The New Heaven and New Earth

If the consciousness of ‘I’ disappears, the body of humans will be changed. Then people are supposed to fly; everything will be done as they think. Heaven is not like that world, time and space do not exist in Heaven.

A petition for lifting a control measure


Please lift the control measure that is suppressing the right to be informed about a declaratory judgment to the Fact Confirmation lawsuit over contents of a book ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ in London courthouse in 1982.

Principles of Salvation

Principle of Salvation

These are the same words. Faith will save you, eating the fruit of the tree of life will do the same, and also being born again of the Holy Spirit. If one born again of the Holy Spirit, the one born again as God. To be born again of the Holy Spirit, one has to overcome the Satan sitting in the sinner and after killing the Satan, the victorious spirit of God takes back the seat where Satan used to sit and start to rule the one.

How to read Bible

How to read the Bible

God won’t ask you believe disjointed lies in the bible blindly, but it has a words how to read Bible. The secret of God’s six days of work, the Sabbath, the Forbidden Fruit and the Fruit of Life are explained in a different view point you never ever heard before.

Defeated by Satan turned God into Men

God became men by Satan then men will return to God by Victor Christ

As the spiritual main agent of Adam and Eve was God, Adam and Eve were God in the Kingdom of God. Therefore man was originally God. However, after Satan won over God, the spiritual main agent of Adam and Eve switched to Satan. That changes in spirit triggered the changes in body, it turned the body of Light into the body of materiel which composes man and current universe.

Situation when Cho about to enter Milsil

Milsil, Secret Chamber

Cho was running a business in Seoul, at the same time He was practicing faith-healing. Seeing Miss Jee, he was introduced to Eve-Victor who he found her divine ability in no time. He left home leaving a little girl in order to enter into Milsil the secret chamber where the candidate of Victor struggled in the spiritual fighting, so-called was Armageddon.

Eve Victor


By the order from spiritual mother, Eve-Victor enter the Milsil -meaning ‘secret chamber’- where she served 18 years until successfully bringing up a Adam-Victor in 15 Oct 1980. There was no house no food nothing, but sky, earth, rocks, stream and bush. She kept her life of prayer in such troubled condition, and acquired divine ability to read other’s mind. As a spiritual trainer, she pointed out spiritually committing sins.

Evidences tells Korean is Israelite

Roof tile with Hebrew supporting Korean is Israelite

Korean is the hidden blood line of original Israelite that begun though migration all the way to the end of the earth far east. Archaeological discoveries and Korean’s traditions supports that Victor Christ’s new words of Korean is Israelite.

Laughing is the natural cancer cure

Laughing is a natural cure

If man laugh, it cures deadly illness. If you live with cancer, try laugh in front of a mirror everyday. For people living with arthritis walk backward from today. Opposite way of living means that if I want to eat meat, eat lettuce. It is a living against what I want, so if I hate someone, like him sincerely, love him sincerely.