Sin is Desire the Self

desire does not desire but i do

Sin is the Forbidden Fruit, and the Forbidden Fruit is the Evil Heart, and the Evil Heart is sinful desire. Consequently Sin is desire. Therefore, sinful desire wars against the soul of life (1 peter 2:11), like sin does (James 1:15). Meanwhile, the source of desire is Self-Consciousness. It is well known to us that […]

The Forbidden Fruit is the Sins the Satan


The writer of Genesis said that God made the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But it was not the case. If God had made the Forbidden Fruit, he would know that Adam and Eve would eat it, for he was omniscient and omnipotent. the Bible says that the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The serpent symbolizes Satan, and the Forbidden Fruit symbolizes Satan’s heart. But Satan and Satan’s heart are the same thing

Microbes breed in the rotten blood

The microbes outside the human body cannot live in the human body like freshwater fish cannot live in the sea. If the man infected with the virus have pure blood, the trespassing virus will be killed at once by white-blood-corpuscle. If not, he will fall ill, and die in the long run. If the man with the virus, however, have impure blood,

Nature of the forbidden fruit

Due to eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve did not come to know good and evil at the same time, they came to know evil more. That is, the forbidden fruit is the mind that enables one to know evil over good more. The mind that knows evil is an evil mind, an evil mind is the spirit of Satan. Therefore, the forbidden fruit is Satan. From that time, the forbidden fruit, Satan, became the controlling spirit that rules humans.

You are here to find the way do not die


As soon as you realize the facts that death is something like diseases and humanity have not found the causes yet, you can be saved from death.
It will be great start to catch up the main concept of what this site is all about throughout the presentation in this page.

As blood decays, so the cells die

All cells are in the circulation of life and death. The life of a cell is about 8 years. A cell dies in 8 years and a new cell is reformed from blood. If blood, however, has rotten, new cells are not reformed well. Furthermore, if blood has rotten, the new cells reformed are also […]

Heart changes own blood purity

The thought is the function of blood. They are co-related closely. Therefore, the blood changes according to the thoughts. For example, if you desire then your blood decays. It is not a idle fancy or a fantastic fiction. It is rather a scientific truth. When you eat with greed, food happens to sit heavy on […]

Death is avoidable

It is a common sense to the world that man is mortal. The whole mankind think that once man comes into the world, he must go back again in the long run. They say that the tax and death are inevitable. They don’t know exactly why man dies. They guess vaguely that man is naturally […]

Who is the Victor Christ

Life is God, Death is Evil, God who is slave of Evil is Men God

As you found facts from other articles that human being is God itself but in the custody of the Evil spirit, God is nothing to do with the imaginary Creator but the Life in every things. Victor Christ is a nick name we call to the God who overcome the Evil spirit and become the […]

Will abolish the worldwide communism

When Victor Christ announced that He will demolish the worldwide Communism in early 1980s, almost a half of the audience sneered at Him and took their way out from the altar. Then they stopped to attend the altar and started to slander Victor Christ. “What a giant boaster he is! Try Victory Altar and listen […]