul of life (1 peter 2:11), like sin does (James 1:15).

Meanwhile, the source of desire is Self-Consciousness. It is well known to us that Self-Consciousness is the spirit of desire. So the Bible says that heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9), and all the wicked things come from a man’s heart (Mark 7:23). Self-Consciousness is just the originator of such sinful heart. So to speak, Self-Consciousness the original sin and the heretical sin and self-made sin. Therefore, self is desire itself, and desire is sin and sin itself is self.

Now that self is sin itself, we come to be on the horns of a dilemma. Because sin begets only sin, all our self-centered activities become sins, as it is. We are like a squirrel in a rim of a sieve. So the Bible says:

“Keep in union with God (1 John 2:27)”

This word means that we must be led by God every moment.

Satan is Self the Sinner

As we have seen so far, Satan is the Evil Spirit, and the Evil Spirit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is desire, and desire itself is Self. Accordingly Satan is Self, and the Evil Spirit is Self-Consciousness. So the Bible says that to love oneself is evil of evils (2 Timothy 3:2). Because Self is the source of all evils, to love oneself becomes evil of evils. The Bible says also “‘No’ to oneself” (Mark 8:34). Because Self is Satan, and sin itself, the Bible says that a believer must deny himself (Matthew 16:24).

Meanwhile, the whole mankind are sinners. As the Bible has it, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). It means that all are sinners and Satan.

Most people think that sinner is different from Satan. But it is not the case. As the Bible has it, he who commits sin is Satan, and he who practices sin belongs to Satan, for from the beginning. Satan has sinned (1 John 3:8). Accordingly all sinners who have sinned belong to Satan and are Satan.

Now the problem is that who is to be saved. Jesus said that the violent could enter the kingdom of heaven, if he seized it by force (Matthew 11:12), further, he said that even a sinner could have ever lasting life, if he believed in Him (John 3:16). Judging from these words, it is sure that Jesus didn’t know what sin was, what the kingdom of heaven was, what salvation was, and who sinner was. Therefore he must have been just a baby about the Holy Bible.

As for the Salvation, the sinner can neither get liberty nor have salvation. He is rather the enemy of God from the beginning. Therefore, it is appointed for the sinner to enter the hell.

On the other hand, the subject to be saved is God. Only God can come and live in the kingdom of heaven. The God to be saved is imprisoned in the spiritual prison of Satan, what we call, “Self-Consciousness”. The imprisoned God is the spirit of Conscience. He is under the rule of Self-Consciousness at present. This is the case with the whole mankind. Therefore, for God’s kingdom and righteousness’s sake, Self-Consciousness must be got rid of forever.


The Forbidden Fruit is the Sins the Satan

The whole humanity dies for the wages of sin (Romans 6:23) like Adam and Eve died owing to the Forbidden Fruit.

As the Bible has it, everyone dies for his sin (Jeremiah 31:30). And sin, when it reaches maturity, produces death (James 1:15). And the death entered the world through sin, and so passed on to all persons in that all sinned (Romans 5:12).

Therefore the Forbidden Fruit and Sin are the same things.

On the one hand, Satan is the agent who wields the power of death (Hebrews 2:14), and sin is a king in the mortal body (Romans 6:12), who reigns in death (Romans 5:21). Therefore Satan is Sin, and Sin is Satan.

On the other hand, Satan is the Evil Spirit, and the Evil Spirit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is the Forbidden Fruit. Accordingly, Satan is just the Forbidden Fruit. We can demonstrate this truth in other words also.

God initially knew the good only

The writer of Genesis said that God made the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:9). But it was not the case. If God had made the Forbidden Fruit, he would know that Adam and Eve would eat it, for he was omniscient and omnipotent. With all his knowing that Adam and Eve would eat it, if he had made it on purpose, he must have been Satan who would destroy the Eden. But God is love and good (Mark 10:18).

Therefore God must not have made the Forbidden Fruit. Now, to tell the truth, the Forbidden Fruit was the spirit of Satan who was God’s enemy from the beginning.

Therefore, Adam and Eve did not eat a physical fruit but were consumed by a spiritual fruit; that is Satan. So the Bible expresses being given the spirit as drinking the spirit (1 Cor 12:13).

Meanwhile, the Bible says that the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake symbolises Satan (Genesis 3:1, Revelation 20:2), and the Forbidden Fruit symbolises Satan’s heart. But Satan and Satan’s heart are the same things, because Satan is the Evil Spirit, and Satan’s heart is the Evil Spirit also. Therefore, the Forbidden Fruit is Satan, and Satan is just the Forbidden Fruit.

As we have seen so far, the Forbidden Fruit is Sin, and Sin is Satan, and Satan is the Forbidden Fruit.